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playlist for September 4, 2004
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Áine Minogue
The Twilight Realm
Deandai, Deandai
Gloine an Beoir
Little Miller Records
Áine Minogue is a Celtic Harp Music scholar

Weather in the Heart
Bird of Paradise
I&E Records
Artist website: Carmina
Carmina is the Celtic contemporary singer songwriter duo of Rob King and Pippa Marland.

Sean Grace
Celtic Voyage
Amhrán An Domhan
A journey into a musical space where contemporary jazz meets Celtic rock.

Blackmore’s Night
Beyond the Sunset - The Romantic Collection

Durch denWald zum Bach Haus
Ghost of a Rose
Artist website: Blackmore's Night
Next-up, new music, based upon 16th century melodies, from Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.

Songs from 63° North
Veit - Where d'ya think...?
Artist website: Triakel
New music from Jämtland Sweden.

Keyed Up
Bromander 100 års polska
Artist website: Väsen
Four great Swedish musicians: Olov Johansson on the nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle unique to Sweden), Mikael Marin on viola, Roger Tallroth on guitar, and André Ferrari on an array of exotic percussion.

Rough Guide / various artists
The Rough Guide to Fado
A tale of two cities: passion and elegance

Ana Moura:
Amour Em Tons De Sol Maior
Sounds of the Portuguese Fado

Putumayo World Music
Greece - A Musical Voyage
Melina Kana:
Putumayo Records

Music from the legends and rising stars of the Greek popular song revival.

Erik Marchand
Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi/Accordes Croises
Twelve musicians, of diverse ethnicity, all whom are considered to be among the best musicians from their respective cultures, come together to create contemporary European fusion music.

Johannes Linstead
Earthscape Music
Artist website: Johannes Linstead
nouveau flamenco guitar style, Johannes is also a talented
multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, wood flute
and various percussion.

Ojos de Brujo (eyes of the sorcerer)

Tiempo de Soleá
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
"Recipients of 2004 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music"
Ojo de Brujo fuses the driving rhythms of flamenco with hip-hip, funk, punk and other stray sounds from the streets of Barcelona.

Lhasa De Sela
The Living Road
Con Toda Palabra
Artist website: Lhasa De Sela
A song, en espanol, invoking an eerie mode of mystery and wonder. Lhasa De Sela also sings in French and English, on The Living Road.

Gypsy Flame New Flamenco - Vol II
Allegrais Persia
Artist website: Javid Flamenco
Some excellent new flamenco compositions from San Diego based Flamenco Guitarist, Javid.

Chief Sonne Reyna - Steven Halpern
Healing Songs of Earth & Sky

Ancestors' Song
Inner Peace Music
Chief Sonne Reyna is a Nawal Eagle Clan Chief and traditional Sundancer, from the Yaqui - Carrizo Coahuilteka Nation of North America. He facilitates traditional ceremonies and empowers weomen and men to become natural healers.

We are the forthcoming past, take care of it

We are the forthcoming past
Non Profit Music
New Age and classical composer from Madrid Spain
All profits from this cd will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Yoshida Brothers
Yoshida Brothers II

Artist website: Yoshida Brothers
Ryoichiro and Kenichi Yoshida began music lessons, at age five, on the tsugaru-shamisen, an instrument with a three foot long body and three strings. IT is played with a pick. A highly-charged world music fusion.

Anastacia Azvedo
Amanaiara - Senhora Da Chuva

Arrepiar (Getting Goosebumps)
Xaxado (For Lampiao)
Piranha Musik
Artist website: Anastacia Azvedo
Amanaiara is the word for "Rain" in one of the pre-Columbian language spoken in the northeast of Brazil.
(special guests on this album include Paquito D'Rivera and Yo-Yo Ma)

Bebel Gilberto


Six Degrees Records
Artist website: Bebel Gilberto
Bebel Gilberto has been called the Norah Jones of bossa nova. She sings in the melodic and romantic Brazilian tradition. Her mellow music is a relaxing

Rough Guide / various artists
The Rough Guide to Brazilian Hip-Hop
the hip-hop generation: a new wave of talent

MC Partideiro:
To Chegando
Some of the grittier sounds and funkier beats from Brazil's homegrown rappers. We'll be hearing one of the milder tunes...

Rosa Passos

Pra Que Discutir Com Madame

Sony Classical
Artist website: Rosa Passos
World Beat Pick of the Month
Rosa Passos is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, she is a native of Brazil, with a sweet, warm voice, who is known as "a feminine João Gilberto."

Deep Forest
Essence of the Forest
Sweet Lulluby (V 2004)
Epic Records

Sony Music

Izaline Calister
Wow'i Kariño (Eye of Love)
Krioyo, the name of this album comes from the Papiamento word for "Creole." It is both a noun and an adjective refering to the language, food, and the feeling that one gets from making something from your own roots. Krioyo is a tasty pot of Creole music and culture from Izaline Calister's home island, Curaçao.
Izaline Calister has been dubbed the Queen of Antillian Jazz, by the Dutch press and Tumba Queen at Curaçao's annual carnival.

René Lacaille


The title of this cd, Mapou, comes from the type of sugarcane grown on La Ré is the ultimate cane and represents something sweet, smooth and sugary... highly perfumed and easy to eat.
The French were the first to colonize La Réunion, 130 years ago. Many were freed slaves in 1848.East Africans, Madagascans, and Indians, Chinses and Indo-Moslems. These populations merged over time and formed a Creole culture.

Sékou Bembeya Diabaté
Guitar Fö

Discorama/ Harmonia Mundi
Sékou Diabaté is a master of the Mandingo guitar and co-founder of Guinea's Bembeya Jazz, in 1961.

Etienne Mbappe

EeTo Kem
Discorama/ Harmonia Mundi
New music from Etienne Mbappe, of Cameroon

Corey Harris
Mississippi to Mali


Corey Harris travels to Mali in search of the roots of the blues. On Thursday September 9th, at 7:30 pm, Corey Harris will perform in concert at the Hallings Recital Hall, on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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