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World Beat Playlist for March 30 & April 7, 2002 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Matt Ender
Miles of Skye

Miss Monaghans / Dancin' in Ahern
Miles of Skye (vocals Steve McDonald
False Fly (vocals Darby DeVon)
Etherean Music
New music from the Isle of Skye

Women of Song
Celtic Mystique

Laura Powers - Circle of Stone
Pippa Marland - Bird of Paradise
Etherean Music

Mediaeval Baebes

I Am Eve
Luude Novella
L'amour De Moi

Nettwerk America
new music from London

Louise Hoffsten, Lasse Englund och Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Kära du

Kära du, jag är ju bunden
Det sorgsna hjärtat
Samsø Records

Chis Spheeris & Anthony Mazella

Dia del Sol
Essence Records

Missa Johnouchi
road to OASIS

Pacific Moon
featuring the Li-Hua Ensemble
Missa Johnouchi comments that, in Japanese, the word "Kotodama" means the soul that is present in words. On "Road to Oasis" she has attempted to capture the spirit that is present in sounds.

An Ancient Journey
A powerful masterwork... a musical journey exploring the remnant vibrations from the worlds of our ancient ancestors
(2 cd set)

Daughters of the Sun

Aphrodite's Star
Na Records
Nana's music is drawn from the map of world cultures
Nana artist website

Tomas Michaud
I Must Be Dreaming

Starland Music

Éwa !

Tinder Records

Lively and music from six Algerian brothers born and raised in Paris

Omar Sosa

Manto Blanco
Ota Records

Peter Buffett
Original music from the film "Triathalon - Thorugh the Eyes of the Elite"
Composed by USA Triathlete, Peter Buffett
Endurance Films

A Universe to Come

I Am (featuring Bernard Pomerance)
New Earth Records
New music from Jim Wilson & Tulku
Liner notes* "Thunder/Perfect Mind is one of 52 text fragments called the Gnostic Gospels. Found in Nag Hamadi, Egypt in 1945, its author is unknown. Some like to attribute the text to Mary Magdelene or her influence , because she is a major figure in the teaching of the Gnostics."

Conversations with Angels
Conversations with Angels
Paras Recordings
With this tune, Brazillian composer, Ariell invites you to sit back, relax, and mediate for five minutes...
to converse with the angels.

Terry Oldfield
Turning Point
Into The Blue
New Earth Records
New music from Terry Oldfield. Recorded on Cranmore Farm, Glouchester UK

Jeff Ball
Prairie Runner

Black Hills Stomp
Paras Recordings

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Singing Earth

Dance for the Maize God
Canyon Records
Flutist Xavier Quijas Yxayotl of the Huichol people presents the mysterious sounds of Mayan and Aztec clay flutes accompanied by the ancestral drums and percussion of the peoples of Meso America.

Radmilla Cody
Seed of Life
"Traditional Songs of the Navajo"
America the Beautiful
Canyon Records
The Diné people are connected to the land. They hold songs of loyalty and patriotism close to their hearts and say that there must be a cohesiveness of all Earth People. Radmilla Cody sings "America the Beautiful" in theDiné language as a tribute to the Navajo Codetalkers and veterans.

John Balint
Paradise Within
Blisswave Records
A lullaby featuring African vocals, dedicated to being in the moment...experiencing the perfection of here & now...

Pilot Guides
Globe Trekker
"Music from the TV Series"
Mark Tayler - Cuban Rodeo
Hamar Girl - Nomad
RCA Red Seal
Pilot Productions

So Kalmery
World Beat - Pick of the Month
Tinder Records
New music from Congo sung in a variety of languages including Kiswahili, English, French, Swahili and Medinaterre, an ancient language dating back over 10,000 years. Kalmery's vibrantly emotive, appealing voice resounds with life. His preferred instrument is the acoustic guitar and his playing has been compared to Taj Mahal's blues-folk music.
**** Highest World Music ratings

Marcus James
Where You Wanna Be

Desert Flower
Firenze Records
Recorded in Bamako, Mali, West Africa
Perhaps Marcus James was inspired by Taj Majal's scholastic work, "From Memphis to Mali" whatever the inspiration it seems to have lead Marcus to the well.

African Icons of Power Vol. 1
Defeat the Enemy
MuslimGauze - Dogon Tabla
Hexagon Records
"Timeless Music Rooted in the Beat of Africa"

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Playlist from Live Broadcast March 30 and rebroadcast April 7, 2002
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 02 March 2002; MRT

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