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playlist for October 2, 2004
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Weather in the Heart
Red River Valley Girl
I&E Records
Artist website: Carmina
Carmina is the Celtic contemporary singer songwriter duo of Rob King and Pippa Marland.

Blackmore’s Night
Ghost of a Rose

Once in a Million Years
Artist website: Blackmore's Night
New music from Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night

Hugh Morrison
Feet to the Floor

6/8 Marches
Gaelic Waltzes
Dun Eistein Productions
Artist website: Hugh Morrison
Hugh Morrison is from the town of Wick, in the far north of Scotland. He served his musical apprenticeship with the Tain Scottish Dance Band and quickly made has name an exponent of the three-row button key accordian.

Songs from 63° North
The Lover at the Window
Artist website: Triakel
New music from Jämtland Sweden.

Keyed Up
Lille Vilgot
Artist website: Väsen
Four great Swedish musicians: Olov Johansson on the nyckelharpa (a keyed fiddle unique to Sweden), Mikael Marin on viola, Roger Tallroth on guitar, and André Ferrari on an array of exotic percussion.
Nordic Roots Festival

Takomistanssi - Ruunankummi
artists website: Frigg
Acoustic Nordic folk music: a group of young Finnish and Norwegian musicians who play with an inspiring zest for life.

Seven Sisters
artists website: Soundician
The duo of Kit and Odette live somewhere in the north of England, near a place called Copt Hill, a neolithic burial site with seven trees, known as the seven sisters, growing from the top of the mound.

Putumayo World Music
World Groove
2raumwohnung (tsveye-ROWM-voh-noong): Ich Weiß Warum (ich vice vah-room: "two-room apartment) (I Know Why) (Germany)
Putumayo Records
here is a song that first began as a German television jingle and was requested by viewers that a full song was later developed to meet popular request

Volume III - Auracle
Intentcity Records
Gregorian chants and mystical grooves from Lesiëm, a Berlin-based vocal group with over 50 years history.

Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar
Ruke - La Comédie Des Sens

Ista Slika (the same image)

Sjaj Sto Izdaje - "Shine that betrays" (IZDA-UU)
Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar is my first encounter with Croatian music. Listening to Darko Rundek's enunciation of Croatian lyrics bathes the listener in a new gene-pool of vocables and musically evokes feelings and emotions and bridge the listener to a people, far beyond the abstraction of the evening news. Listening to Darko Rundek & Gargo Orkestar is a wake-up experience.
World Beat Pick of the Month

Erik Marchand
Ar Foll
Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi/Accordes Croises
Twelve musicians, of diverse ethnicity, all whom are considered to be among the best musicians from their respective cultures, come together to create contemporary European fusion music.

Gypsy Flame New Flamenco - Vol II
Autumn Tints
Artist website: Javid Flamenco
Some excellent new flamenco compositions from San Diego based Flamenco Guitarist, Javid.

Jamie Bonk
My World
(title track) My World
If This Is Love
Bonk Productions

Jamie Bonk plays guitar in a range of styles, from jazz to flamenco. The song "My World" is jazz guitar tune that plays like a fresh ocean breeze. Jamie is also an expressive singer/songwriter... his song If this is Love is a good vibration and message beaming to you over the radio wave.


Summer Dreaming
Bolero Records
Artist website: Armik
The sounds of brilliant, driving rhythms of new compositions for the flamenco guitar...

Rough Guide / various artists
The Rough Guide to Mediterranean Café Music
North Africa meets Europe:coastal sounds

Grup Yorum:
Özgürlük Tutkusu (Turkey)
Over the past twenty years Grup Yorum have used music as a vehicle to focus attention on the plight of the Kurdish people.

Johannes Linstead
Earthscape Music
Artist website: Johannes Linstead
nouveau flamenco guitar style, Johannes is also a talented
multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, wood flute

Putumayo World Music
Women of Latin America
Jacqueline Fuentes: Sinuoso Trópico (Chile)
Putumayo Records

A collection of poignant songs performed by some of the most exceptional Latin divas.

Mariana Montalvo
Piel de Aceituna

Sud' Americano

Harmonia Mundi/World Village
Le Loup Du Faubourg
Chilean vocalist Mariana Montalvo has an extrordinarily emotive and expressive voice

Lisbeth Scott
Passionate Voice

Zone Records
Artist Website: Lisbeth Scott

Lisbeth Scott is the co-lyricist and vocalist on the sound track for "The Passion of the Christ." She can also be heard on the soundtracks of the Shrek movies. Her work with Paul Schwartz on the "State of Grace" still resonates somewhere in the back of my mind. Lisbeth is a very expressive singer and an insightful songwriter. The song titled "Grace," on her new cd "Passionate Voice," is my favorite. The throaty sounds of the Armenian duduk seem to penetrate to another level of being and suspend Lisbeth's vocals in an ethereal space.

Worlds Within

Electric Gypsy

Intentcity Records
The music of Oyebe Soul has been called afro-brazil-rock-house-hop

Richard Bone
The Reality Temple

Tales of the Pomegranate Forest

Artist website: Richard Bone
Tales of the Pomegranate Forest regales listeners with cosmic horns and Indian-inspired violin floating upon a sonic sea of electronica

Sri Chimnoy
The Blooms and Blossoms of My Heart-Garden
Rosewood Marimba
artists website: Sri Chimnoy
Sri Chimnoy is an acclaimed visionary composer, artist, poet, writer and lecturer who has performed in over 56 nations, during the past twenty years. This CD contains 59 recording all performed by Sri Chimnoy on 59 different instruments.

Eckart Seeber
Atlantis - a soundtrack to the ancient mystery

Song of Cleito

Inspired by myths and legends the artist researched ancient traces of Greek music theory and incorporated his findings in this homage to the lost continent of Atlantis.

Metropolitan Tribe
Davide Ravasio

Caravan Streets
Oreade/Xquisite Planet
Artist website: Armik
Italian multi-instrumentalist and composer Davide Ravasio explores a trance jazzy middle eastern groove...

Deep Forest
Essence of the Forest
Twosome (Marta et Katalin Version)
Epic Records

Sony Music

John McDowell
Speaking the Mama Tongue
Saba minea ba
Raven Recordings
Artist website: John McDowell & Mama

Oyebe Soul


Kriztal Entertainment
Artist website: Arsenal
The music of Oyebe Soul has been called afro-brazil-rock-house-hop

Sékou Bembeya Diabaté
Guitar Fö

Ikanam Minala
Discorama/ Harmonia Mundi
Sékou Diabaté is a master of the Mandingo guitar and co-founder of Guinea's Bembeya Jazz, in 1961.

Mory Kanté

artists website: Mory Kanté
Sabou is an all-acoustic release by legendary West African singer and kora player, Mory Kanté, the first African musician to sell a million singles with, Yéké Yéké, which topped the European charts in 1988.


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