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World Beat Playlist for April 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records


The Marriage of Princess Niamh
Paras Recordings
Underworld is the mystic home of the Celtic gods, poets, sages and druids.More an existence than a place it is the fountain of Celtic Mythology

Patrick Street
Live from Patrick Street

My Son in Amerikay
Bring Back The Child / Paidin O'Rafferty
Green Linnet Records
Karelian Folk Music Ensemble
From the Land of the Kalevala

Kantelepolkka / Kantele Polka
Vainamoinen Ta Lohi-Neito (Vainamoinen & the Salmon Maiden)
Gadfly Records
Igor Arkhipoff with Toive
Arto Rinne & Alexander Bykadoroff with Myllarit
The members of the Karelian Folk Ensemble come from Karelia, the land of forests and lakes, in Northwest Russia. Karelia encompases both sides of the Finnish/Russian border and is the birthplace of the Finnish Epic, The Kalevala.

Vainamoinen & the Salmon Maiden is a Runo Song from the Kalevala. The epic songs were always sung, not spoken. In this song the hero of the Kalevala, a singer, wizard and kantele player named Vainamoinen, finds a magical boat on the shore of a lake. The boat complains that nobody need it so Vainamoinen washes, cleans it sails it out to go fishing. He catches a big salmon but doesn't notice that it is actually his bride. She is dissappointed and jumps back into the lake and dissappears. This Runo Song is sung in the Karelian language.

The Other Side

Fandangu los Lobos
Higher Octave
Jose Angel
The crystal clear invigorating sounds of the Asturian Bagpipes

Autour De Lucie
Faux Mouvement

Je Reviens
Nettwerk America
Autour De Lucie

New music from France

Éwa !

Ben Ali
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Tinder Records

Lively and music from six Algerian brothers born and raised in Paris

Fumana® 1.0

Quattro Piemontesi
L.I.L.T.- Lingua Italiana Locale Trasparente
(Local Italian See-through Language)
Omnium Recordings
On Quattro Piemontesi Fiamma is joined by a choir of modine (women workers who pick rice in the fields of Northern Italy)

Lilting is a celtic form of music, though here LILT is used as an acronym to hint at the myriad Italian dialects; each representing a way of life slowly giving way to globalization.
This recording is dedicated to the women of Emilia Italy and the world.
Eros Ramazzotti
Dove c'é Musica

Io Ameró
Yo sin tí

Eri Sugai

Pacific Moon
Japanese vocalist Eri Sugai harmonizes her multitracked voice into a virtual choir and is joined on the song Horizon by Chinese flute

Mizuyo Kumiya

Lullaby for Takeda
Pacific Moon
Mizuyo Kumiya plays the Sou, a 25 stringed instrument.

Artemiy Artemiev & Peter Frohmader
Space Icon
Electroshock Records

During the fifteen years that Mir Space Station floated above us in space above us. It completed over 86,325 trips around the Earth. During those orbits Cosmonauts and astronauts from dozens of nations lived on the station and performed experiments of historical significance.

This piece of electronic music recorded February 2000 at Electroshock Records studio in Moscow is dedicated to the Mir Space Station.

Sans Souci

Paras Recordings

Soul Catcher
Soul Catcher Music
Native American fusion music
Ancient Voices
Paras Recordings
Neo Pacifica
Jason Carter & Ragatal with Hossam Ramzy

Miracles of Coincidence
Arc Music
A world music fusion of Spanish, Arabic and Indian music


Fire Walker
Paras Recordings

Robbey Longley
Nouveau Flamenco

Carlos Vives
El Amor de mi Tierra

El Amor de mi Tierra
EMI Latin
Some exuberent music from Columbia
Chico César
Chico César
Onde Estará O Meu Amor
Mama Africa
Putumayo Artists
Chico Cesar creates brilliant contemporay music based on the contagious melodies and rhythms of Brazil

Africando All Stars

Son Fo
Sterns Africa

Mahotella Queens
Sebai Bai

Sebai Bai
Waza Wangidelela
Tinder Records
The Mahotella Queens are part of the Urban South African Legend of the 1960's and heros of the cultural resistance to Apartheid. On this CD the vocal trio is once again reunited and accompanied by a new generation of musicians.

Soul Makassar


Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 07 April 2001
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 07 April 2001; MRT

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