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World Beat “Tsunami Relief” Radio Show
January 29, 2005

hosts: Mark R. Thomas & Ross Gersten

Links to over 60 American & Global Agencies, providing - Tsunami Relief

A musical tribute to those affected by the Dec. 26 tsunami, featuring indigenous music from countries hit by the killer wave. We will be hearing many motifs but whether ancient or modern, sacred or secular, from field recordings or the recording studio; it is music from many different streams, but all flowing to the Indian ocean...

Countries featured in tonight's program include India, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Sri Lanka
Paying Homage to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha
(“One Sound” Ellipsis Arts) Sri Lankan Buddhist monks engage in Parita chanting. A collection of Buddha’s discourses, it is chanted or recited on special occasions to dispel evil influences and promote health and other blessings.

"Vedic Chanting One and Two" ("Chants of India")
Two examples of Vedic chanting followed by a kriti (devotional song). The Rig Veda, Hinduism's oldest scripture, dates back 5,000 years. These recordings were arranged by Ravi Shankar and produced by George Harrison on the album, "Chants of India."

"Kriti: Sabhilu saptasvara." ("India: Jewels of the Subcontinent," Music of the World) Performed by Dr. N. Ramani, bansuri (bamboo flute), and Trichy Sankaran on mrdangam (horizontal barrel-shaped two-headed drum). One of the most popular kriti (Hindu gospel music) in south India. Carnatic music is less improvisational than North Indian music, but both rely on the same system of ragas and talas.

"Raga: Amruthavarshini," ("The Musical Splendour or India," Oriental Records) Performed by Dr. S. Balachander, accompanied by Karaikudi R. Mani on Mrindangam and Viikku Vinyagramon on Kghatam (clay pot) The oldest of the Indian classical stringed instruments, the veena is predominant in Carnatic music, sometimes played with a glass slide. it's also often featured in the hands of Saraswati, the Hindu deity of music and learning.

"Konnakkol" ("Global Voices: Traditional," Music of the World)
Performed by the Karnataka College of Percussion. Rapid-fire syllables used to orally teach tala in south Asia. As Indian musicians have never used written notation, this form of musical teaching goes back thousands of years in India

To the Fab Four From Liverpool ... A Tribute From India
Norwegian Wood
Madooo Records

Beatles covers with a distinctive Indian flavor by Madhukar Dhas, who is also known as Madooo.
A contemporary Indian take on the classic Beatles song that introduced the sitar and Indian music to Western pop music audiences.

The Most Unique BEATLES Tribute Album You'll Ever Hear! Your favorite songs by the BEATLES are here with an interesting Indian flavor.
Powerful vocals, tablas and sitars ring out loud throughout this album. Arranged and performed by MADOOO (Madhu Dhas).

Bangla Desh
"Sholagobe Patore Bhashe," ("Festival of India," Music of the World). The prominent voice of the Bauls, a wandering minstrel clan from Bangla Desh. The lyrics tell of strange doings in the world, such as heavy rocks floating on balsa wood.

"Kyo" (Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Southeast Asia) Performed by U Myint Maun and U Maun Then). A Burmese classical song, performed on harp, cymbals and clappers.

“Nang Hong Suite for Double Piphat Ensemble,“ ("A Taste of Asia,” Nimbus Records,. Performed by Fong Naam ("bubbles"). This is an example of traditional Thai funeral music, in which the upbeat music isn’t intended replace sorrow with mirth, but jolt the consciousness of the listener onto the Middle Path between joy and sorrow, an important concept in Buddhism.

"Homrong Sornthong," ("A Taste of Asia,” Nimbus Records, track 7, 8:17). Performed by the Prasit Thawon Ensemble. An arrangement of "Sathukarn," a sacred piece invoking God as the Lord of Music, and celebrating God with respect and holiness.

[End 1st hour]

“Mawled” “A Window on the World,” CD 3 (Asia), Inedit)
"Penheny," Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection
An example of Islamic chanting, followed by a field recording of a song about a spirit encounter in the rainforest, performed by Uda Tengah, with the sound of the ocean in the background.

Indonesia (Sumatra)
"Ratep Meusuekat," The Music of Islam, Celestial Harmonies Performed by the Pho Cut Nyak Dhin Ensemble. From a 15-CD set of Islamic music from around the world, this track was recorded in Aceh Province, ground zero for the tsunami.

Discover Indonesia,” (Smithsonian Folkways)
A xylophone duet of the Petalangan, a piece for amusement or to accompany dancing.
“Gondang Si Monang-monang
A tuned-drum ensemble piece, traditionally played to inspire bravery in warriors of the Toba people, it’s now played to honor army enlistees and also used in spirit-possession rituals.
“Tabuh Kenilu Sawik” Gong ensemble, a wedding tune among Melinting people, associated with a folk tale about a man who must complete 25 tasks before be allowed to marry the woman he desires.
"Padang Magek." Flute and voice, a traditional happy love song of the Minangkabau people, noted for the salaung flute, played with circular breathing to keep the stream of sound unbroken.

"A Window on the World (Asia)," (Inedit, tracks)
"Salawat dulang" and "Gondang Hasapi."
(I have no information on these tracks, but they're cool and they're from Sumatra, which should figure heavily in this program).

Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia
Music from the Nonesuch Explorer Series (Africa)
"Alto Bung'o Horn"
Originally on the album, "East Africa: Witchcraft & Ritual Music," the bung'o horn is part of healing tradition from Kenya. Music is often a part of indigenous healing practices. On the second track from Tanzania, a percussion duet fuels this song about an unfaithful woman who wanted other husbands.

Legends of East Africa
Orchestra Makassy - the original recordings
Mosese (Lingala) (Mose Fan Fan)
Athumani (Swahili) (Athurani Kindya)

ARC Music
This is the long-awaited re-release on CD of the original 1982 recordings of Orchestra Makassy's stellar album "Agwaya, plus two never before released tracks.

Real World's 10th anniversary CD, "10 Out of 10"
"Kipenda Roho," performed by Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila (Tanzania)
"Kufilaw," performed by Maryam Mursal (Somalia). Mursal is the most well-known Somali performer on the world-music scene.

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