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playlist for February 10, 2007
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Music from the Global Rhythms sampler
Chieftains: Boil the Breakfast Early (from The Essential Chieftains)
W e begin this evening with a couple of tunes from
the Global Rhythms sampler. The first by a group that had its beginnings in 1962; The Chieftains celebrate 45 years together with Paddy Maloney, still at the helm. Their new double cd features 18 classic Chieftain tunes and Disc 2 includes 17 all-star duets with the likes of Sting, Elvis Costello, Sinead O'Connor and many more. This is a "Boil the Breakfast Early."

The Chieftains begin a US tour later this month and will be playing Minneapolis, on March 7th.
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
Madoo: Norwegian Wood

To the Fab Four From Liverpool ... A Tribute From India
Madooo Records

Beatles covers with a distinctive Indian flavor by Madhukar Dhas, who is also known as Madooo.
A contemporary Indian take on the classic Beatles song that introduced the sitar and Indian music to Western pop music audiences.

Loreena McKennitt
An Ancient Muse
The English Ladye and the Knight
Artist website: Loreena McKennitt
Verve Records
Lorenna McKennitt's preparation for "An Ancient Muse" included travels to the inner reaches of Mongolia and meetings with the Uighur people of North West China, who are said to be the predecessors of the Celts. She is accompanied by musicians from around the world from Greece, and Turkey to Norway

Evren Ozan

Ozan Music
Evern Ozan is a young Native American flute player with musical skills and heart & spirt far beyond his years.

Pokito a Poko
Mi Primo Jaun
Te La Creio Tu
World Beat Pick of the Month
The third release by Chambao is an incredible fusion of flamenco and hip hop sensibilities. The included DVD takes the viewer to all-night revelry on a remote stretch of sand dunes, presumably some where in the south of Spain.

Monjes Budistas
Sakya Tashi Ling
(mantra de Mahakala Negro)

Vale Music
Artist website: Monjes Budistas
Music from the Sakya Tashi Ling Buddhist Monastery, in Spain.

Ten Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery

Sacred Tibetan Chants from the Great Prayer Festival
Until Supreme Illumination
Drepung Loseling Institute
International Campaign for Tibet
Artist website: Mystical Arts of Tibet
Members of Mankato's academic community were treated to a unique introspective opportunity, this week, right in our campus living room. I was one of many who returned to time-and-again from Monday morning through the closing ceremony, a ceremony on Thursday evening. We watches as the Tibetan sand mandala, as it unfolded grain-by-grain of colored sand. The Lamas of Drepung Loseling Monastery are dedicated to the study and preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition of Wisdom and Compassion. Their artistic creation will be permanently etched in my mind as defining the nature of impermanence... an insight that will grow more valuable, with each passing day... and in this moment of history, an important consideration, in the face of global climate change. Witnessing the construction of the sand mandala and attending its ceremonial destruction has awakened my mind to a greater awareness of the impermanent nature of all things and warmed my heart to be in the presence of Tibetan Lamas practicing their art of compassion and loving kindness ...

View the closing ceremony @ Mankato Free Press

Daniel Bouliane
Enfant espoir (the haunting vocals are sung by an eight-year old Pulaar child)

Daniel Boulianet is a composer of film music determined to be closely involved in his creations This album is companion to a film named Tagayet (meaning "in the middle of nowhere"). Tagayet is a small Saharan village, in Niger, built around a well. This project was carried out thanks to the efforts of Louise Dallaire, the executive producer of the film, and the support of other friends and collaborators, who intend to collect enough funds with the "Tagayet" products (book, CD and film) to be able to return over there to build another well.

Lawrence Blatt
Out of the Woodwork
Out of the Woodwork (title track)
LMB Music
Artist website: Lawrence Blatt

Music from guitarist, Lawrence Blatt, an independent musician based in the San Francisco Bay area. On his new cd, "Out of the Woodwork Lawrence plays a custom steel-string guitar made by luthier, Edward Victor Dick and a small bodied-12-fret parlor guitar by Kathy Wingert

Forro in the Dark
Bonfires of São João
I Wish (featuring David Byrne)
Bonfires of Sao Joao, is a contemporary take on the Forro music of Brazil. On the album, Forro in the Dark is based in NYC and plays a wide range of dance tunes from dueling guitars to breathy flute. I enjoy songs featuring David Byrne one with him singing his own English version of a Forro music classic, “Asa Branca.”

