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World Beat Playlist for August 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

The Merry Sisters of Fate

Inion Ni Scannláin
Green Linnet Records
Instrumental music from Ireland by the Celtic band Lúnasa Lúnasa website

Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomnaill with Dónul Lunny
Indir an Dá Sholas
- "between the two lights"
Spanish Lady
Green Linnet Records
Some lovely Irish songs by the sisters Maighread & Triona Ni Dhomnaill of Rannafast, Co. Donnegal.

Steve McDonald
Highland Farewell

My Heart Belongs to Scotland
Etherean Music

Steve McDonald explores the soul-touching history of the demise of the Highland Clans. "The Clearances" saw the diaspora of Scotland's people to Nova Scotia, the United States, and down-under to "The Ends of the Earth" Australia and New Zealand

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
The Enduring Story

An Otherworld
Ark Records

Sleeping with the Gods of Love - Celtic Trance II

Sleeping with the Gods of Love
Entry Anthem
Paras Recordings

Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila
May Monday

Soulfull Nordic acoustic music

Jim Wilson
Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope
Dedicated to the spirit of voyaging into the unknown in the quest for a better life..."
Jim Wilson web site

Peter Ostroushko
Sacred Heart

Puckett's Farewell
Red House Records

Next up, a song of congratulations go out tonight to Kirby Puckett for his induction today in to the Baseball Hall of Fame:

Minnesota musician Peter Ostrusko says, "Even when the Minnesota Twins were in a losing season, it was always a pleasure to go to the ballpark to watch Kirby play. When he said his last farewell to the game, it was truly a sad day in Mudville." Peter Ostrushko lovingly strums his Mandolin, in his tribute to Kirby. This is "Puckett's Farewell."

I Muvrini
I Muvrini

Dumanda - "Something I Wanted toAsk You"
Di - "Tell Me"
Higher Octave World

Fumana® 1.0

Quattro Piemontesi
Omnium Recordings
On Quattro Piemontesi Fiamma is joined by a choir of modine (women workers who picked rice in the fields of Northern Italy)

Tonight, I dedicate this song to a fictional character a woman of the Piedmont of Northern Italy who is the grandmother of Jacopo Belbo from Umberto Eco's Book Foucault's Pendulum.

Patrick Hadley
EgyptiCat -
"Ancient Egypt Comes Alive On The Timeless Mbira"
Nubian Encounter
Abracadabra Music
The timeless music of the Mbira, also known as the thumb piano, had its origin in ancient West Africa. EgyptiCat is performed on the modern keyboard thumb piano, invented byBill Wesley with sounds spanning span five octaves.

Cheb Mami

Ma Vie 2 Foi
Mondo Melodia
World Beat - Pick of the Month
Cheb Mami has spent years expanding the boundaries of Algerian Räi and making it into a true international music.
"Cheb Mami is one of the greatest voices in world music today - Sting"

Artemiy Artemiev
The Warning
Electroshock Records
electronic music from Electroshock Records studio in Moscow

Wing of Mercy

Great Northern Arts, Ltd.

R.Carlos Nakai & AmoChip Dabney
Edge of the Century
My Way of Life
Canyon Records
Native American flutes of R. Carlos Nakai combine with the saxaphone, synthesizer and bass of AmoChip Dabney to create a new musical soundspace which merges Native American And African American sound designs.

Various Artists
Voices Across the Canyon - A Canyon Records Collection
Delphine Tsinajinnie - Cheii Littleben's Line Dance Song
Sharon Burch - We Are Here
P'Jilasi - Medicine Dream
Canyon Records
Canyon Records specializes in recording traditional and contempory Native American music and is celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Various Artists
Dusminguet - Le Cha Cha Cha
Anouk - Hi Hello
Higher Octave World

A new collection of Latin Alternative

Manu Chao & proxima estacion

La Primavera
Me Gustas Tu
Virgin Records America

Various Artists
Caribbean Divas

Singing Sandra - Voices From De Ghetto
Rituals Music

Orlando Cachaito Lopez
Orlando Cachaito Lopez

Mis Dos Pequeñas
World Circuit/Nonesuch

Juan Pablo Torres
Son Que Chévare - A Cool Son

José Belén Santana
Circular Moves
Juan Pablo Torres is one of Cuba's most prominent jazz innovators

Khadja Nin
Mondo Melodia
The American debut recording Khadja, a of native Burundi, singing in French and Swahili and Kirundi.

Wendo Kolosoy
Marie Louise

Pépé Kalle
Harmonia Mundi
Long before soukous filled dancefloors in Europe and Africa, even before there was Congolose rumba, there was Antoine ëWendo' Kolosoy. He was one of the first artists to record in the Congo, and at 75 he's still making albums, as Marie Louise revisits some of his early hits, accompanied by a young band.

A six degrees collection
African Travels

Organic Grooves featuring Muhamadou Salieu Suso - Sutukung
Six Degrees Records
African Travel Series
In his native Mali they call him "Techno Issa"

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 04 August 2001
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