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playlist for July 3, 2004
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Áine Minogue
Celtic Meditation
Bruach na Carraige Bana - At the Edge of theWhite Rock
Sounds True

Sean Grace
New Frontiers
New Frontiers
A journey into a musical space where contemporary jazz meets Celtic rock.

Intencity Records/Various Artists
Spiritual Chillout
Ikarus: River
Intentcity Records

Rough Guide / various artists
The Rough Guide to Fado
A tale of two cities: passion and elegance

Katia :
Amour De Mel, Amour De Fel
Cristiana Branco:
Fado Perdição
Sounds of the Portuguese Fado

Introducing Sukke

Tsurik Aheym
World Music Network
European Klezmer music by three top-flight musicians, rooted in the traditions of the Yiddish-speaking communities of Poland, Russia, Romania and Ukraine.

Lydia McCauley
Foreign Lander

Swallow's Return
Margaret's Waltz
Artist website: Lydia McCauley
Lydia McCauley is a scholar of Appalachian Music, who has studied with some of the best musicians in the Appalachian region and who carefully preserves these tradition in her own music.

Frankie Yankovic
The Best of Frankie Yankovic - Polka King

You Are My Sunshine (with Doris Day)
Dance Dance Dance
Columbia Records
Legacy Recordings
Frankie Yankovic is a first generation American, hailed as the Polka King, and whos name is synonomous with the genre itself. Frankie popularized the Slovenian form of the polka (rooted in European folk-dance tradition and also known as the Cleveland style) An accordian master and consumate entertainer who was the first polka artist to have a million-selling single (1948). He was also the first to win a GRAMMY, when the Polka category was initiated.
Some American-based World Music dedicated to your Granny

We are the forthcoming past, take care of it

We are the forthcoming past
Non Profit Music
New Age and classical composer from Madrid Spain
All profits from this cd will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Ojos de Brujo (eyes of the sorcerer)

Ventilaor R-80
Memorias Perdias
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
"Recipients of 2004 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music"
Ojo de Brujo fuses the driving rhythms of flamenco with hip-hip, funk, punk and other stray sounds from the streets of Barcelona.

Putumayo World Music
Greece - A Musical Voyage
Anastasia Moutsatsou: Pino Pino
George Dalaras: Sou Axize Mia Kaliteri Agalia
Children of the Revolution: Ragizi Apopse
Theodosia Stiga: Ela Mia Nichta
Putumayo Records
Music from the legends and rising stars of the Greek popular song revival

Bebel Gilberto

All Around
Céu Distante

Six Degrees Records
World Beat Pick of the Month

Arto Lindsay

Jardim Da Alma
Righteous Babe Records

Layne Redmond
Invoking the Muse

The Proclaimer
Sounds True

Lone Pine Canyon

Ordinary Man
Spring Hill Music
The fifth release of Native American flute master and five time NAMMY nominee, Golaná.

Shankar & Gingger
Celestial Body

Open Your Eyes
Mondo Melodia
A rich mix of double violins and vocals... from musicians heard on the sound track of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ"

Dean Evenson Presents
Sacred World Chants

John St. John: Nali - Zulu
Soundings of the Planet
A collection of chants and mantras from the world's major spiritual paths: Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Native American and African.

Putumayo World Music
Nuevo Latino
Raul Paz: Mulata (Cuba)
Putumayo Records

Various Artists
Bridge to Havana?

Vacilon (Va-se-ohn) (featuring: Gladys Knight)

One World (featuring: Mick Fleetwood, Todd Smallwood & Augusto Enriquez)

Pyramid Records

Rough Guide / various artists
The Rough Guide to Brazil: Bahia
Brazilian heartbeat: tropicalia, axé & samba-reggae

Edson Gomes:

Chrisse Feros
this is how I see it
Mam Afrika
Converge Records

Miriam Makeba
Pata Pata
Heads Up

Angélique Kidjo

Columbia Records
artists website: Angélique Kidjo
West African singer Angélique Kidjo has roused the desire of many African women to become singers. Her mix of Afro-pop, American R&B and Caribbean rhythm is full of exuberance and vigor. This album is the third part in a trilogy that previously explored African Roots music in the United States, called "Oremi" and in Brazil, "Black Ivory Soul."

Corey Harris
Mississippi to Mali


Corey Harris travels to Mali in search of the roots of the blues

The Vakoka Project
Introducing Vakoka

World Music Network
 New Malagasy roots-music from the Vakoka Project "all-star" band.

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