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playlist for October 06, 2007
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Smithfield Fair
20 for 20
Twentieth Anniversary Celebration

Moon Over Caledonia

Swept Away
MySpace: Smithfieldfair
Smithfield Fair are traditional Scottish/Celtic band, based in Baton Rouge, LA who are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the release of their recording titled, "20 for 20."

Talitha Mackenzie
Indian Summer
Eilean Fada
MySpace: Talitha Mackenzie
Available via Sonas Multimedia
Talitha Mackenzie, of Edinburgh Scotland, sings an energetic song inspired by fathers reminicense of the great Wheeling Island, West Virginia flood of 1936.

Lisa Lynne & George Tortorelli
Love & Peace
Serenity Road
New Earth Records
MySpace: Lisa Lynne
A lovely interlude called "Serenity Road," by Lisa Lynne on Celtic harp and George Tortorelli, on bamboo flute.

The Real Tuesday Weld
London Book of the Dead
I Loved London
I Lucifer
The Life and Times of the Clerkenwell Kid

Six Degrees Records
MySpace: The Real Tuesday Weld
Some quirky music and ambient sound loops from London musician, Stephen Coates, who fronts The Real Tuesday Weld, and is also known as the Clerkenwell Kid, in the mythic London of his creation. Visit Radio Clerkenwell to hear the Clerkenwell Kid podcasts.

Carpathian Music
ARC Music
Artist website:
Transkapela, a four-piece Klezmer band play music as it was played in the 19th and 20th centuries by itenerant musicians in the villages of the Carpathian mountains.

Taraf de Haidouks
Ostinato & Romanian Dance -
Béla Bartók
MySpace: Taraf de Haidouks

Taraf de Haidouks, based in Clejani,
Romania, have ventured into classical that was previously borrowed from Hngarian and Romanian folk and gypsy traditional music. Maskarada brings back these tunes to their Roma roots. We will hear "Romanian Folk Dances" from Béla Bartók.

Putumayo - various artists
Rona Kenan & Gidi Gov: Ha'rikud Ha'muzar Shel Ha'lev
David Broza : Srochim (Dah-veed Broh-zah)

Putumayo World Music
A new collection from Putyumayo of music from Israel. Including a song from (Dah-veed Broh-zah), one of Israel's most beloved singer-songwriters - from (ROH-nah KEH-nahn & GEE-dee gov) this is: "Strange Dance of the Heart."

Maria Rita
Samba Meu
O homem falou

Warner Music Latina
Maria Rita is an energetic rising Samba singer . Each of the fourteen songs on "Samba Meu" resonate with samba soul.

Putumayo - various artists
World Hits
Luiz de Aquino: Morena
Putumayo Kids
Lively music for kids from the rainforests of the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Its a nother World Music Adventure from Putumayo Kids, with liner notes in English, Português, Español and Français.

Johannes Linstead & Nicholas Gunn
Costa De La Luz

Gemini Sun
Next-up the fiery Spanish guitar of Johannes Linstead combined with the passionate South American flute stylings of Nicholas Gunn.
Artist website:
Artist website:

Artist website: Funky C
Santiago Chile musician, Funky-C was a pioneer of the 90s Latin funk revival in South America. He dedicates his new album, "Joya" to his "inspirational master," none other than the recently deceased, Master of Funk, James Brown.

Gloria Estefan
90 Millas
Me Odio
Artist website:
Gloria Estefan's new recording, "90 Millas," celebrates Cuban and Hispanic music and culture with 14 new songs that include guest performances by Cachao, Paquito D'Rivera, Jose Feliciano, Andy Garcia, Johnny Pacheco, Arturo Sandovol.

Jeff Oster

Retso Records
Artist website:
MySpace: Jeff Oster
Trumpet and Flugelhorn player, Jeff Oster has created some exhilarating compositions on his new recording, "TRUE," produced by William Ackerman.

Jai Uttal
Dial M for Mantra
Maha Dev

Retso Records
Artist website:
MySpace: Jai Uttal
Jai Uttal is a pioneer in blending the sacred music of India and Asia with modern elements from the West..

Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale
Breathing Under Water
Easy (featuring Nora Jones)

MySpace: Anouska Shankar
MySpace: Karsh Kale
MySpace: Sting

Manhattan Records
On "Breathing Under Water," Anoushka Shankar's traditional Indian sitar playing merges with Karsh Kale's electronica and collaboration of others including Ravi Shankar and Sting.
We will be hearing the song "Easy," featuring the soothing vocals of Nora Jones.

Global Spirit
Call of the Tribes (remix)

Oreade Music
MySpace: Karunesh

Karunesh is a World Fusion music stlyist who mixes language, sounds, and textures from around the globe and lets them flow and dance together.

Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian & his Middle Eastern Ensemble
Oud Masterpieces from Armenia, Turkey & the Middle East
Hyegagan Bar
ARC Music
Music of the Oud, a short-necked fretless plucked lute of th Arab world, also played in Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Somalia.

Gülizar Turkish Music Ensemble
Music of the Whirling Dervishes - 800 Years of Mevlana Rumi
Peshrev in Maqam Ajem
ARC Music
Music from the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey to honor the 800th anniversary of the birth of the great sufi, Mevlana Rumi.

Gypsy Moon

Sounds True
Artist website:
MySpace: Priyo & Gypsymoon
Priyo was born and raised in Sicily, Italy but has been travelling the world for over twenty-five years sharing his unique blend of Afro-Mediterranean Gypsy trance music. Its a spicy blend of Spanish/Gypsy rumba, Gypsy Flamenco guitar, Italian melody and romantica, African tribal trance and Middle Eastern scales and rhythms

Te Vaka
Lelei Ilo Tenei

Lua Afe
Warm Earth Records
Artist website:
MySpace: Tevaka
Music from the South Pacific by Te Vaka (the canoe) the leading Tokelauan band. The New Zealand-based group Te Vaka is lead by vocalist Opetaia Foa'i. We will also hear an extrordinary log-drum tune by Te Vaka.

Johnny Whitehorse
Totemic Flute Chants
Silver Wave Records
MySpace: Johnny Whitehorse
Johnny Whitehorse is a character creation of Native American musician, Robert Mirabal.

Say What You're Thinking
This World
Hold On

Reggae and world music fusion from New Zealand
World Beat Pick of the Month

David Kirton
Time for Change
Green Camoflage
Birds Eye Music
MySpace: David Kirton music
David Kirton, from Barbados sings in a unique blend of roots-rock-reggae, with soul and pop. "Time for Change" is his third album.

Leni Stern
1000 Stars (for michael brecker)
MySpace: Habib Koite from a couple of Africa's greatest muscial ambassadors, Oliver Mtukudzi, from Zimbabwe and Malian guitarist, Habib Koité.

Habib Koite & Bamada
N'ba (nee-ba)

MySpace: Habib Koite from a couple of Africa's greatest muscial ambassadors, Oliver Mtukudzi, from Zimbabwe and Malian guitarist, Habib Koité.

Oliver Mtukudzi
Tsimba itsoka
Ungade' we?
Artist website:
New "Tuku music" from Oliver Mtukudzi, recorded in Zimbabwe.


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