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playlist for January 1, 2005
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Jenifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra
Ocean - Songs for the Night Sea Journey

Out on the Ocean / Rolling Waves
The Sands of Time
Sun Sign Records
Artist website: Jennifer Cutting
Seven years ago, Jennifer Cutting embarked on journey best described, in the works of Joseph Cambell, as the Night Sea Journey. She returned to her home port with the music of Ocean, Songs of the Night Journey.

One can't help but to think to the victims of the Asian Tsunami when listening to the "Sands of Time."
Next-up music to from "Non Profit Music" which Donates All Profits from Album Sales to Doctors Without Borders."

Gnomusy - David Caballero

Dolmen Ridge
Non Profit
"Non Profit Music Donates All Profits from Album Sales to Doctors Without Borders."
Doctors without Borders is an independent international medical relief organization, who were the first medical help to arrive in Ache after the December 26th Tsunami. As of January 1st, Doctors Without Borders has sent over 40 aid workers and 110 tons of relief materials to the region. Additional aid workers and relief cargos are en route and more will be deployed as needed.

Celtic new age music from Spain. David Caballero goes by Gnoumusy (the Gnome of Music) and plays a melodious blend of Andinian and Celtic elements recorded in his home studio in Spain.
Only New Age Music, Inc.

Weather in the Heart
Weather of the Heart
I&E Records
Artist website: Carmina
Music from Ireland by, Carmina, the Celtic contemporary singer songwriter duo: Rob King and Pippa Marland.

Bukkene Bruse
The Stone Chair
jerte (Lionheart)
100% Nyckelharpa music from the 2000 cd by the Nychelharpa Orchestra.
A riding march was played when the bridal party rode to the church. The fiddler rode first in the procession while playing the march.

Lo' Jo
Ce Soir Là
Señor Calaice
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
Artist website: Lo'
Lo'Jo is a band of French global troubadors, lead by the smokey voiced chanteur named Denis Pean. Paen has been compared to a barefoot and be-hatted Serge Gainsbourg. Ce Soir Lait was recorded on while tour in France and is their first live recording.

Various Artists
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
Global Village Orchestra: Globalistics
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
One of twelve songs by artists introduced on the November CD Sampler from Global Rhythm. On this tune Daby Toure

Blackmore’s Night
Christmas Eve

We Three Kings
Artist website: Blackmore's Night
New music from Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night

Some music for Three Kings Day, also known as The Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6th; the last of the twelve days of Christmas. Hot chocolate is traditionally served on Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes) in Mexico.

Lydia McCauley
The Moon of Wintertime
Gifts of the Magi
Brimstone Music
Lydia McCauley is a scholar of Appalachian Music, who has studied with some of the best musicians in the Appalachian region and carefully preserves these tradition in her own music.

Bill Leslie
Peaceful Journey - A Celebration of North Carolina
Wintry Walk
Bill Leslie composes melodies to celebrate his love of the scenic and diverse landscapes and communities of North Carolina. "Bells of Bath" is a hymn honoring St Thomas Church, the oldest existing church in North Carolina, a beautiful Episcopal parish located near the Pamlico River, in the historical village of Bath.

El McMeen
The Soul of Christmas Guitar
In the Bleak of Winter

artists website: El
Guitarist, Mel Bay author and guitar teacher, El McMeen has performed on over 20 cd's and says that it has taken him all this time to be able to capture the soulful sounds of Christmas on solo guitar.

Deep Sky Divers
The New Fast Lane
Lake of Mentieth
Any Robinhood
Artist website: Deep Sky
New music, contemporary instrumental music, from London, that celebrates those brief (and all too infrequent) moments of intense light sit back an' chill-out to the sound of the Deep Sky Divers
World Beat Pick of the Month

Artist website:
New music from Norway by Oystein Ramfjord

Mônica Salamaso

Menina, Amanhã de Manhã

World Village
Monica Salamaso sings one of her favorite song of Brazilian singer/songwriter Tom Zé.

Putumayo World Music
Music from the Chocolate Lands
Marcantonio: Sabia (Brazil)
Putumayo Records

Putumayo World Music
South Pacific Islands
Telek: Abebe (Papua New Guinea)
OK! Ryos: Nengone Nodegu (New Caledonia)
Putumayo Records

Roger Davidson & Susan Camp
Ancient Voyage
Undiscovered Island
Sound Brush Records

To the Fab Four From Liverpool ... A Tribute From India
Norwegian Wood
Madooo Records
Beatles covers with a distinctive Indian flavor by Madhukar Dhas, who is also known as Madooo.

Magic Sound Fabric
Freedom Star

We Are All Connected
"We Are All Connected" sounds like a message or mantra from intersellar reaches, file this under ambient dub/electronica

Gerald Primeaux, Sr.
A Tradition Continues...
Four Harmonized Peyote Songs
Canyon Records
Gerald Primeau , Sr. (Yankton Dakota) is a fifth generation member of the Primeau family of Peyote singers and songmakers. The soothing sound of harmonized peyote singing, with gourd and drums are sung as songs of prayer, honor and blessing and blended with the sounds of nature, to lead listeners on a journey of the spirit.

Omar Sosa
Otá Records
Artist website: Omar Sosa's bio
New music fom Cuban pianist and group with special guest, Paquito D'Rivera on the clarinet.

Someday, Peace Love & Freedom

The Beggar's Cup
artists website:
Nhojj grew up in Guyana, the son of an Adventist minister and started singing at the age of 5 in a small church not far from the ocean... fast forward 25 years and listen to this song from his second cd, "Someday Peace Love & Freedom." This is "The Beggar's Cup."

Legends of East Africa
Orchestra Makassy - the original recordings
Mosese (Lingala) (Mose Fan Fan)
Athumani (Swahili) (Athurani Kindya)

ARC Music
This is the long-awaited re-release on CD of the original 1982 recordings of Orchestra Makassy's stellar album "Agwaya, plus two never before released tracks.

Take out the Fences

Take out the Fences
Caveman Records
artists website: Yawo
We'll be hearing the title track of Minneapolis-based singer songwriter, Yawo, who hails from Togo West Africa and dedicates his new cd, "Take out the Fences," to peace-and-freedom-loving people around the world.

Gangbé Brass Band
Contre Jour
Artist website: Gangbé Brass Band
The ten members of the Gangé Brass Band use fat brass, assorted African percussion and call and response vocals to create an expansive soundspace.

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