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World Beat Playlist for July 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomnaill with Dónul Lunny
Indir an Dá Sholas
- "between the two lights"
Spanish Lady
Faoitin - Gaelic (Fighting)
Green Linnet Records
Some lovely Irish songs by the sisters
Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomnaill of Rannafast, Co. Donnegal.

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
The Enduring Story

The Enduring Story
Ark Records

Sleeping with the Gods of Love - Celtic Trance II

Sleeping with the Gods of Love
Paras Recordings

Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila
May Monday

Seven Years
Soulfull Nordic acoustic music

Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlbäck

Sprakfålen - Wild Foal
Finnish Accordian master & Swedish fiddler Sven Ahlbäck

Lo * Jo
Bohême de Cristal

Señor Calice
World Village

I Muvrini
I Muvrini

Noi - "Us"
Terre D'Oru - "Fields of Gold"
Rispondimi Ie - "Say Yes"
Higher Octave World
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Patrick Hadley
EgyptiCat -
"Ancient Egypt Comes Alive On The Timeless Mbira"
EgyptiCat (On the Prowl)
Abracadabra Music
The timeless music of the Mbira, also known as the thumb piano, had its origin in ancient West Africa. EgyptiCat is performed on the modern keyboard thumb piano, invented byBill Wesley with sounds spanning span five octaves.

Cheb Mami

Ana Oualache (Anne Wallesh)
Ma Vie 2 Foi
Mondo Melodia
Cheb Mami has spent years expanding the boundaries of Algerian Räi and making it into a true international music.

Simon Shaheen & Qantara
Blue Flame

Waving Sands
Ark 21
Simon Shaheen is an internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso on both the oud and violin.

Various Artists
Crossing Borders
Re-Orient - Rendevous With Rama
ARC Records

Global Spirit

Etherean Music
A worldbeat fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds from India, Austrailia, Africa, Native American and the Mid East. This music reminds us that globalization entails vast cultural and musical implications as well as an economic impact

DOMO Records

Yashu & Harida
Shanti - Shanti

Nazca Music

Nancy Rumbel
Notes From The Tree of Life

Coyote Dance
Narada Lotus

Mars Lasar

Paras Recordings

Ruben Romero, Robert Tree Cody& Tony Redhouse
Native Flamenco
First Words
Canyon Records

Delphine Tsinajinnie
Mother's Word
Corngrinding Songs
Canyon Records
Delphine Tsinajinnie is one of the Nihookáá' Dine'é (which means "people of the earth" the Navaho name for themselves)

Soneros De Verdad
A Buena Vista: Barrio De La Habana

A Buena Vista
Narada World
New music from the Cuba

Xiomara Fortuna

Circular Moves
Innovative Afro-Caribbean fusion from the Dominican Republic

Manu Chao & proxima estacion

La Primavera
Virgin Records America
World fusion radio music is the best way I can think of to describe this sound. I dig it!

Nomad - The Best of Amina

Allah Ya Moulenah
Mondo Melodia
Born in Tunisia raised in France, Amina has spent most of her life on a musical quest. Nomad captures some of the highlights of Amina's ongoing musical journey.

Khadja Nin
Mondo Melodia
The American debut recording Khadja, a of native Burundi, singing in French and Swahili and Kirundi.

A six degrees collection
African Travels
Issa Bagayogo - Diarabi
Organic Grooves featuring Muhamadou Salieu Suso - Sutukung
Six Degrees Records
African Travel Series
In his native Mali they call him "Techno Issa"

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 07 July 2001
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 07 July 2001; MRT

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