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playlist for November 5, 2005
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Áine Minogue
Celtic Lamentations
"Healing Music for Twelve Months and a day"

Caoineaqdh Na Dtri Muire
Oran Nhor Mhic Leoid
Music for coming to terms with loss and finding new beginnings.
Sounds True

Putumayo World Music
Celtic Crossing
Sinead O'Connor: Her Mantle So Green
Putumayo Records
Some laid-back, contemporary Celtic music at the crossroads.

Mystic Harmony
Kindle a Flame

{quiet Letters}
wish you were there

Artist website: Bliss
Bliss is an international chill-out pop music collective from Denmark, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau, West Africa and release their material on the Danish label, "music for dreams."

Putumayo Kids
French Playground
Alain Schneider: Chatouiller le Ciel Avec Toi
Pascal Parisot: Wonderful
Putumayo Records
Putumayo Kids Presents some fun music from France for the "kid" in all of us...

Putumayo World Music
Latin Lounge
Bebe: Siempre Me Quedará
Putumayo Records
Latin Lounge explores the nacent trend in Latin music as electronica and remixing meet and mingle traditional rhythms in a contemporary global context.

Eric TingstaD
Wine-Tasting Music Series - A Trip Though Tuscany
Oh Marie

Gallery Records
Artist website:
The sixth release in the "Wine Tasting Series" is collection of some of the most romantic Italian songs ever written, poignantly arranged for guitar, accordian, mandolin, oboe, English horn, piano and strings.

On Ensemble
Dust and Sand
Someday Six
The On Ensemble (Ohn) is a contemporary taiko (Japanese Drum) group that merges their study of traditional Japanese music and dance.
* Licensed under "Creative Commons" *
On Ensemble states, "sharing is a good thing!"
This is the first recording that I've come across, in my musical explorations, that has been released under the Creative Commons license. This allows individuals to copy and distribute any song on this particular cd, for non-commercial purposes.
(e-mail questions concerning the Creative Commons license to:

Andre Feriante
Bohemian Boulevard
Loves Farewell
Artist website: Andre Feriante
Seattle-based, Italian born Feriante is a Segovia-trained Guitar master. His improvisational style blends Flamenco, Classical and Brazilian styles.

Craig Einhorn
"South American Music for the Spanish guitar"

Sons de Carrilhoes (choro maxixe) João Permambuco
Milonguea del Ayer (choro ) Abel Fleury

Unicorn Productions
A Choro (also chorinho, or chorão) is a Brazilian music form of urban popular music since its emergence in the late 19th century. These tunes are contemporary with and have similarity to ragtime. Both derive from European dance forms.

Street Beat Records
Diva Brazil
Cresce Lentamente : Riovolt

Street Beat records
Diva Brazil is a collection of Brazilian vocalists, from around the world, singing in styles that range from traditional samba and bossa nova to acoustic jazz fusion and electronica.

Gustavo Santaolalla
Ron Roco

Palm Records
A 1998 recording on Nonesuch Records that continues to musically haunt my imagination with ephemeral sound bytes on NPR. Its a recording that I am inspired to listen to a few times a year.

I bring it to you this evening as an introduction to the soundtrack of the movie "North Country" on which you will hear tantalizing traces of Argentinian musician, Gustavo Santaolalla in the background which move to the front during the emotionally intense courtroom scene.

Sonny Lim
Slack Key Guitar
THe Artistry of Sonny Lim

Palm Records
Sonny Lim performed on the Grammy Award winning Best Hawaiian Music Album but this is his first solo project.

Papua New Gunea Stringbands with Bob Brozman
Songs of the Volcano
Warikai Iau Nuk Pau Atalaigu
World renowned guitarist Bob Brozman travelled to Papua New Guinea, one of the last places on earth to have guitars arrive. There he hooked-up with some string bands, in the town of Rabaul , twice destroyed, in one century, by the nearby volcano.

Ginko Garden
Faith, Hope & Love
Faithful Leaf

Sequoia Records
Seva Foundation "receives a portion of the proceeds"
The Ginko Tree, known as a symbol of hope and love, is the music muse of the European fusion group, Ginko Garden.

Ravi Shankar
The Essential Ravi Shankar
An Introduction to Indian Music
Raga Miniature

Columbia, Private Music, Legacy, SonyBMG

Reiki - Whale Dreaming
Raga for a Whale
New Earth Records

Reiki (rey-key) Whale Dreaming is healing and meditation music that includes songs of the humpback whales recorded at a depth of 1500 ft by Frank Watlington, a sound pioneer who captured what is considered to be the greatest of all humpback whale performances.

Rough Guides
The Rough Guide to the Music of Madagascar
Vakoka: Era
subtitle: valiha & marovany - the real soundtrack to the world's fourth largest island, Madagascar

The Ripple Effect
Worldwide Funk

Band-leader, composer and drummer, Jack DeJohnette teams-up with Foday Musu Suso, an interationally recognized kora player/griot plays the 21 stringed West African instrument) Susu grew up as a singer in the griot tradition, functioning as a walking library, retelling stories and oral history.

Soul Tezeta
Buda Musique
Music recorded live in Addis Ababa, during the Ethiopinan Music Festival (January 21, 2004)

Örjan Hultén Trio/Fakir Karlsson
Turkish 9/8
Artogrush Music

Amadou & Mariam
Dimanche À BamakO
Produced by & with Manu Chao

M'bifé Balaphon
Camions Sauvages

Artist website:


Amadou and Mariam, the blind couple from Mali have fused their talents with the trance-like stream-of-consciousness style of Manu Chao to produce a truly intoxicating soundscape.
World Beat Pick of the Month

Live at Stubb's
Lord Raise Me Up
JDUB Records
Artist website:
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
The cover story of "Global Rhythm" magazine May 2005 vol. was titled, "Matisyahu's Mitzvah - The Inspirational Journey of a Hasidic Reggae Superstar."
- On Tour -

Tue/Nov-15 Minneapolis, MN The Cabooze

Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gadir Salim

Listen to Emmanuel Jal's interview with Terry Gross on NPR, Fresh Air

subtitle: Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier from war-torn Sudan, is one of the hottest rappers to explode out of the African music scene. The title of his new cd is "Ceasefire."

10 FT Ganga Plant
Bass Chalice
To Each featuring The Meditations

Dr. Israel
Patterns of War
Dread Inna Babylon

Ex-Centric Sound System
West Nile Funk
El Buzz
The African Bee

In the Pocket Records
Ex-Centric Sound System blends African, Latin and Carribean rhythms into a funky dub that may be called African House music.


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