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World Beat Playlist for October 2001 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Auga de Maio
O Santo de Polvora
Ribeirana e Golpe
Green Linnet Records
Celtic music of Spain The seven members of Milladoiro play elaborate compositions featuring: bagpipe, clarinet, tin whistle, oboe, crumhorn, mandolin, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, Galician tamborine, harp ocarina, guitar, mandola, hurdy gurdy, flute and vocal

Phil Coulter
Lake of Shadows

The Star of the Sea
Prayer for the Fishermen
Phil Coulter website
Lake of the Shadows is the name given to one of the most enchanted stretches of water in Ireland, Lough Swilly in County Donegal.

Live at the Nordic Roots Festival

M. Nykänen
Live music from the 2001 Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis

Various Artists
Nordic Roots 3

Nychelharpa Orchestra - The Big Polska
Garmarna - Greenest Branch
Always "cheaper than food" this is the third specially-priced introduction to Nordic Roots music from Minneapolis-based, Northside Record Label.
Green Isac
Spotted Peccary
New percussion-based music from Norway

Levi Chen

Alhambra (2001 nights)
Yin Yang Records
Levi Chen plays a solo duet simultaneously on the Chinese harp known as the Gu Zheng and a Fender Stratocaster, a sound which Levi calls Liquid Gardens. It is an east-west fusion of ancient and contemporary sounds. Sit back and relax in this yin and yang groove

R.Carlos Nakai & AmoChip Dabney
Edge of the Century
Title Track
Canyon Records
Native American flutes of R. Carlos Nakai combine with the saxaphone, synthesizer and bass of AmoChip Dabney to create a new musical soundspace mergeing Native American And African American sound designs.

Paul Horn & R.Carlos Nakai
Inside Monument Valley
The Hub
Canyon Records
Native American flutes of R. Carlos Nakai combine with alto flute of Paul Horn in the

Jay Begaye
Round Dance in Beauty - Sin Baa Dahózhóonü
Children's Prayer
Canyon Records
Children's Prayer - The Earth, our mother, your children are dancing. In happiness and beauty they dance. The Twins - peyote song made by Antony Betoney, Round Dance song by Jay Begaye.

Soulfood & Billy McLaughlin
Guitar Meditations

South by Winterwest
Soulfood Music
In a reflective mood, Minnesota guitar wizard Billy McLaughlin mellows out with Soulfood to create music designed to aid in the healing arts of massage, meditation and yoga

Bob Dylan
Love and Theft

High Water
New music from Minnesota's favorite son, Bob Dylan.

Tomas Michaud
I Must Be Dreaming

Stars in the East
Starland Music

Puentes Brothers
Morumba Cubana

Desatino (Des-a-tea-no)
La Rumba Primero (La-Room-baa-Pre-mare-o)
Alma Records
World Beat - Pick of the Month
Two Cuban Brothers now living and working in Canada
Puentes Brothers Website

Various Artists
Red Sands Dreaming

Llkaru Maru - Dark Clouds
Mini Dreamtime - Spirit Men of Arnhemland
New World Music
Traditional Aboriginal songs grounded in a 40 thousand year history are performed by the tribes themselves in collaboration with three contemporary producers and are bestowed with the blessings of the tribal elders.
This is a moving techno fusion, ancient and modern sounds fuse to form new meaning. I highly recommend putting this cd into your handheld cd player and taking a hike on your favorite trail.

Kiyoshi Yoshida
Asian Drums II

Pacific Moon

Bale Washintu
Guramayle (love song to a child of the diaspora)
Palm Pictures
The American debut of Gigi, interpreting and singing the romantic poetry of her native Ethopian vocal tradition.
"Electric Ethiopia - One World Music"
Gigi Website

Baaba Maal
Missing You (mi yeewnii)
Palm Pictures
Senegalese superstar Baaba Maal collaborates with Mansour Seck to examine the roots of West African music. The result is a masterpiece capturing acoustic-Africa.
Baaba Maal Website

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Playlist from Live Broadcast 05 October 2001
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 05 October 2001; MRT

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