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World Beat Playlist for November 2, 2002 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Live in Concert
Dr. Macphail's Reel & Cape Breton Song
Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
Valley Entertainment
Capercaillie's music is the essence of Celtic Cool… An awesome recording, I only wish I could have been there in person…

Dan Ar Braz
Made in Breizh
Green Lands Evit Ar Braz
Tinder Records

Marianne Sinclaire
Northside Records

The King's daughters
Northside Records

Au Cabaret Sauvage
Me'moire d'homme Tangito
World Village

Rebbe Soul
Change the World with a Sound
33rd Street Records

The Rough Guide to Gospel
The Soul Stirrers - Christ is All
Rough Guide

Trance Planet volume six
Agricantus - Hawa
Max Lasser - Kumnand'i
World Beat - Pick of the Month
I enjoyed listening to this cd many times during the past month. Its a cool mix of unusual trance tunes that all seem to come together as a whole.

Sainkho Namtchylak
Stepmother City
Ponderosa Music & Art Web

Karangailyg Kara Hovaa - In the Endless Black Steppe
Global Music Centre

Open Transmission
Third eye
Sammasati Music

Earth Trybe
Rhythm of the Earth
River of Life
Neo Pacifica
Paras Recordings

Rose Moore
Spirit of Silence
Spirit Tree
Higer Octave

Michael Chapdelaine
Land of Enchantment "Musical Postcards from New Mexico"
Cowboy Waltz

Music for the Spirit Vol. 4
Yu Xiao Guang - Flying Celestial Nymphs
Benedetti & Svoboda - Alejo (from Echoes of Spain)

Paris Combo
ARK21 Records

Putumayo Presents: Rumba - Flamenco
Eric Fernandez - Shalom Israel
Putumayo Records

Next is music from Lusaphone Africa, "African countries with Portuguese as the Official Language"

The World of Lusa Africa
Bongo - Agua Rara

Putumayo Presents: An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey
Paulo Flores - Ze Inacio (Angola)
Manecas Costa - Ermons Di Terra (Guinea - Bissau)
Bidinte - Considjo Di Garandis (Guinea - Bissau)
Putumayo Records

Music Mosaic artists
Return to Serenity
Sounds of the Outback - Colors of the Rock }
Music Mosaic

The Piranha All Stars
Swimming Among the Sharks
The Klezmatics - Khsidim Tanta Hongagonga Mix (recorded NYC 1994)
Ali Hassan Kuban Ayga (recorded in Cairo, 1999)
Orchestra Marrabenta Star "Wene u n'ga yale" (recorded in Harare, 1988)
Piranha Music

Eliades Ochoa
Estoy como numca (I am better than ever)
title track
Eliades Ochoa
Higher Octave

Hassan Hakmoun
The Gift
This Gift
Triloka Records
Hassan Hakmoun

Nawal Al Zoghbi
Ellitmane Toh
Ellitmane Toh
Mondo Melodia

The Rough Guide to Raï
Abdou - Ana Aachki Bahloul
Rough Guide to Music

Azuquita & Los Jubilado
Cuba Sons

Cuba Son 4 Coco 5 Coco (quatro coco cinco coco) (salsa)
A Mi Mamita Le Gussta El Son (son) Planet Rhythm Recorded in Santiago Cuba

Live in Africa
I Tried Down in Jamaica
RAS Records

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Playlist from Broadcast November 2, 2002
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
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