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World Beat Playlist for July 6, 2002 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Various Artists
The Future Sound of Gaeldom "essential selections of contemporary Celtic music"
Capercaillie - In Exile (re-mix) - from the album "Dusk Till Dawn" Capercaillie
Kaeen Matheson - Calbhraigh - from the album "The Dreaming Sea"
Survival Records

Mediaeval Baebes

Lick the Maypole
The Woods and the Rivers are Silent
Nettwerk America
new music from London's Mediaeval Baebes

Mystic Spirit Voices
Intentcity Records
Lesiem (Lay-z-um) is an all male voice choir, based out of Berlin. The group is part of the Berlin vocal ensemble. 'Carl Maria von Weber' ...the great-great grandson of Carl Weber formed the choir over 50 years ago. Their latest cd features celtic vocals, african vocals and english vocalists along with spanish guitar, drum loops and ambient sounds. ..Lesiem calls their music 'Mystic Pop' as most of the content deals with spiritual topics and the battle between good and evil...

Barrio Chino
Mediterra Nostra
Dame la Luz
Candela - Tinder Records
New music from Marseillais France

Putumayo Presents
World Lounge
Pink Martini - Sympathique
Putumayo World Music

Danny Heines
What Worlds They Bring
I Thought it was Raining (featuring vocals by Irena Mikhailova)
Fly Bird Fly
Vada Disc
artist sites:

Nicholas Gunn
Through the Great Smokey Mountains "a Musical Journey"
Call of the Wild
Anagram Records
an album dedicated to saving ancient growth forests of Smokey Mountain National Park

Mondo Head
Kodo web site
Mondo Head means, world headwith the implication that the whole world is connected and vibrating with rhythm and color. Kodo's motto might be, "we drum for life: we live to drum." For the members of Kodo, drumming is a mediatation and prayer to the spirit; Kodo drums to the rhythm of life...

Edward Artemiev
Three Odes
Ode #1
Electroshock Records

Artemiy Artemiev writes: the "Three Odes" is a collection of his father's compositions: Ode #1 was composed & recorded in 1980 especially for "Moscow Olympic Games" and was used during both the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the Moscow Olympic Games.
US distributor: "Eurock Distribution", c/o Mr. Archie Patterson. P. O. Box 13718, Portland, OR 97213 USA E-mail: . Or via our General Internet distributor "Gamma-shop", c/o Mr. Nick Schumeicko

The Beauty is Knowing
New music from the north of England

various artists
Journey to the Heart

Nawang Kechog - Peace Through Kindness

various artists from Hearts of Space
Slow Music For Yoga

Thomas Barquee - Salve Me
Hearts of Space Records

R. Carlos Nakai
Fourth World
Sonoran Nights
Canyon Records

Andre Feriante
Fuego de Luna
Garden of Desire
Lumar Recordings
Andre Feriante website

Benedetti & Svoboda
Echoes of Spain
Peace Within


Canyon Moon
title track
Etherean Music

Putumayo Presents
Latin Groove
Los Aterciopelados - el estuche
Putumayo World Music

various artists
Island Roots 3
Mana Kaleilani Caceres - Couldn't Take the Mana
Quiet Storm Records
Music from Hawaii

Dean Evenson & Li Xiangting
Tao of Peace
Green Lake in the Woods
Soundings of the Planet

Li Xiangting is the world renouned master of the guquin, China's oldest stringed instrument with a history, over 3,000 years. It is a seven-stringed zither, that is as important in China as the Piano is to western music. This soothing music also includes, within the mix, the Earth Resonant Frequency of 7.8 hertz. This is the natural resonant frequency of the earth's atmospheric cavity. This sound supports relaxation, meditation and creates a receptivity to healing.

Putumayo Presents
Samba Bossa Nova
Moreno Velosa + 2 - Deusa do Amor
Putumayo World Music

Oliver Mtukudzi
Vhunze Moto
Putumayo World Music

Dairaby (traditional love song, sung in Mandingue)
Yagou (Legue Legue)
Tinder Records
(Recorded in Paris)

Putumayo Presents -
Congo to Cuba
Tshala Muana - Lekela Muadi - Congo
Balla Tounkara - Le Monde Est Fou - Mali
Mama Keita - Tougnafo - Guinea
Putumayo World Music
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Sharon Katz & Peace Train
Who O Why
Appleseed Recordings

Mamy Kha

John Williams
The Magic Box
Sony Classical

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Playlist from Live Broadcast July 6, 2002
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 06 July 2002; MRT

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