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World Beat - Playlist for April 5, 2003 - host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records


Rise Above

The Souls’ Electric
Bright Morning Star
Omnium Recordings
Oysterband have forged a style that owes much to the traditional music of Britan, yet rarely draws directly from it.
Oysterband artist website

Simon Cooper

Solar Wind
Dance of Celebration
Oreade Music



Morsian (The Bride)
Vihi (Wind)
A US festival appearances scheduled for Sept. 2003.File under World/Nordic

Mari Boine

Eight Seasons

Boadan Nuppi Bealde (I Come from the Other Side)
Beaivelottas (Butterfly)
A US festival appearances scheduled for Sept. 2003.
(File under World/Nordic)
The Sami are the indigenous people of Northern Europe, formerly known as Lapps. They currently number about 85,000 and live predominantly in the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula of Russia.



Gorzi (Waterfall)
Goalki (Calm)
Wimme Sarri is
Leading Sami singer/songwriterA US festival appearances scheduled for Sept. 2003.
(File under World/Nordic)

 Putumayo Presents
Euro Lounge

Bossa Nostra: – Jackie (Italy/Brazil)
Daniele Silvestri: – Sempre Di Domenica (Italy)
Putumayo World Music
Euro Lounge captures the latest trends of the hip and avant-garde music of Europe

Jony IIiev & Band
Ma Maren Ma
Arizona (a seemingly improbable title for a Bulgarian gypsy tune)
Ma Maren Ma

Asphalt Tango Records
Music from the forefront of Bulgaria’s new Roma-Sound: Gypsy music from the dusty streets and nightclubs of Sofia’s gypsy quarters.
Jony IIiev is the youngest of eight brothers in a musicians’ family, he says the roots of this music are in Bulgaria’s largest gypsy community, or Machala, more than 20,000 gypsies live there, surrounded by mountains with 2,000 meter summits, on the main road to Macedonia and the Aegean Sea.


In the Rain
My world beat pick of the month is Japanese musician Agatsuma, for his cd Beams. Agatsuma is today’ chief exponent of the banjo-like instrument known as the Tsugaru-Shamisen.

Tak Matsumoto


Vermillion Records
Hana is an album of
rock guitar, with a distinctive Japanese spirit. In his homeland Tak Matsumoto is renowned as the most popular guitarist in all of Asia. He is the chief songwriter, guitarist and producer of the Japanese rock band, B’z and has sold over 80 million records in Japan alone.

Best of the Silk Road

Kitaro’s “Silk Road,” was written as a soundtrack for a television documentary, about the ancient Silk Road, that links Europe to China. This documentary became one of Japan’s most famous TV series. Kitaro’s soundtrack blends influences of traditional Japanese music with the romantic Western tradition.

Rahmatollah Badiyi
Sounds of the Violin and Kamancheh

Hymn of the Homeland
International Amity Publishing
Traditional Persian music, on violin, kamancheh and tunbak, featuring Rahmatollah Badiyi. He began the study of traditional Persian music in the late 1940s. As a professor and performer, he has introduced traditional Persian music to audiences throughout the world.

Brazil Guitar Masters
Brazil Guitar Masters

Jose Barrense-Dais: Vuco Vuco
Bahia Sarava
Iris Music
A two cd set, featuring
Harmonia Mundi

Music Mosaic
Drumming Planet
(the pulse of global harmony)
Music Mosaic
file under Worldbeat/Ethnic Fusion

Hookah Cafe

Kristi Stassinopoulou – Amorgo Passage
a traditional song from Greece (from the album:The Secrets of Rocks)
An exotic adventure into the mystic world of Middle Eastern and North African music

Omar Sosa


Una Tradicion Negra
Ota Records
Composer and pianist, Omar Sosa’s music is a unique fusion of Afro-Cuban, Latin jazz and various world music influences…
Sosa’s recording “Sentir” was nominated for a 2003 Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album
Omar Sosa is on tour with his Quintet, including Afro-Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles and Cuban vocalist Martha Galarraga.
The Omar Sosa Quintet will play Dakota Bar & Grill, at Bandana Square, in St Paul, on April 21 & 22.
For tickets call 651-642-1442 of visit www.dakotacooks.com

La Musica Della Mafia - Vol II
Omerta, Onuri e Sangu
– (Discretion, Honor & Blood)
U mastru di lu sono
Pi fari u giuvanottu I malavita
Pias Recording
malavita.com  artist website
file under Worldbeat/Music of the Mafia)
Discretion, honor and blood are keywords in the southern Italian world of the ‘Ndrangheta, the Calabrian Mafia. This is the second volume cataloging the genuine music of the Calabrian Mafia. This album presents parlato and prison songs, ballads and classic tarantellas, along with a couple of historical recordings that document the little-known Ndrangheta culture.


Amethysium artist website
Amesthesium is lead by Norwegian musician Oystein Ramfjord
file this CD under Ambient/ New Age

Peter Phippen
Night Song

Night Song (title track)
Canyon Records
Peter Phippen uses flutes from around the world, the Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Iris Whistle and Native American flutes, to create a musical poetry to evoking the mystery and stillness of the night.

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Aztec Dances
Antigua (to the Ancestors)
Canyon Records


Top d’Coroa

Bejo de Sodade
Music, as heard in the Pedro Almodovar film, “Talk to Her.”

Boubacar Traore
Je Chanterai Pour Toi (I’ll sing for you)

Improvisation I
Je Chanterai Pour Toi
Marabi Productions
World Beat Pick of the Month
The original soundtrack of the Jacques Sarasin’s film, “je chanterai pour toi” a journey through Mali in the company of Boubacar Traore.
Je Chanterai Pour Toi.com
An indescribable, mother-of-the-blues ambience leaves me eager to see the film.
****Highest World Beat Rating !

Wendo Kolosoy

Victoria Apiki Dalapo
World Village Music
Amba is the new album, recorded in Kinshasa, by the father of the Congolese rumba, Wendo Kolosoy. He is accompanied by his regular band – the “Victoria Bakolo Miziki.” Seventy-seven year-old Wendo Kolosoy is still swinging.
Harmonia Mundi
Marabi Productions

Sekouba Bambino

Sinikan (title track)
Famou (I Understand)
Blue Jacket
New music from West African griot, Sekouba “Bambino” Diabate. He’s an hereditary (singer/songwriter) in a tradition dating back to the 12th century.
Lightyear Entertainment

Ja-Man All Stars
In the Dub Zone
Dub Zone
Blood & Fire
This compilation comprises two dub albums “Ja-Man Dub” and “King’s Dub” produced by Dudley Manzie Swaby in 1977 and 1980.

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