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playlist for March 31, 2007
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Music from the Global Rhythms sampler
Chieftains: Boil the Breakfast Early (from The Essential Chieftains)
W e begin this evening with a couple of tunes from
the Global Rhythms sampler. The first by a group that had its beginnings in 1962; The Chieftains celebrate 45 years together with Paddy Maloney, still at the helm. Their new double cd features 18 classic Chieftain tunes and Disc 2 includes 17 all-star duets with the likes of Sting, Elvis Costello, Sinead O'Connor and many more. This is a "Boil the Breakfast Early."
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle

Nanny Assis
Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow
Blue Toucan Music
Artist website:
Nanny Assis started his career as a drummer and percussionist but branched-out while attending the Federal School of Arts and Music in Bahia, Brazil. Nanny is well known throughout the world of Brazilian music.

Pokito a Poko
Dibujo En El Aire

The third release by Chambao is an incredible fusion of flamenco and hip hop sensibilities. The included DVD takes the viewer to all-night revelry on a remote stretch of sand dunes, presumably some where in the south of Spain.

RaSa Music

A new musical fusion merging Flamenco with Indian classical music. Its a fusion with foundation in the legends of both the Gitano and Rajput peoples.

Putumayo World Music
Women of the World - Acoustic
Tamara Obrovac: Tuca' La Louna (Croatia)
Putumayo Records
Putumayo World Music put out a new recording that explores contemporary acoustic music by some of the world's leading female artists, to celebrate the United Nations, International Women's Day (March 8th) Featuring a number of female vocalists that have been on previous World Beat programs including : Marta Topferova (Czech Republic), Lura (Cape Verde), Anastasia Moutsatsou (Greece), Marta Gomez (Columbia).

Darlene Koldenhoven
Infinite Voice

Song of my Soul)
TimeArt Recordings
Artist website:
Darlene Koldenhoven is a classically trained singer with a five-octave range. She is most widely recognized as the memorable vocal soloist, seen by a 1.5 billion worldwide audience on the PBS special, Yanni, Live at the Acropolis. Darlene Koldenhoven vocally improvises in classical and non-classical styles. She also as composes, writes lyrics and plays keyboards.

Lawrence Blatt
Out of the Woodwork
Jason's Party
LMB Music
Artist website: Lawrence Blatt
Music from guitarist, Lawrence Blatt, an independent musician based in the San Francisco Bay area. On his new cd, "Out of the Woodwork Lawrence plays a custom steel-string guitar made by luthier, Edward Victor Dick and a small bodied-12-fret parlor guitar by Kathy Wingert

Karl Maddison
Tibetan Groove
Wishing Wheel
Gemini Sun Records
tunes floating on a sonic ocean of synth and sweet guitar licks driven by the hypnotic percussive pulse of authentic Tibetan instruments. Its the kind of music that enables one to sit back, chill-out and imagine a cool-breeze blowing your hair as you contemplate the dazzling spectacle of a pristine Himalayan plateau.

Alex E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah, Nitanis "Kit" Lanry
Harmony Nights
Canyon Records
Sweet harmonies of Native American music from Grammy nominated singers Alex E. Smith and Cheevers Toppah who are joined by Nitanis "Kit" Landry and featuring special guests Louie Gonnie, Anthony Wakeman and Thunder Hill.

Arvel Bird, Will Clipman, Mary Redhouse & William Eaton
Path Made of Rainbow
Singing Wolf Records
Artist website: Arvel Bird
Virtuoso Native American fiddler, Arvel Bird, percussionist extrordinaire , Will Clipman, Native American Vocalist, Mary Redhouse & Grammy-nominated luthier wizard, William Eaton take Native American music to a new level.

Ojos de Brujo
Suttanas de Merkaillo
Six Degrees Records
"Recipients of 2004 BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music"
Ojo de Brujo reflect both Spanish and Gypsy roots while fusing the driving rhythms of flamenco with hip-hip, ragga and funk.

Putumayo World Music
A New Groove
Cat Empire: The Lost Song (Australia)
Putumayo Records
"A New Groove" is a recent offering from Putumayo World Music exploring an eclectic collection of cool tracks and underground music.

Francisco Céspedes & Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Con El Permiso De Bola
Drumé Negríta
Six Degrees Records
Francisco Céspedes is an original song stylist who's Cuban boleros have spawned a new a unique style known as fílin or literally "feeling," his style is best known as "bolero jazz." We will hear the song Drumé Negríta, recorded in Havana, Cuba.

