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playlist for May 01, 2004
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Fiddler's Green
a selection of Celtic instrumentals
Arty McGlynn & Nollaig Casey: The Hunters Purse
Máire Breatnach: Éist
Blix Street

Susan McKeown
Sweet Liberty
The Wee Birds Have Come and Gone/Fisherman's
artist website: Susan McKeown
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
Hibernian Music
On "Sweet Liberty" the pure and lilting voice Susan McKeown revives long lost tunes and recounts tales of a bygone era

Matts näsi
artists website: Frigg
The group Frigg creates a next generation of acoustic Nordic folk combining Finnish and Norwegian tunes with touches American roots music.

Rough Guide
Italia Nova
Italian underground: the hybrid generation

Alpha Bass featuring Mascarimirí: Aradanse
Gai Saber: Quand Lo Rossinhols Escria
 Italia Nova represents a new way of interpreting traditional Italian tunes and ritual dance; some having Celtic roots dating back to the invasion of the Gauls. Given new technology and a growing club culture have inspired many traditional folk artists to graft their traditional sounds - such as pizzica and tarantella - on to electronic beats to create a hybrid for the new millenium.

Carl Henry Brueggen
Cinzano & Cocaine

Sea-sprite hula
Planetary Group
File under: European chill-out/jazz-lounge

Shao Rong
Orchid II

Milky Way
Qindao Breeze

Pacific Moon Records
Music of the Chinese lute, known as the Pipa. (read liner notes on air history of the pipa)



Ralph E. Hayes
Long Drive Home

Inflection Point
33rd Street Records
relaxed minimalistic music of the classic Stratocaster: file under the category Guitar Noir:

Mary Youngblood
Feed the Fire

Passions to Ignite
SilverWave Records
Artist website: Mary Youngblood
Mary Youngblood plays flute on the tune "Feed the Fire, her vocals on "Passions to Ignite" are accompanied by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

Various Artists/New Earth
Inner Balance - Music for Yoga & Healing Arts

Chinmaya Dunster: Karma Circles (India/UK)

New Earth Records
rich and uplifting music fit for meditation and celebration...

Yoga Rhythms
"Timeless grooves and chants... music to energize the flow of yoga"

Prana (Sahana Vavatu)
Sounds True

Putumayo World Music
World Reggae
Apache Indian: Om Numah Shivaya (India/UK)

Putumayo Records
Next-up a Hindu-mantra, turned reggae this is "Om Numah Shivaya."

Sainkho Namtchylak
Who Stole the Sky?

Music Mail to Tuva
Who Stole the Sky?
Ponderosa Music & Art
Avant-garde Tuvan singer, Sainkho Namtchylak, borrows from the ancient Siberian, shamanic traditions, folktales and rituals of her country and combines them with the mysterious sounds of “throat singing” and the wisdom of the Buddhist religion. Her new CD, "Who Stole the Sky?," is sung in Russian, Tuvan and English, and mixes electronica and traditional singing.

Luis Garay Percussion World

Marimba Azucar
Percumba Records
artists website: Luis Garay
Sacumba is a new Afro-Latin percussion CD by Luis Garay, Wilbur Wood, Leon Enatyan and Miguel Alfaro with the subtitle, "The Passion and Inspiration of the Drum."

Carlos Maza

Carlos Maza is known as a Chilean political agitator who currently lives in Cuba. His album, Salvedad, takes-on many different genres and cultural traditions and at times sounds like the soundtrack of a surrealistic caberret or stage-play.

Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to theMusic of Kenya
"roots benga, coastal taarab, urban rap"

Queen Jane: Nduraga Ngwetereire
 The Rough Guide to Kenya

Angélique Kidjo

Seyin Djro
Columbia Records
artists website: Angélique Kidjo
World Beat Pick of the Month
West African singer Angélique Kidjo has roused the desire of many African women to become singers. Her mix of Afro-pop, American R&B and Caribbean rhythm is full of exuberance and vigor. This album is the third part in a trilogy that previously explored African Roots music in the United States, called "Oremi" and in Brazil, "Black Ivory Soul."

Putumayo World Music
Women of Africa
Judith Sephuma: Le Tshephile Mang (South Africa)
Khadja Nin: Sina Mali, Sina Deni (Burundi)
Putumayo Records

Judith Sephuma is a rising star on the South African muscic scene. In her song "Le Tshephile Mang" she sings, "Our nation, our people, who do we trust? / We are always fighting, in who do we trust? / Why can't we be happy for each other, stop all hatred and build our nation together?"

Khadja Nin was raised in the small African country of Burundi, between Congo and Tanzania. Her song "Sina Mali, Sina Deni" or (Free) is an adaptation of a Stevie Wonder song and speaks of spiritual liberation, "I'm free like water / Which flows to the heart of the savannah / Like the wind, like eyes, like a shooting star / Like water, like me now I'm saved."

Ba Cissoko
artist website: Marabi Productions
Two koras, one bass and percussion, carried by four young griot-trained Guineans.

Tony Mangra
Feeling Good

Feeling Good
Lots of Movement Records


Andy Narell & Calypsociation
The Passage (music for steel drum orchestra)

The Long way Back

Steel drummer Andy with special guests Michael Brecker, Paquito O'Rivera and Hugh Masekela

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