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World Beat - Playlist for March 1, 2003 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Medwyn Goodall

Anam Cara

Spin of the Reel
The Wisdom of Ages
Oreade Music
Music inspired by Anam Cara, the Celtic Soul.

Return to Paradise
Yesterday’s Gone
Nassiri Records

Peter Kater
Red Moon
The Road Before Us
SilverWave Records
Pianist and composer, Peter Kater brings together a stellar cast of Native American musiciands to create a spirited recording encompassing haunting flutes, soulful chants and  a driving rhythm.

Michael Dulin & Chuck Offutt
Balance of Nature
River of Time
Equity Digital

Salsa Creole– various artists
Afro-Cuban Salsa Music (from the Salsa Mundo Series)
Ralph Thamar – Philosophie (Merengue)
Tinder Records

Putumayo Presents

Global Soul
 Doc Gyneco – Papa Caramel (France)
TID– Zeze (Tanzania)
Putumayo World Music 

El Harba Wine featuring Amar
ARK21 Records
Khaled was born in Algeria but is now based in France. He helped to pioneer the transformation of Rai, from a local style to worldwide popularity. Khaled is now known as the King of Rai.

Los Ninos de Sara
El Nino Del Viento
Una Muchacha
Intencity Records
World Beat - Pick of the Month
Four flamenco gypsy guitarists, who were former members of Albina, step-out on the world stage in a new gipsy-soul incarnation. Gipsyole blends the sensual rhythms of romantic gypsy vocals, flaming flamenco guitar, throbbing salsa beats, and cuban horns into a intoxicating brew.

Aco Bocina with fancfare ciocarlia
Aco Bocina
Rom Party
Dance of the Spirits
Ponderosa Music & Arts
Gypsy flamenco guitar of the Rom.

 John McKone
Times Too
Tuesday Last
John McKone.com

Steve Gorn
Colors of the Mind
Dharma Moon

Various Artists

Windham Hill Chill
 Ravi Shankar: - Ragas in Minor Scale
Windham Hill Records


Lord of the Universe 
New World Music
A song dedicated to the Hindu deity, Jagnnatha, a special form of Krishna; sung in Sanskrit.

Leigh Wood
Zen Connection
Nacho Sotomayor: -Too Far
One World Music 

Eastern Girl
Intentcity Records
Trip to Tibet, on an immersive trance-dance groove

Mike Booth
Atlantean Chants
Good to Ghai
Oreade Music
chants and vibrations resurrected from the collective consciousness, through exploration of color, light, and sound

 Toufic Farroukh
Drab Zeen
Le Chant Du Monde
Harmonia Mundi

 The Rough Guide to the Music of the Balkans
(brass,fiddle & accordian: defying boundaries)

Ayde Mori: - Jarnana (Albania/Turkey)
Marusic Is Trio: - Taranjkanje (Croatia)
World Music Network
An hour-long musical voyage through the Balkans, featuring music from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey & Greece.

Tomoko & Nikkos
Salt Mountain
Nikkos Music
Music featuring the sound of the rainstick as a lead percussion instrument.

The Rough Guide to Asian Underground
Sister India: Out of Place
World Music Network

Richard Bona

Bisso Baba
Ekwa Mwato (Affirmation of the Spirit)
Columbia Records
Richard Bona website
New music from Cameroonian singer Richard Bona

Various Artists
Desert Blues 2 
Aziza Brahim & Tarba Bibo: Dios Mio!
Network Records 
The finest African ballads from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Mali, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia and the Western Sahara.

Adar des Iforas
Journey Through the Tureg Country

Cherie, allons-y la-bas
Le Chant Du Monde
Imagine traveling with nomads, camelback, on a desert caravan, four hundred dusty-kilometers beyond Timbuktu: you have now entered Tureg country and are about to partake of their distant music
 Putumayo Presents
South African Legends

Soul Brothers: - Idlozi
Putumayo World Music 

Yabby You with King Tuby & Prince Jammy
Dub it to the Top
Steppin’ High featuring Tommy McCook
Blood & Fire

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Playlist from Broadcast March 1, 2003
Host/Producer, Board Operator & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 07 March. 2003; MRT

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