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playlist for June 2, 2007
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Deirdre Ní Chinnéide
Celtic Passage

Celtic Passage
Sounds True
Vocal compositions by Deirdre Ni Chinneide, dedicated to the ancient Celt's belief in the existence of other worlds, known as the Land of Sí (spirit). Druids and Shamans were said to have travelled there and returned to share new insight into the challenges of everyday life."

Cady Finlayson
Irish Coffee
Tuttle/Caislean an Óir

Cady Finlayson
Cady Finlayson is based in Brooklyn New York and plays what she calls, a "spirited Irish fiddle with a global twist."

The Love Token
Baile Uí Laoi (Pronounced Bally Lee)

MacDara Music
Artist website: MacDara Ó Conaola
MacDara Ó Conaola is a native of the Aran Island of Inisheer. He's steeped in the local sean-nos style and sings in both Gaelic and English. MacDara takes a contemporary approach to this traditionally solo song form and is accompanied on this recording by a fine band.
Baile Uí Laoi
is a romantic song in which a man going to mass on a windy and rainy day meets the woman of his dreams... For the rest of the song he compares her to the beautiful hills and glens of his county, and to the birds singing sweetly in the trees. He concludes in saying that none of this can compare with her, the sunshine of his life.

Niamh Parsons with Graham Dunne
The Old Simplicity
No Telling

Green Linnet
Artist website: Niamh Parsons
A story-song written by Linda Thompson; arranged and sung by Irish singer Niamh Parsons - from her 2005 release, "The Old Simplicity."

John Doan
Wayfarer - Ancient Paths to Sacred Places - a celtic pilgramage
Wayfarer (title track)

Artist website: John Doan
mySpace/John Doan
John Doan is a master harp guitarist, storyteller, and historian. The music of Wayfarer had its genesis in his 1999 journey along ancient pilgrim paths and across choppy seas to visit ancient island hermitages of Celtic monks and other sacred sites of the British Isles.

Winner- "Song of Peace 2007"
at Tipperary Peace International Competition

Blessed are the Broken
Pippa Marland and Rob King are Carmin. They just completed recording their new album, My Crescent City, in Dublin with Dónal Lunny as producer and guest musician.

Juan Carmona
Sinfonia Flamenca
La isla de Leon
Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi

Artist website: Juan Carmona
Juan Carmona written and produced a daring new Flamenco composition featuring the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

RaSa Music

Artist website: IndiaLucia
A new musical fusion merging Flamenco with Indian classical music. Its a fusion with foundation in the legends of both the Gitano (gypsy) and Rajput (India) peoples. Produced by guitarist, Miguel Czachowski.

Various Roma Artists
Gypsy Caravan
Taraf De Haidouks: Smoking Bass
Esma Redzepova: Romano Horo
Harmonia Mundi/ World Village
Artist websites:
New music from the soundtrack to the movie "Gypsy Caravan"... subtitle, "When the Road Bends." A phrase taken from the Romani proverb, "You cannot walk straight when the road bends." The movie documents an epic roadtrip known as the "Gypsy Caravan Tour." The road trip included five Roma bands (Maharaja, from Rajasthan, India) (Antonio el Pipa's Flamenco Ensemble - Andalucia Spain) (Esma Redzepova & Stevo Teodosieski Ensemble - Macedonia) (Fanfare Ciocarlia - Romania) and Taraf De Haidouks - Romania) The soundtrack and movie are dedicated to the "Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015," an international initiative focusing on eradicating discrimination against the Roma and alleviating their poverty. The Gypsy Caravan Movie will make its US debut, June 15th in NYC.

Balkan Beat Box
Joro Boro

Artist website: Balkan Beat Box
Balkan Beat Box

Balkan Beat Box is based in Brooklyn NY but steeped in non-Western roots and cultures. BBB' s six musicians are from Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Israel, and Turkey.

The Idan Raichel Project
Idan Raichel Project
Mi'Ma'amakim (Out of the Depths)
Idan Raichel joins forces with musicians from Israel's - Ethiopian, Arab, Yemenite, and Caribbean communities to create an entrancing fusion.
World Beat Pick of the Month

David Arkenstone
Myths and Legends

Song of Sheherazade
Gemini Sun Records
This recording is part of Gemini Sun's Audio Visual Connect Series™ the two cds of music are companion to a DVD in snyc. As of this show I haven't had time to explore this unique musical and multimedia experience but look forward to testing it out in the near future.

