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World Beat Playlist for January 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

A Celtic Holiday Celebration
Áine Minogue

Nöel Nouvelle
The Olde Year Now Away Has Fled (Greensleeves)
Evergreen Music

Precious Time
Van Morrison
Precious Time
Virgin Records

Patrick Street
Live from Patrick Street

Jack The Bridge / Cul Aodh Polka / The Salmon Tailing up the River
The Holy Ground
Green Linnet Records

Oyster Band
Here I Stand

This is the Voice
Omnium Records
Oyster Band Website

Sorten Muld
Mark II
The Man and the Elf-girl
Denmark's Sorten Muld blend traditional Nordic ballads, some of them hundreds of years old in a fusion of ancient and modern sound architecture with Ulla Bendixen's vocals whispering and soaring at the center of the mix.

Check out the Sorten Muld website (very cool indeed)

Wimme Saari
Biegganjunni (Whirlwind)
Gierran (Enchantment)
North Side
Finnish Sammi singer songwriter, Wimme Saari, expands on his ancient vocal technique, known as "yoik" with electronic accompaniment

This section of the World Beat is brought to you by a grant from
Borders Books • Music • Cafe of Richfield
Located at the intersection of I-494 and Lyndale Avenue South in The Shops of Lyndale. The Borders Store in Richfield features a fabulous world music collection with headphones for your previewing pleasure.

from Borders of Richfield we'll be hearing:
Auga de Maio
Estraliña do Luceiro
Green Linnet Records
Celtic music of Spain The seven members of Milladoiro play elaborate compositions featuring: bagpipe, clarinet, tin whistle, oboe, crumhorn, mandolin, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, Galician tamborine, harp ocarina, guitar, mandola, hurdy gurdy, flute and vocal

Andrea Bocelli
Canto Della Terra
also on Sogno
Canto Della Terra (radio version)
Official Web-Site: Andrea Bocelli
One of the most dramatic and vocals of 2000

Paris Combo

Tinder Records
Paris Combo delivers jazzy improvisations with a style that pays tribute to cabaret singers of the past while exploring flamenco and gypsy guitar riffs al la Django Rheinhard, French pop and Spanish and Italian melodies.
Face à Face

Devil Blues
Dans ter Yeux
Tinder Records
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Oscar & Co.
Tell Mambo

Latino du Midi
The French salsa wizard from Montpellier, Jean Francois "Oscar" Hammel, returns with a follow-up to "Fatal Mambo" and "Rumbagitation" albums. Oscar is the creator of the style known as Salsaioli (salsa-yolee), a kaleidoscope of rhythms from Afro-Cuban, North African, rai, gypsy soul, and French 'joie de vivre'
Tinder Records
Vêra Bílá & Kale
Kale Kaloré

Ma Dza Nikhaj
Tinder Records
Gipsy music of the Czech Republic music of the Romany people living in Bohemia

Tinder Records
Recorded in Paris. Algerian Rai meets French pop
Bau (Rufino Almeida)

Tinder Records
New instrumental music from Cape Verde

Simin pou récolté
The group, Malavoi is an institution in Martinique. More than 60 musicians have passed throught the group since its founding 30 years ago by Emmanuel Cesaire. "Marronnage" is a term for fleeing slaves. This CD celebrates the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Martinique. French-Caribbean Music from Martinique song styles include biguines, rumbas, mazurkas & zouk
Tinder Records

This section of the World Beat is brought to you by a grant from
Borders Books • Music • Cafe of Richfield

from Borders of Richfield we'll be hearing:

Hamza El Din
A Wish

A Wish (title track)
Sounds True
Hamza El Din was born and raised in southern Egypt is considered to be the father of contemporary Nubian Music
Eliades Ochoa & Compay Segundo
Cuarteto Patria
Adios Compay Gato
Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta
Edenways Records

Various Artists
Putumayo Presents Puerto Rico

Andrés Jiminéz y el Taller Campesino - Me Voy Pa'l Campo
(I'm Going to the Country)
Putumayo World Music

An exemplary collection of
Andrés Jiminéz sings in the El Jíbaro style, the Puerto Rican rural tradition style. So great is his association with this style, that he is known simply as El Jíbaro.
Musical styles of Puerto Rico include the bomba, plena, salsa & son.

Like all Putumayo Records, this CD includes liner notes that truly enhance ones enjoyment of the music.

Henri Dikongué
mot'a bobe
Non Retour
Tinder Records
Music from Cameroon in a blend of African, Caribbean & European styles
Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 06 January 2001
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
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