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playlist for December 10, 2005
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Ann Roos
Mermaids & Mariners
The Mermaids Tears

Artist website:
Ann Roos on Celtic harp, in an ensemble including; Dorothy Hawkinson - fiddle, Alan Fuller - guitar, Michael Frost - viola, & Riggy Rackin, on concertina.

Putumayo World Music
Celtic Crossing
Emer Kenny: Parting Glass (Ireland)
Putumayo Records
Some laid-back, contemporary Celtic music at the crossroads.

Emerald Rose
Archives of ages to Come
Queen of Argyll
Artist website:
Contemporary Celtic music from Emerald Rose, of Georgia.

Les Chansons de la nouvelle scene francais
le pop 3

Stefie Shock: Un Homme a la Mer (Quebec, from "Le Décor)
Frederique Dastrevigne: Les Copin D'abord(France)
Artist website:
World Beat Pick of the Month
Le Pop Musik

Gianmaria Testa
Per accompagnarti
Il viaggio
Artist website:
Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi

Eliseo Parra
De Ayer Mañana
( title track )
Artist website:

World Village/Harmonia Mundi
Eliseo Parra studies the folklore and tradition of the Iberian Peninsula cultures, especially those that have been nearly lost and remain only in the hands of a few.. This song is a baile corrido, traditionally performed on pipe and drums or sung by women accompanying themselves on tambourines. It is one of the oldest from the La Maragata region of Leon.

Los Reyes: Gypsy Legends
Gipsy Christmas

Slowly Snow is Falling
(Suavemente cae la nieve)
Blanca Navidad
(White Christmas)
Artist website:

Mirko Kodich
(A tribute to one of the greatest Serbian Accordianists)
Artist website:

World Village/Harmonia Mundi
The genuine sounds of Balkan Gypsy Klezmer.

Andre Feriante
Juliet of the Snow
Artist website: Andre Feriante
Seattle-based, Italian born Feriante is a Segovia-trained Guitar master. His improvisational style blends Flamenco, Classical and Brazilian styles.

Windham Hill
A Quiet Revolution - 30 Years of Windham Hill

Keola Beamer:
Põ Mahina
Windham Hill Records
A double cd set celebrating thirty years of acoustic music from Windham Hills.

Trio Mocotó
Beleza, Beleza, Beleza
Ziriguidum featuring Barão

Artist website:
Crammed Discs

DJ Dolores
De Dar Dó

Artist website:
Crammed Discs
New music from the north of Brazil.

Jake Shimabukuro
Me & Shirley T.

Hitchhike Records
Artist website:
Jake Shimabukuro is a modern master of the humble ukulele. Hearing the big sounds from this diminutive instrument, at the center of lush instrumental arrangements provides a case for the ukulele as an important world music instrument. Jake plays Kamaka Ukuleles and uses D'Addario strings.

Twelve Girls Band
Twelve Girls of Christmas
Koibito Ga Santa Claus
Shiroi Kobito Tachi

Twelve Girls Band
A lovely double cd set. containing (for some reason the Twelve Girl Band appears, by all counts, to have thirteen female instrumentalists - perhaps a bit of Chinese humor.

Two Siberians
Out of Nowhere
On the Tundra
Artist website: Two Siberians
New music from the tundras of Siberia by Yuru Matveyev on electric guitar and Artyom Yakushenko on electric violin.

To the Fab Four From Liverpool ... A Tribute From India
The John Lennon Tribute
(medley Imagine/Watchin the Wheels/Give Peace a Chance)
Madooo Records
A stirring Tribute to John Lennon 25 years after his passing from this world.

The Most Unique BEATLES Tribute Album You'll Ever Hear! Your favorite BEATLES songs with an Indian flavor. Arranged and performed by MADOOO (Madhu Dhas).

Putumayo World Music
Asian Lounge
Bali Lounge: Angels of the Island
Putumayo Records
Asian Lounge is a collection of cross-cultural fusions and laid-back beats inspired by the musical traditions of Asia.

An Anthology of Songs from Popular Indian Cinema
Chinna Chinna Asai (Minmini - from the film: Raja)

Silva Screen Records
A two cd set of historical Bollywood movie soundtracks from Silva Screen Records

Mul Sheshe (The Turbaned One)
World Village/Harmonia Mundi
A mixture of old and new music of the Algerian Berber community, recorded in exile in North East London
Artist website:

Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gadir Salim

Listen to Emmanuel Jal's interview with Terry Gross on NPR, Fresh Air

subtitle: Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier from war-torn Sudan, is one of the hottest rappers to explode out of the African music scene. The title of his new cd is "Ceasefire."

Amadou & Mariam
Dimanche À BamakO
Produced by & with Manu Chao

Sénégal Fast Food
Politic Amagni
Artist website:
Amadou and Mariam, from Mali, have fused their talents with the kenetic trance-like style of producer/and fellow singer, Manu Chao, to create an intoxicating soundscape.

10 FT Ganga Plant
Bass Chalice
Your Voice

Dr. Israel
Patterns of War
Dread Inna Babylon

Khadja Nin
Mondo Melodia
The American debut recording Khadja, a of native Burundi, singing in French and Swahili and Kirundi.


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