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World Beat Playlist for June 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

The Merry Sisters of Fate

Inion Ni Scannláin
Morning Nightcap
Green Linnet Records
Some lovely new instrumental music from Ireland by the Celtic band Lúnasa
Lúnasa website

Nyckelharpa Orchestra

Byss-Calles RidMarsch - "Riding March"
The Nychelharpa is also known as the Swedish keyed fiddle.
The music of the Nyckelharpa Orchestra is 100% pure Nychelharpa in all six sizes;
Nychelharpa, Kontrabasharpa, Silverbasnychelharpa, Tenornychelharpa, Altnychelharpa and Moraharpa

Steve McDonald
Highland Farewell

Highland Farewell
The End of the Earth
Etherean Music

Steve McDonald explores the soul-touching history of the demise of the Highland Clans. "The Clearances" saw the diaspora of Scotland's people to Nova Scotia, the United States, and down-under to "The Ends of the Earth" Australia and New Zealand

A Nod to Bob - An Artists Tribute to Bob Dylan on his 60th Birthday

Dieu a Nos Cotes (With God on Our Side)
Red House Re cords
Hart-Rouge is named for their original home, a tiny French-speaking enclave in Western Canada

The Other Side

Higher Octave
Jose Angel
The crystal clear and invigorating sounds of the Asturian Bagpipes


Cugu (Puppy)

Wimme Saari is the chief exponent of the ancient Sámi chant known as yoik

Karelian Folk Music Ensemble
From the Land of the Kalevala

Konstan Valssi / Konsta's Waltz
Gadfly Records
Igor Arkhipoff with Toive
Arto Rinne & Alexander Bykadoroff with Myllarit
The members of the Karelian Folk Ensemble come from Karelia, the land of forests and lakes, in Northwest Russia. Karelia encompases both sides of the Finnish/Russian border and is the birthplace of the Finnish Epic, The Kalevala.

Green Isac
Happy Endings

I Raised My Head
Eurock Records
Nordic music from the Norwegian duo, Green Isac

Lo * Jo
Bohême de Cristal

Brûlé la Mèche
Señor Calice
World Village

Eros Ramazzotti
Eros Ramazzotti

Tierra Prometida

Éwa !

Te Dekoum
Tinder Records

Music from six Algerian brothers born and raised in Paris

Global Spirit

Call of the Tribes
Kubula Ma
Etherean Music
World Beat - Pick of the Month
A worldbeat fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds from India, Austrailia, Africa, Native American and the Mid East. This music reminds us that globalization entails vast cultural and musical implications as well as an economic impact

Shao Rong

Bamboo Dance
Pacific Moon
Shao Rong plays the Chinese lute known as the Pipa an instrument said to have already existed during the Qin Dynasty in 221BC during the time when Emperor Shih Huang Ti brought the provinces together under one rule

Baird Hersey
Waking the Cobra

Between Sthira and Sukha
Meditative chant designed to rouse ones chakra energy and guide its journey up the spine

St. Margaret's Tears
Paras Recordings

Delphine Tsinajinnie
Mother's Word
Shoe Game Song
Canyon Records
Delphine Tsinajinnie is one of the Nihookáá' Dine'é (which means "people of the earth" the Navaho name for themselves)

Jimmy Night Jr.
Navajo Healing Songs of the Native American Church - Vol 2
two healing songs 1&6
Canyon Records
The Native American Church, or Peyote Church had its origins in Pre-Columbian Mexico. Since the mid-19th century an intertribal religion, philosophy and ritual have developed around "Father Peyote." Healing songs differ from traditional peyote songs in that they feature vocals without drum and rattle accompaniment.
Gustavo Santaolalla
La Vuelta
World Circuit/Nonesuch
Multi-instrumentalist, Gustavo Santaolalla plays charango, maulincho, pipes, tin whistle, harmonica, guitar and guitarron and most importantly for this CD, the ronroco (a small guitar-like instrument with 10 ten strings, arranged in 5 pairs),

Soneros De Verdad
A Buena Vista: Barrio De La Habana

A Buena Vista
Narada World
New music from the Cuba

Chico César
Chico César
Paraíba Meu Amor
Se Você Viajar
Putumayo Artists
Chico Cesar creates brilliant contemporay music based on the contagious melodies and rhythms of Brazil

Africando All Stars

Ntoman (vocals Salif Keita)
Sterns Africa
The vocals of Malian, Salif Keita accompanied by Afro-Latin super-band and chorus

Stay tuned for Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 02 June 2001
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 02 June 2001; MRT

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