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playlist for August 5, 2006
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
King Raven vol. 1
Elder World
Celtic music inspired by the first volume of Stephen R. Lawhead's "Hood" - Book One of the King Raven Trilogy.

Putumayo World Music
Blues Around the World

The Unseen Guest: Listen My Son (Ireland/India)
Putumayo Records
"Blues from Around the World" includes tracks from Spain, Argentina, Mauritania, Taiwan, Brazil, Mali, of course; the USA, and this track from Ireland/India.

The Echoes Livingroom Concerts Vol. 10

Moya Brennan: Bí Liom
Music from Echoes Livingroom Concerts.
Artist website:

Dog Daze (fullbloods & hybrids from Greater Transylvania)
Eastern Comfort
Arhoolie Productions
Artist website:
Csókolom is a string quartet whose mission is to make sounds from another time, sound timeless. They play Hungarian and Gipsy fiddle music and songs. "Dog Daze" is their third album. I first heard their music on the soundtrack of the movie. "Everything is Illuminated."

Niña Pastori
Joyas Prestadas
Vivir sin aire
Pájaros de barro
Sony BMG Entertainment España

Club de fans: Niña Pastori
Nina Pastori is a new voice form Spain with flamenco training and a pop sensibility...

Antonio Restucci
Crisol (title track)
Petroglyph Records
Artist website: Antonio Restucci
Antonio Restucci is a guitar and mandolin virtuoso from Santiago Chile. Crisol is the Spanish word for the crucibles used to melt precious metals...

Francesca Ancarola
Sons of the Same Sun

Petroglyph Records
Artist website: Francesca Ancarola
The debut album of Chilean singer Francesca Ancarola.

Putumayo World Music
Music from the Wine Lands

Maria Montalvo: Hombre Pequnito (Chile)
Putumayo Records
Wine Lands e-card
"Music of the Wine Lands" features songs from the world's leading wine producing regions including; France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, the US, and Australia

Deeper Blue
Kohala Summer
Palm Records
The three members of the Hawaiian group, Kohala form a Big Island acoustic guitar trio. They are known for their contemporay approach to the Hawaiian guitar tradition.

Gogol Bordello
Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony
Through the Roof 'n' Underground

Artist website:

In search of Gogol Bordello roots
Gogol Bordello mixes punk, ska, jazz, and the traditional Roma music of Ukraine, where band leader Eugene Hütz grew up.
Hütz also acts and can be seen staring, as the Ukranian translator, alongside Elijah Woods, in the movie "Everything is Illuminated."

Gogol Bordello
Pypsy Punk - Underdog Worldstrike

Artist website:


New music from the one-and-only Hassidic Reggae Superstar, Matisyahu

Cheb i Sabbah
La Ghriba

Im Ninalou: The Groovio Deep End Remix
Six Degrees Records
La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed. Algerian born Cheb i Sabbah returned to his North African Roots and collaborated with a wide variety of North African singers to create a contemporary sound rich with folklore, the sounds of authentic trance music ceremonies.

Azam Ali
Elysium for the Brave

Six Degrees Records
Artist website: Azam Ali
Azam was born in Iran but grew up in India from the age of four to fifteen. Azam studied the santour, a hammer-dulcimer like instrument, for five years with Persian master Manoocher Sadeghi.

Shiva Rea
Niraj Chag : Nomad
Sounds True
Compiled by Shiva Rea, JalaŚwater, is yoga and meditation music, from around the world.

The Living Road
Con Toda Palabra
Artist website: Lhasa De Sela
A song, en espanol, invoking an eerie mode of mystery and wonder. Lhasa De Sela also sings in French and English, on "The Living Road."

O Marco Marciano
Six Degrees Records
Six Degrees Records culled tracks from three of Lenine's Brazilian solo albums to create his self-titled, American debut.

Hotel Tara
The Intimate Side of Buddha Lounge

Steve Gordon: Vermillion Passage
An electronica chill-out set featuring entrancing rhythms and sensuous vocals from some of the world's best mixologists.

Following are selections from Canyon Records three new releases

Blue Stone
The Blue Stone Project

Moonlight Shadows
Canyon Records
Artist website:
Rock-oriented Native AmericanNative music by award winning guitarist and flutist Aaron White, guitar/bass Gary Rasmussen, and drummer Ed Michaels.

Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman
Heart of the Wind
Lightning over Sonora
Canyon Records
Music for the Native American Flute and drum. Award wining artists Robert Tree Cody and Will Clipman bring together two quintessential primal instruments; flute and drum to evoke the pulsing rhythms of the human heart.

Banco de Gaia
Farewell Ferengistan
We All Know the Truth (You Have God)
Banco de Gaia features singer Maya Preece on a song originally recorded by the group, Dragonfly on the CD, "The Ridgeway." Dedicated, this evening; to my daughter, Emily, on the ocassion of her June 29th wedding. I think of her each time I listen to this song.
World Beat Pick of the Month

John Adorney, featuring Daya
Trees of Gold
Music and lyrics by John Adorney, vocals by Daya. Yilowe also features Marcel Adjibe

Khadja Nin
Mondo Melodia
A powerful song of spirit, by Khadja Nin. A tune that my recently deceased niece, Nancy and I enjoyed o many ocassions.


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