Various Artists
A Six Degrees 10 Year Aniversary Project

The Real Tuesday Weld: The Day Before You Came
Six Degrees Records
"The Day Before You Came" by The Real Tuesday Weld really caught my ear and I was tempted to go looking for more information on the Web. What I found was the infamous Radio Clerkenwell podcasts, a musical and radio mystery theatre on that kept my interest through all 8 podcasts.

Shaman's Dream
Dance: Dream: Dance:
Istanbul Dubphonics
Sounds True
Artist website: Shamans Dream Music
Virtuoso electronic music fusion of Ancient instruments, rhythms and tonalities with modern electronic sounds

Amrit Kirtan
Sacred Circles
Waah Yantee

Spirit Voyage Records
An ethereal Kirtan praise song to the triple aspects of the One.
Spirit Voyage in on the road with their "Celebrate Peace Concerts" World Tour 2007 featuring the music of Snatam Kaur and Guru Ganesha Singh.

Luna Blanca
Guitar Island
Island Reggae
Artist website: Luna Blanca
Luna Blanca is a group from Germany that plays a creative mix between the latin stylings of Ottmar Liebert, Govi, and the rhythms of the Gypsy Kings... staple sounds, here on The World Beat. Richard Hecks plays the lead guitar on an instrument by the luthier, Hermann Hauser III.

Reggae Music

Firehouse Productions
Artist website:
Ijahlar is the first band based on the Island of Antigua.

Tony Tuff
Say Something
Fulfillment Time - with Smokie Benz
Reggae & Dancehall veteran,Tony Tuff, from Kingston Jamaica, has a new cd with 14 fine roots reggae tracks.

Do Good
I Believe
13 new exclusive track album by Turbulence born Sheldon Campbell. The 2nd album for producer Brotherman is full of finest modern Roots and has two combinations featuring Luciano & Higher Trod Family.

Real to Reel
Moving Together - featuring Wayne Martin
Miracle Sounds
Music from a new collection of dub/reggae & downbeat music by Noiseshaper and featured guest vocalists including: Ari Up, G.Rizo, Jackie Dean, Vido Jelashee I, Wayne Martin, Juggla, MC Shureshock, and Jahcoustic.

Music from the Global Rhythms sampler
Source W/Abdoulaye Diabaté: Manquez Pas
One of the artists featured on the May
Global Rhythms sampler.
Global Rhythm - World Music, Culture & Lifestyle

Putumayo World Music
Putumayo World Party
Laurent Hounsavi: Mindé Sè (Benin)

Putumayo Records
World Party is the latest offering from Putumayo World Music. It includes party tracks from around the world including Italy, Martinique, Denmark, Ghana, Haiti, and Algeria, along with the Jamaica group Burning Spear, Los Pinguos of Argentina, a hoppin' track from Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers, of the USA and this track by Laurent Hounsavi, of Benin.

Red Soil in My Eyes
World Village Music
Somi was born of Ugandan and Rwandese parents, she lived in Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania, but grew-up mostly in the USA. She sings in a jazz style and performs widely in NYC. Somi was invited to tour fifteen African countries, sponsored by the International French Cultural Center. Ten percent of the sales of "Red Soil in my Eyes" will be donated to SURF, Rwandan Survivors Fund.

Vusi Mahlasela
Guiding Star

ATO Records
Artist website: Vusi Mahlasela
Vusi Mahlasela used his songs and distinctive voice as a powerful instrument for change during South Africa's tumultuous recent history. We will hear a couple of powerful songs from Vusi Mahlasela featuring fellow South Africans Xavier Rudd and Dave Matthews.

Aman Iman (water is life)
Matadjem Yinmixan

World Village Music
In the Tamashek language of the Toureg, Saharan nomads from Mali, Tinariwen means "empty spaces." The group Tinariwen was formed in a rebel camp run by Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, over two decades ago, and has been making music in the desert ever since. Their use of electric guitars was a first in a vast Saharran region where power is only sporadically available. Their hypnotic desert-blues features call-and-response vocals among the extended group. Underground cassettes of their spellbinding music has counseled anti-violence and ethnic pride among the youth of their war-torn region for over twenty years. Listen now to music from the deserts beyond Timbuktu...

Amanar type fonts of the Toureg by Pierre di Sciullo
World Beat Pick of the Month

Fanta (title track)
RaSa Music

Ibrahima Galissa on Kora and Marc Liebeskind on guitar and shik-guitar


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