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World Beat Playlist for August 6, 2002 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Various Artists
The Future Sound of Gaeldom "essential selections of contemporary Celtic music"
Michael McGoldrick - James Brown's March
Tartan Amoebas - New Day Dawning
Survival Records

Young Dubliners
(title track) Red
Higher Octave
Young Dubliners website

Annbiorg Lien
Aliens Alive
NorthSide Records

Deep Sky Divers
Highland & Skylands
When Heaven Freezes Over
Deep Sky Divers
Music inspired by the Scottish Highlands where they live and work.
Mailed directly to your host by Jon Short and David Jones. Thanks for the musics uplifting music gentlemen.

Barrio Chino
Mediterra Nostra
Je te salute Marseilles
Candela - Tinder Records
New music from Marseillais France

Bill Miller
Spirit Rain
I Believe
Prayers for the Truth
Paras Recordings
Bill Miller, songs are rooted in his Mohican heritage, his musical style blends Native American and western folk and blues, his voice is a throathy and emotional tenor. Combine this with his compelling lyrics that speak to the powerful forces of spirit and faith, of love and hope. Songs to the healing between father and son, songs of forgiveness and social reconciliation, songs that celebrate the divine glory of sky, prairie, mountain and provide a vision of healing beyond hatred and racism.

Taliesin Orchestra
Heaven Queen (Blessed Be Thou Queen of Heaven)
Compendia Music Group
Taliesin Music

Back to Kohala
Forever Mine
Palm Records

Mana Kaleilani Caceres
Who I Am
O Wau 'O Mana
mAinland mEntality
"O Kaleilani
From Da Heart Productions
Kanaka Boogie Productions
World Beat - Pick of the Month

Nana Simopoulos
After the Moon
To Edafos
Na Records
sung in Greek, the first line translates to "after the moon", making To Edafos the title track of this cd by Nana Simopoulos.

Putumayo Presents
Asian Grooves
Mungal with Nitin Sahwney - Awake - (Trinidad/India)
Yulduz Usmanova -Kunglim Guli - (Uzbekistan)
Putumayo World Music
Asian musical traditions merge with funk, electronica in this emerging music to spice -up our world.

Kabul Workshop
Title Track
Tinder Records

Dave Stringer
Jaya Vitthale
Valley Entertainment

Benedetti & Svoboda
Echoes of Spain
Peace Within
we will hear the sublime sound of guitar duo Fred Benedetti & George Svoboda, this is "Peace Within"

R. Carlos Nakai
Fourth World
Sonoran Nights
Canyon Records

Eli Secody
The Following Generation
"Navajo Prayer Songs"
American Warrior
Love Your Parents
Canyon Records
From a collection of Navajo prayer songs, sung in the time-honored Native American Church tradition, we will hear the solo voice of Eli Secody. We will hear a a song called "Love Your Parents" and this is "American Warrior"

Michele Greene
Ojo de Tiburón
title track
Appleseed Recordings
next up is Michele Greene, who is best known for her TV role as Abby Perkins, on the legal drama, "L.A. Law." Michele Greene's singing pays tribute to her multicultural upbringings and her Mexican/Nicaraguan roots. We will hearing the title track from her cd "Ojo de Tiburon"

Putumayo Presents
Music From the Coffee Lands II

Mario Rui Silva - Nzaji -Angola
Putumayo World Music
Most of the coffee grown in the Americas is descended from a lone seedling, smuggled into Martinique in 1723, from the Paris botanical garden by French Naval Officer, Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu. From that lone seedling grew almost 18 million trees by 1777. Next-up, music from Martinique by Kali, this is (mon-tay lah ree-vyay)

Yawo & Les Files Attivon
Celebrate - Mia dua gbe
Via de los Tesaros
Celebrate Life
Caveman Records
From Ewe E-vae) tribe of of Togo, West Africa to Minneapolis MN, in the heartland of America, these musicians "celebrate life!"

Khadja Nin
Mundo Melodia
Khadja Nin is a native of the African country of Burundi. She sings in French, Swahili and Kirundi.

Oliver Mtukudzi
Vhunze Moto
Putumayo World Music

Manden Jaliya in New York City (from the Global Beat of the Boroughs Series)
Fakoli (Mali)
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
A song of the Sunjata epic cycle (Sunjata Keita was the founder of the Empire of Mali A.D. 1225) This song is about a key ally of the emperor, Sunjata, the sorcerer and warrior Fakoli.

Putumayo Presents
African Odyssey
Bidinte - Kecu Minino Na Tchora (Guinea-Bissau)
Putumayo World Music

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited
Chimurenga Rebel/Manhungetunge
Anonoymous Web Productions

Putumayo Presents
Congo to Cuba
Gnonnas Pedro - Yiri Yiri Boum - Benin
Balla Tounkara - Le Monde Est Fou - MaliF
Putumayo World Music

Reggae on the River 10th Anniversary
Jimmy Cliff - Treat the Youth Right
Earth Beat

Diaraby (traditional love song, sung in Mandingue)
Tinder Records
(Recorded in Paris)

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Playlist from Live Broadcast August 6, 2002
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 19 August 2002; MRT

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