Coyote Poets of the Universe
Unmistakable Evidence
Sitting in the Dark
Artist website: www.CoyotePoetsOf The
The new recording by The Coyote Poets of the Universe journeys into freeform spoken word, floating in zero gravity electronica spaces. (headphones recommended)

Dean Evenson D'Rachel
Spa Dreams
Lotus Field
Soundings of the Planet


Artist website:
Norwegian musician, Oystein Ramfjiord is Amethystium. His cd Em-blem continues his "Dragonfly Trilogy" theme. Exploring myths, fairytales, and nature in the context of an emotive musical fantasy world.

Nowever - poems by e.e.cummings
Peter Mallan: all ignorance toboggans into know
A Suite of Portraits by Curium, remixes e.e.cummings lyrics and lures listeners into haunting places in the geography of mind.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens
An Other Cup
Greenfields, Golden Sands
Atlantic Records
Artist website:
Artist website:
Support the Orphans:
Cat Stevens helped define the seventies, with "Tea for the Tillerman" and his other albums. After a thirty year musical hiatus Cat Stevens is back, as Yusuf Islam with, "An Other Cup."

Eric Tingstad
Rhythms of the Desert
Cheshire Records
Artist website: Eric Tingstad
Nine alternative world cuts featuring classic and steel guitars, pedal steel guitar, bass, native flute, drums & percussion, accordian, double reeds, chants... all this to evoke a "Native Americana western desert chill music"

Arvel Bird & One Nation
Arvel Bird & One Nation
Spear and Shield
Singing Wolf Records
Artist website: Arvel Bird
A fresh take on Native American music featuring extended fiery guitar, drum, violin, and Native American flute jams; reminicent of the Grateful Dead, yet built on Native American traditions.

Marisa Monte
Infinito Particular
Metro Blue
Artist website: Marisa Monte
Brazilian singer Marisa Monte recently released two new records. We will play the title tracks from both records, here on the World Beat. (liner notes contain the Portuguese lyrics along with English translation)

Various Artists - New Earth Records
Prana Yoga
Chinmaya Dunster: A Meeting Place for Friends
New Earth Music
Music for relaxation, breathing, movement, and self-exploration...
prana yoga - breath of life, silent mind - zen haiku

Vusi Mahlasela
Guiding Star
Chamber of Justice (featuring Xavier Rudd)
Sower of Words (featuring Dave Matthews)

ATO Records
Artist website: Vusi Mahlasela
Vusi Mahlasela used his songs and distinctive voice as a powerful instrument for change during South Africa's tumultuous recent history. We will hear a couple of powerful songs from Vusi Mahlasela featuring fellow South Africans Xavier Rudd and Dave Matthews.

Close Your Eyes
Mai Music
This evening we have a couple of acts from New Zealand... coming up we'll be hearing a tune from "A True Story" by Fat Freddys Drop and we'll begin with new music from the reggae inspired group Katchafire, this is "Close Your Eyes"
Artist website: Katchafire

Fat Freddys Drop
Based on a True Story
Cay's Crays
Artist website: Fat Freddys Drop
Reggae music from way down under from the New Zealand group Fat Freddy's Drop.

Joseph Israel
Ruff Times featuring Luciano

New Door Music
Artist website: Joseph Israel

Joseph Israel comes out of Fayetteville Arkansas. He toured the US with the Lions of Israel ,Inc. Label and Reggae great Luciano. He's shared the stage with fellow Jewish reggae star, Matisyahu.

I Want You So

Crucial Youth Productions
Artist website: Rankin' Scroo
From the early days of Rankin Scroo and Ginger to his pioneer work in Urban Reggae with rap and hip-hop artists like E-40, Too Short and Digital underground's Money-B. Rankin Scroo has been impacting the Reggae industry for three decades.

Mamadou Diabate
Harmonia Mundi
World Village Music
Artist website: Mamadou Diabate
Malian griot and kora player Mamadou Diabate moved from his Bamako to the US in the late 1990s. and now makes his home in Durham NC. In 2005, his previous recording titled, "Behmanka" on the World Village record label, earned him a Grammy nomination. "Heritage" is recorded with a versatile quintet that includes: guitar, balafon, calabash, and talking drum.

Music from the Global Rhythms sampler
King Sunny Adé: Ore Mmi Maje N'te
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle
Nigerian musician King Sunny Ade is featured on this months cd sampler from Global Rhythms Magazine.


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