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World Beat Playlist for May 4, 2002 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Various Artists
The Future Sound of Gaeldom "essential selections of contemporary Celtic music"
Capercaillie - In Exile (re-mix) - from the album "Dusk Till Dawn" Capercaillie
Michael McGoldrick - James Brown's March / Noon Lassies - from the album "Fused" Vertical Records
Shooglenifty - Schuman's Leap - from the album "Solar Shears" Vertical Records
Karen Matheson - Calbharaigh - from the album "The Dreaming Sea"
World Beat - Pick of the Month
Survival Records

Darby DeVon
Title Track
Etherean Music

Mystic Spirit Voices
Ave Fortuna
Intentcity Records
Lesiem (Lay-z-um) is an all male voice choir, based out of Berlin. The group is part of the Berlin vocal ensemble: 'Carl Maria von Weber' ...the great-great grandson of Carl Weber formed the choir over 50 years ago. Their latest cd features celtic vocals, african vocals and english vocalists along with spanish guitar, drum loops and ambient sounds. ..Lesiem calls their music 'Mystic Pop' and most of the content deals with spiritual topics and the battle between good and bad..etc

Phil Thornton
Eagle Dream
New World Music

Danny Heines
What Worlds They Bring
I Thought it was Raining (featuring vocals by Irena Mikhailova)
Vada Disc

John Williams
The Magic Box
Township Kwela
Nkosi Sikelel'i Afrika
Sony Classical
Early guitars were first introduced to the African continent and the islands by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century

Coming-up, two scholarly explorations of world music. First, John Williams explores the influence of guitar music in Africa followed by music from Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project

Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble
Silk Road Journeys - When Strangers Meet
Mido Mountain (Chinese traditional)
Avaz-e Dashti (Persian Traditional)
New music from Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project
Sony Classical

Ustad Mohammad Omar
Virtuoso from Afghanistan (featuring Zakir Hussain)
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Ustad Mohammad Omar is known as Afghanistan's finest rabab player. The rabab is a short-necked lute that is plucked with a plectrum called a shabaz and accompanied on the tabla, here by a very young Zakir Hussain. He came to the United States, in 1974. This cd documents his only public persformance in the United State

A Universe to Come

Rahda Ramana (featuing Jai Uttal)
New Earth Records
New music from Jim Wilson & Tulku

Ancient Future
Planet Passion "A Mythical Story of Love Around the World"
Simsimay Panima
Ancient Record

Mondo Head
Kodo web site
Mondo Head means, world headwith the implication that the whole world is connected and vibrating with magnificent rhythm and color. Kodo's motto might be "we drum for life and we live to drum." For the members of Kodo, drumming is a mediatation and prayer to the spirit... it is drumming to the rhythm of life...

Fast Forward
World dance + Chillout + Trance
Welcome to the Journey
New Earth Records

Gino Sitson
Song Zin'
"Vocadelic Tales"
Lovely Danny-Jo

Pilot Guides
Globe Trekker
"Music from the TV Series"
Mark Tayler - Cuban Rodeo
Hamar Girl - Nomad
RCA Red Seal
Pilot Productions

Conversations with Angels
Conversations with Angels
Paras Recordings
With this tune, Brazillian composer, Ariell invites you to sit back, relax, and mediate for five minutes...
to converse with the angels.

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Singing Earth

Dance for the Maize God
Canyon Records
Flutist Xavier Quijas Yxayotl of the Huichol people presents the mysterious sounds of Mayan and Aztec clay flutes accompanied by the ancestral drums and percussion of the peoples of Meso America.

Mi Armonia
Soy Cubana

Marcus James
Where You Wanna Be

Desert Flower
Firenze Records
Recorded in Bamako, Mali, West Africa
Perhaps Marcus James was inspired by Taj Majal's scholastic work, "From Memphis to Mali" whatever the inspiration it seems to have lead Marcus to the well.

So Kalmery
Tinder Records
New music from Congo sung in a variety of languages including Kiswahili, English, French, Swahili and Medinaterre, an ancient language dating back over 10,000 years. Kalmery's vibrantly emotive, appealing voice resounds with life. His preferred instrument is the acoustic guitar and his playing has been compared to Taj Mahal's blues-folk music.
**** Highest World Music ratings

Misahotaka Ny Akama
Ny Fitiavako

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Playlist from Live Broadcast May 4, 2002
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 05 May 2002; MRT

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