Zaman 8 & Hafez Modir
Suryaghati EP 2

Six Degrees Records
New music from the Emerging Artists Series on Six Degrees Records. Available only via download.
Artist website: Zaman 8

Music from the Global Rhythms sampler
Mariza: Ha Uma Musica Do Povo (Concerto Em Lisboa TimesSquare)
Dobet Gnahoré: Issa (Na Afriki Cumbancha)
Dobet Gnahore is from Ivory Coast and known as a rising star among Africa's new generation of musicians.
Mariza is called fado's brightest star. We will hearing a song from Mariza's outdoor concert, held in the gardens of the Tower of Belém, built in the 1600's to commemorate Vasco De Gama's expeditions to India. It was the first conert held on the grounds.

Wax Poetic

Dolar a Dolar
Nublu Records
Artist website: Wax Poetic
Brazilian styling from Ilhan Ersahin and friends, This is the third record from NYC-based Wax Poetic. The others were called "Istanbul", and "Copenhagen."


Six Degrees Records
CéU was nominated for a Latin Grammy for "best new artist" of 2006. Her self-titled cd was simultaneously published by Starbucks Hear Music and Six Degrees Records.

Phil Heywood
Banks of the River
Hoofin' It
Artist website: Phil Heywood
Arabica Records
Minnesota-based acoustic guitarist Phil Heywood composed a song about the joys of bipedal locomotion. A tune for hiking along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

Arvel Bird, Will Clipman, Mary Redhouse & William Eaton
Path Made of Rainbow
Singing Wolf Records
Artist website: Arvel Bird
Virtuoso Native American fiddler, Arvel Bird, percussionist extrordinaire , Will Clipman, Native American Vocalist, Mary Redhouse & Grammy-nominated luthier wizard, William Eaton take Native American music to a new level.

Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike with Xavier Quijas Yxayoti
The Color of Morning
A Glimmer of Dawn

Canyon Records
The harmonized vocal chants of Grammy Award winning singers, Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike meld with Mayan flutes and percussion of Xavier Quijas Yxayoti.

Nawang Khechog
Tibetan Meditation Music for quiet mind and peaceful heart

Walking into the Himalaya to Meditate
Sounds True
Tibetan flute virtuoso and Grammy nominee Nawang Khechog has been making music for 20 years. The spacious sound of his meditative flute evokes peace and tranquility.

Krishna Das
Flow of Grace
Good Ole Chalisa
Sounds True
Artist website: Krishna Das
On Flow of Grace Krishna Das sings the Hanuman Chalisa, centuries-old devotional poetry accompanied by kirtan choir, tabla, harmonium, guitar and violin.

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective
Aguyuha Nidúheñu (My People Have Move On)
Stonetree Records
The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. They originally settled on St Vincents, but were scattered along the mainland coast after being driven out by the Spanish. Today they live in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and various places in South America yet always in the minority. Wátina is the first Garifuna record that I've played on the World Beat. We hope to hear more from Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective in the future.

Various Stonetree Artists
From Bakabush - the first 10 years of Stonetree
Adrian Martinez: Baba
Andy Palacio: Nabi
Paul Nabor: Naguya Nei
Stonetree Records
The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. These are songs from one of Central America's most unique and dynamic record labels, Stonetree Records; featuring Garifuna and Creole artists from Beleze, Honduras and Guatemala.
We will be hearing from Paul Nabor, at 76 years old he is known as the greatest living Paranda artist in Belize, and a musical legend among the Garifuna. Paul Nabor also serves as the "Buyel" (spiritual leader) in his community, Punta Gorda town Belize.

Aurelio Martinez
Garifuna Soul
Tagarigu Nanigi
Stonetree Records
Garifuna music from Stonetree Records, the premier record label for Garifuna music, based in Belize. Aurelio Martinez is one of the most exceptional Garifuna artists of his generation.

10' Ganga Plant
10 Ft Ganga Plant Presents
Top Down

The debut record from 10 Ft Ganga Plant plus a couple of bonus tracks including this one.... I'm Gonna put the "Top Down."

Aman Iman - Water is Life
Matadjem Yinmixan

World Village Music
In the Tamashek language of the Toureg, Saharan nomads from Mali, Tinariwen means "empty spaces." The group Tinariwen was formed in a rebel camp run by Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, over two decades ago, and has been making music in the desert ever since. Their use of electric guitars was a first in a vast Saharran region where power is only sporadically available. Their hypnotic desert-blues features call-and-response vocals among the extended group. Underground cassettes of their spellbinding music has counseled anti-violence and ethnic pride among the youth of their war-torn region for over twenty years. Listen now to music from the deserts beyond Timbuktu...

Amanar type fonts of the Toureg by Pierre di Sciullo


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