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Pledge Drive Week -playlist for March 13, 2004
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Magical Strings
Where Dragons Dance
A Poets Love
The Humors of Scariff
Alula Visions
The instrumentation of "Where Dragons Dance" is a variety of harps, from around the world, played in concert with hammered dulcimer, violin, whistle and flutes.

Blackmore’s Night
Ghost of a Rose

Queen for a Day
Artist website: Blackmore's Night
New music from Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night

Various Artists
Shite 'n' Onions Vol.1
The Electrics: Killiecranked Up

artists website:
Here's a musical pick for your St Patricks Day celebrations, featuring the rough n' roudy, electrified & baudy "Celtic Punk"

Warsaw Village Band
Peoples Spring

To You Kasiunia
Clear Water

World Village/ Harmonia Mundi
World Beat Pick of the Month - March

The Warsaw Village Band is composed of six young musicians who have discovered the magic of ancient singing styles and instruments, including the Polish fiddle from the 16th century called the Suka. They have branded their passionate music as "hardcore folk."

Gypsy Swing / Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing

Fapy Lafertin Quintet & Tim Kliphouse: Fleur De Lavande
Django Reinhardt & Quintette Du Hot Club De France: Echoes of France
subtitle: Django's legacy: Gypsy virtuosity meets American jazz
Django Reinhardt was one of the finest jazz guitarists of all times and the founder of Manouche or Gypsy swing, a blend of Gypsy virtuosity and Amewrican jazz.

Gianmaria Testa
Altre Latitudini

Dentro Al Cinema
Sei La Conchiglia
Le Chant De Monde/ Harmonia Mundi
artist website: Gianmaria Testa

Gianmaria Testa is an Italian vocalist, sometimes compared to Leonard Cohen

Massimo Spada
L’incoronata / 1 Milano Lounge

Amiata Media
Some cool new music from Italy.
File under: Italy/chill out/lounge/ambient

Various Artists (Pacific Moon)
Samurai Collection

Asian Drums II, Kiyoshi Yoshida: Flowers
Uttara Kuru: Neyuki
Pacific Moon Records
a fantastic new collection of Japanese music featuring a rich assortment of traditional instruments: including the shakuhachi flute & kaito drums, Buddhist chants & haunting vocals, and the melody of the banjo-like Shamisen, fused with electronica... it is ancient music in a contemporary mix...

Putumayo World Music
World Reggae
Kana: Pas de Problèmes (France)
Apache Indian: Om Numah Shivaya (India/UK)
Intik: Notre Devoir (Algeria)
Putumayo Records
Irresistible reggae rhythms fused with musical traditions from around the world. We will hear some an Algerian Reggae, a Hindu-mantra turned reggae called "Om Numah Shivaya" and this Reggae, from France, "Pas de Problémes" (more reggae coming-up in the next hour)

Peter Sterling
Harp Dreams
artist website:
Harp music inspired by and dedicated to the free-spirited Brazilian people and their Carnival

Earth Blue

Earth Blue
New Earth Records
middle eastern percussion meets heavy metal
artists website: Raz Mesinai

Coyote Poets
Coyote Poets of the Universe

Flamenco Porch
Jazz Tales
Music and poetry in the tradition of the beat poets

LeRoy Martez Bell
Spending Time
Spending Time
artist website:
LeRoy Martez Bell started singing and playing the guitar at the age of eight in Darmstadt, Germany. The son of a Sergeant in the United States Army moved the family back and forth from Europe to the U.S. several times before landing in Seattle. Although underage at the time, LeRoy began playing the local club circuit at night and honing his song-writing skills during the day under the watchful eyes of his Uncle, celebrated producer-songwriter, Thom Bell.


Maquis Music
some unusual and poetic music from a French musician who calls his solo act, abandcalledmyself.

Artemy Artemiev
Electroacoustic Music Vol III

Electroshock Music
electroacoustic music from Moscow Russia. by legendary electronic music producer Artemy Artemiev.

Various Artists/ Rough Guide

Bobby Matos & John Santos: I don't Speak Spanish... (But I understand Everything When I'm Dancing)
subtitle: dance the Mambo: driving rhythms & swinging horns

Lovers Lounge
Lovers Lounge

Govinda: Inner Membrane

Intentcity Records
various artists in playing asian inspired music, embeded in electronica

Dean Evenson, Pandit Shivnath Mishra, & Deobrat Mishra
Raga Cycle

Rag Yaman (an evening raga)
Soundings of the Planet
Father and son duo, Pandit Shivnath Mishra & Deobrat Mishra come from a family with seven generations of musicians from Benares India. Dean Evenson collaborates with them on Raga Cycle to extend the boundaries of traditional raga.

Buddha Garden

New Earth Records
rich and uplifting music fit for meditation and celebration alike...

Music Mosaic- various artists
Tribal Trance Dance

Limborg: Siam
Music Mosaic
 Ethno-pop trance sung by female vocalists from Morocco, Ireland, Australia, UK; and this tune from Thailand, called Siam.

Putumayo World Music
Sahara Lounge
Sharif: Shiraz (Iran/USA)
Yasser Habeeb: Elama (United Arab Emirates)
Putumayo Records
World Beat Pick of the Month for January
Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms with electronica and remixes

Badawai (Raz Mesinai)
Clones & False Prophets

Wages of Conflict
middle eastern percussion meets heavy metal
artists website: Raz Mesinai

Taste Experience
Beyond the Horizon

Child of Life
Artist website:
relaxing and trance-like music from the UK

Andy Narell & Calypsociation
The Passage (music for steel drum orchestra)

The Long way Back

Steel drummer Andy with special guests Michael Brecker, Paquito O'Rivera and Hugh Masekela

The Signal

Spikey Tee: The Signal
Different Drummer
The energetic title track of a new reggae collection from Different Drummer Records.

Various Artists - VP Records
A Tribute to Reggae's Keyboard King, Jackie Mittoo

Dancing Groove
a tribute to the music of Kingston Jamaica's legendary keyboardist Jackie Mittoo who began his professional career at age thirteen.

Various Artists - Select Cuts
Trust. Belief. Love. Respect.

Big Youth:
Waterhouse Rock
123% OF DUB...

Habib Koité and Bamada
World Village/ Harmonia Mundi
Habib Koite comes from the hereditary line of Malian Griot, singers and instrumentalists who pass on the oral history of the tribes of Mali.

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Playlist from a Pledge Drive Broadcast: March 13, 2004
Host/Producer, Board Op. & Web: Mark R. Thomas
Modified: 03/13/2004