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playlist for May 13, 2005
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

This evening we will explore world music deep tracks

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia
Turgun Alimatov & Alisher Alimatov: Fergana (Uzbekistan)
subtitle: Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan: sounds of the Silk Road.
March 05 World Beat Pick of the Month

Various Artists on Domo Records
Domo 10th Anniversary Collection
The Yoshida Brothers: Starting on a Journey

Domo Records

Tom Rossi
Salma Har
Moon Flower
Ajna Music
Artist website: Tom Rossi

Paris Combo
High, Low, In
Je ne sais qui fumer

DRG Records

Ojos de Brujo (eyes of the sorcerer)
Bari - Remezclas de la casa (remixes from Bari)

Tiempo de Drumba
Harmonia Mundi/World Village
"Recipients of 2004 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music"
This is a remix of the 2004 hit cd "Bari"
Ojo de Brujo fuses the driving rhythms of flamenco with hip-hip, funk, punk and other stray sounds from the streets of Barcelona.

Warsaw Village Band

In the Forest
When Johnny Went to Fight in the War

World Village/ Harmonia Mundi
The Warsaw Village Band is composed of six young musicians who have discovered the magic of ancient singing styles and instruments, including the Polish fiddle from the 16th century called the Suka. They have branded their passionate music as "hardcore folk."

Raquy & the Cavemen
Gravosko (traditional Bulgarian, arranged by Liron)
Meef Records
Artist website: Raquy
Middle Eastern music extraordinaire Raquy and hard rock musician Liron Peled are backed by a band of Arab and Israeli musicians and create powerful new Middle Eastern music, with an emphasis on Arabic drumming.

Global Rhythm
World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
Matisyahu: Exaltation
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
The cover story of "Global Rhythm" magazine May 2005 vol. is titled, "Matisyahu's Mitzvah - The Inspirational Journey of a Hasidic Reggae Superstar." You can also read articles about the Charanga Cakewalk project and the Klezmatics new release, "Brother Moses Smote the Water.

Paul Avgerinos
Phos Hilaron
Phos Hilaron
Artist website:
Phos Hilaron "Gracious Blessing, Gladening Light" is one of the oldest known Christian Hymns and was sung in the catacombs in the second century.

Putumayo World Music
Greece - A Musical Voyage
George Dalaras: Sou Axize Mia Kaleteri Agalia
Putumayo Records
Music from the legends and rising stars of the Greek popular song revival. George Dalaras is among those, on the record, who fit into the former category.

"On May 9th the Russians and peoples of the former Soviet Union celebrated the 60th anniversary of Victory Day. The day Berlin was taken by Soviet forces in May of 1945. This day ended the 4-year long Great Patriotic War against the forces of Hitler's Third Reich. A war that took tens of millions of Soviet lives, and left most of the country in ruin."

Two Siberians
Out of Nowhere
New Russian

Artist website: Two Siberians
New music from the tundras of Siberia by Yuru Matveyev on electric guitar and Artyom Yakushenko on electric violin.

Electroshock Presents
Yney: Flight Over Continent
Electroshock Records
Electronic music from Artemiy Artemiev & Electroshock Records

Charanga Cakewalk
Loteria DeLa Cumbia Lounge
Tu Y Yo

Artemis Records/Triloka
Artist website: Charanga Cakewalk
World Beat Pick of the Month
This music is addictive, I've listened to it time after time.

Mystic Canyon
Distant Spirits
Soulfood Music
A soundscape for mental travels through landscapes, from the Badlands of South Dakota to the desert southwest.

Six Degrees Records
Vocalist Azam Ali sings in the Persian language, Farsi and also in Urdu, a language of Pakistan. These songs recount mystical lyrics of the Sufi Poets set in a fusion of Ancient instruments, rhythms and tonalities with modern electronic sounds. The music of Niyaz ushers in new artistic possibilities for Iranian music.

Emeline Michel
Raisin Kreyol
Lò'M Kanpe
Times Square Records
Artist website: Emeline-Michel
EMELINE MICHEL is the reigning Queen of Haitian Song. She's a versatile vocalist and one of the premier Haitian songwriters of her generation. During the past two decades, she has recorded eight albums and appeared on concert stages throughout the Caribbean, Europe, North & South America. Singing both in French and Haitian Creole.

Eva Ayllon
Eva! Leyenda Peruana
Negra Presuntuosa (lando)
Times Square Records
The most popular Puruvian singer.

The Rough Guide
The Rough Guide to Bottleneck Blues
Blind Willie Johnson: God Moves on the Water

Debashish Bhattacharya
Calcutta Slide-Guitar
Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya is one of the world's most remarkable slide guitarists. This album represents a lifetime of intensive study. Played on instruments designed by Debashish himself.

Putumayo World Music
North African Groove
Samira Saeid: Aal Eah (Morocco)
Cheb Jilani: Bahebbak (Libya)
Putumayo Records
Most of North Africa including parts of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt, is known as the Maghreb and while it is geographically a part of Africa, it is generally included in the Middle East.

Putumayo World Music
Ramatou Diakité: Gembi
Putumayo Records
Discover the captivating music of this ancient West African land.

Marcus James
Mone/Jump Up and Fly
Firenze Records
New music from Marcus James, recorded in Timbuktu, Mali.

Hugh Masekela
Heads Up
Ground-breaking ande legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela is back on the charts.


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