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playlist for August 12, 2006
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
King Raven vol. 1
Elder World
Celtic music inspired by the first volume of Stephen R. Lawhead's "Hood" - Book One of the King Raven Trilogy.

Smithfield Fair
Walking Through This World

One Fine Summer Evening
Stevenson Productions
Artist website: Smithfield Fair
New music from Lousiana-based Smithfield Fair, whose
active touring schedule includes a wide variety of concerts, folk and Scottish/Celtic music festivals. Smithfield Fair have shared the stage with Celtic musicians including Andy M. Stewart, Battlefield Band, Eileen Ivers, Robbie O'Connell, Johnny Cunningham, The Tannahill Weavers, Alasdair Fraser, and Archie Fisher.

Bill Bulinski
Bare Naked Guitar

Hungarian Malady
Acoustic guitar music from Bill Bulinski, recorded at an Earth-friendly, solar and wind-powered, studio near Ely, MN.

Eliane Elias
Around the City

RCA Victor
Artist website:
Eliane Elias is Brazil-born but is based in New York. Her discocraphy includes about twenty albums and her awards are many. Judging from her tour schedule, she has a following around the world that includes: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Japan, Russia, and Turkey.

Niña Pastori
Joyas Prestadas
Vivir sin aire
Sony BMG Entertainment España

Club de fans: Niña Pastori
Niña Pastori is a new voice form Spain with flamenco training and a pop sensibility...

Antonio Restucci
Crisol (title track)
Petroglyph Records
New music from Santiago Chile native, Antonio Restucci. He melds the music of South America, with music of the Middle East, Spain, and India. The title of the cd, "Crisol" is Spanish, it refers to crucibles used to melt precious metals...


A Rede

Six Degrees Records
Artist website: Lenine
Lenine is a singer/songwriter at the forefront of contemporary Brazilian music.

Francesca Ancarola
Sons of the Same Sun
Primera Luz

Petroglyph Records
Artist website: Francesca Ancarola
The American debut of Chilean singer, Francesca Ancarola.

Manu Chao
Eldorado 1997
Artist website: ManuChao
Some vintage Manu Chao to spice-up the evening.


Una Linea de Luz

Nettwerk Records
Artist website:
Rock music from The band Kinky is from the hot dry city of Monterrey Mexico, but recorded "Reina" in the midst of a torrential downpour in Southern California during which their hill-side studio was struck by a landslide and awash with mud. Their music reflects some of the chaos of the times.

Kat Parra
Birds in Flight
Birds in Flight (Salsa Timba)
JazzMa Productions
Artist website: Kat Parra
Singer/songwriter Kat Parra won 5th place in the Latin Jazz category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with her song, "Birds in Flight."

Putumayo World Music
Blues Around the World

Long-ge: Playing Mahjong (Taiwan)
Putumayo Records
"Blues from Around the World" includes tracks from Spain, Argentina, Mauritania, Taiwan, Brazil, Mali, of course; the USA, and this blues track from Taiwan.

Nicholas Gunn
Beyond Grand Canyon
Jurassic Point
Gemini Sun Records
A beautiful musical production from Nicholas Gunn, that includes a companion Audio-Visual DVD featuring elegant photographs of the Grand Canyon.

Various Artists
Echoes of Tuvalu
Thomas Bakas: Madrecita
New Vibes Media
New music dedicated to raising awareness of Global Warming. Tuvalu is a chain of islands in the South Pacific. It is among the first landmass to begin slipping beneath the waves as tides rise around the world due to melting glaciers and the polar icecaps...

Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman
Heart of the Wind
Turtle Island Waltz
Canyon Records
Music for the Native American Flute and drum. Award wining artists Robert Tree Cody and Will Clipman bring together two quintessential primal instruments; flute and drum to evoke the pulsing rhythms of the human heart.

Banco de Gaia
Farewell Ferengistan
White Man's Burden
notes from Toby Marks, under the pseudonym Banco de Gaia, has spent most of his career focusing on issues that he finds bewildering by expressing his thoughts and observations through music. He wrote his critically acclaimed 1995 album Last Train To Lhasa to highlight the plight of the Tibetan people and successfully mixed electronica with a braver vision. Farewell Ferengistan captures the spirit and mood of Last Train To Lhasa but this time Banco de Gaia's concerns are much closer to home: what are we doing to ourselves? Where is our materialism taking us, would it not be wise to consider our position?
World Beat Pick of the Month

Vida tras vida
Riddim from a Vrindavan town

Universal Music Spain
An album recorded in Spain, full of diverse influences including hip-hop, reggae, salsa and electric sitar — its music for the global village...
Artist website: Dhira

Lolli Zan
Ancient Girl
Ancient Girl (title track)
Hymn Hum Records
A new EP cd from a group out of India.

Shiva Rea
Duality: Tumbara
Sounds True
A new collection of yoga and massage music compiled by Shiva Rea. The music is the massage...
Artist website: Shiva Rea

Azam Ali
Elysium for the Brave
From Heaven to Dust

Six Degrees Records
Artist website: Azam Ali
Azam was born in Iran but grew up in India from the age of four to fifteen. Azam studied the santour, a hammer-dulcimer like instrument, for five years with Persian master Manoocher Sadeghi.

Cheb i Sabbah
La Ghriba

Toura Toura: The Nav Deep End Remix
Six Degrees Records
La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed. Algerian born Cheb i Sabbah returned to his North African Roots and collaborated with a wide variety of North African singers to create a contemporary sound rich with folklore, the sounds of authentic trance music ceremonies..


New music from the one-and-only Hassidic Reggae Superstar, Matisyahu

John Adorney, featuring Daya
Trees of Gold
John Adorney with vocals by Daya and Marcel Adjibi.

Global Rhythm - March 06
Thomas Mapfumo: Hende Baba (Let's Go Father)
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
This months issue features Os Mutantes - The Comeback of Brazil's Tropicalia Gods. Also featured are Lenine, Cheikh Lo and Tanya Stephens.
Artists website:


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