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playlist for July 8, 2006
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Pure Nightnoise

The 19A

Windham Hill Records
Music from one of the cds included in a new retrospective collection from Windham Hill. Other artists included in the "PURE" series include Shadowfax, Mark Isham, Tuck & Patti, Will Ackerman, Alex de Grassi, John Gorka and Jim Brickman, Also Michael Hedges & Liz Story who performed in concert at Minnesota State, Mankato during the heyday of Windham Hill's - Quiet Revolution.

The Echoes Livingroom Concerts Vol. 10

Kila: Baroki
Music from volume 10 of the Echoes Livingroom Concerts. This is the Irish group, Kila, from their album "Luna Park," on Harmonia Mundi

Dog Daze (fullbloods & hybrids from Greater Transylvania)
Flambée Montalbanaise
Arhoolie Productions
Artist website:
Csókolom is a string quartet whose mission is to make sounds from another time, sound timeless. They play Hungarian and Gipsy fiddle music and songs. "Dog Daze" is their third album. I first heard their music on the soundtrack of the movie. "Everything is Illuminated."

Niña Pastori
Joyas Prestadas
Vivir sin aire
Hoy igual que ayer
Sony BMG Entertainment España

Club de fans: Niña Pastori
Nina Pastori is a new voice form Spain with flamenco training and a pop sensibility...

Tabitha Lebec
Back to Innocence

Artist website: Tabitha Lebec
New music from New Zealand-based musician, Tabitha Lebec.

Deeper Blue
title track
Palm Records
The three members of the Hawaiian group, Kohala form a Big Island acoustic guitar trio. They are known for their contemporay approach to the Hawaiian guitar tradition.

Habana Abierta
Boomerang (Lahabana, Madrid, Miami)
Bailala Bien
Son iguales

Calle54 Records
A Latin hybrid recognizing the cross pollination of musical influences; from Lahabana, to Miami, and back to Madrid.

Rebecca Mauleon
Descarga En California
Pimienta Records
Artist website:

Evanitos Verdes
Pescado Original


Universal Salsa Musica
Artist website:
Rock music from Argentina, by the band Evanitos Verdes.

Putumayo World Music
Music from the Wine Lands

Melingo: Sin Luna (Argentina)
Vicky Moscholiou: O Cafes (Greece)
Putumayo Records
Wine Lands e-card
"Music of the Wine Lands" features songs from the world's leading wine producing regions including; France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, the US, and Australia

Nicholas Gunn
Beyond Grand Canyon
title track
Gemini Sun Records
A beautiful musical production from Nicholas Gunn, that includes a companion Audio-Visual DVD featuring elegant photographs of the Grand Canyon.

Following are selections from Canyon Records three new releases

Blue Stone
The Blue Stone Project

Heart Beat, with John Densmore
Canyon Records
Artist website:
Rock-oriented Native AmericanNative music by award winning guitarist and flutist Aaron White, guitar/bass Gary Rasmussen, and drummer Ed Michaels. This track accompanied by the poetry and voice of John Densmore, of the Doors.

David Nighteagle
Torn from the Heart, The Journey
Torn from the Heart
Canyon Records
Artist website:
David Nigheeagle, draws upon his Lakota heritage and perspective to describe the gritty reality of the Native American experience over the past five centuries..

Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman
Heart of the Wind
The Hunters Return
Canyon Records
Music for the Native American Flute and drum. Award wining artists Robert Tree Cody and Will Clipman bring together two quintessential primal instruments; flute and drum to evoke the pulsing rhythms of the human heart.

Memories of the Elder
Artist website:
AeTopus is
electronic music composer/producer Bryan Tewell Hughes.

Art Turner
Fire in the Bones
Red Tail Records
Artist website: Art Turner
New acoustic guitar music from Art Turner.

Banco de Gaia
Farewell Ferengistan
Flow My Dreams, The Android Wept
A song based on science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick's favorite piece of music, a 16th century aire titled, "Flow My Tears," by English Composer, John Dowland.

Frank Harris
From the Cave
Frank Harris

Tempting the Muse

Sky Chill
Some dreamlike music embracing sensual female vocals in Gregorian chant and techno rhythms... in the spirt of their predecessors: Enigma, Delerium, and Dead Can Dance.

Think of One
Ryko Disc

The group, Think of One, emerged from a squatters camp in Antwerp Belgium. They are a motley band who play horns with a punk attitude and sing with Brazilian sensibility. Their new release "Trafico"is on the Brazilian Record label, Crammed Discs. It was recorded with the help of four Brazilian collaborators in the town of Recife, in Northeastern Brazil.

Rita Lee
bossa'n beatles

Minha Vida (In My Life)
Ghordo Music
Rita Lee grew-up in Brazil, living and breathing the music of the Beatles. Her new cd features Beatles songs, with a Brazilian flavor. It also contains three bonus tracks, sung in Portuguese.

Cheb i Sabbah
La Ghriba

Toura Toura: The Nav Deep Remix
Six Degrees Records
La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed. Algerian born Cheb i Sabbah returned to his North African Roots and collaborated with a wide variety of North African singers to create a contemporary sound rich with folklore, the sounds of authentic trance music ceremonies..

New music, produced in a castle in the North of England.

Dan Treanor & African Wind
African Tale
Artist website:
Joined by his band African Wind and Rex Peoples, Dan Treanor reveals a musical landscape rich with African grooves, Delta soul, and rhythm an' blues. We will hear an African folktale of the trickster, the animals and the people.

Stella Chiweshe
Double Check
Nudzinu Dzoka (Spirit come back)
A double cd from Zimbabwe's Mbira Queen. Disc 1 features her trance hits & Disc 2 her classic hits.


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