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playlist for March 1, 2008
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Tudur Morgan
Mae 'Nghariad i'n Fenws

MySpace: Mojo
Traditional Welsh music from Tudur Morgan.

Dal i Dreiddio

Artist website: Cecile Corbel
MySpace: Mojo
Welsh Rock: The five man band from Anglesey, North Wales established themselves in the 80’s as ‘Mojo’, and in 1990 were Welsh band to release a rock CD, in Welsh ‘Awn ymlaen fel hyn’

Fil Campbell
Songbirds - the first ladies of Irish song

Teddy O'Neil

Glenshee Records
Irish songstress Fil Campbell, of Co. Fermanagh has had a lifelong love affair with music since her first performance at age 5 in her hometown Belleek. Songbirds is a history of the music that Fil Campbell grew-up listening to and was made into a TV documentary of some of the most intriguing women singers of Ireland from the last century.
Artist website:

Fil Campbell
Beneath the Calm

Somebody Up There

Spring Records
Next we will be hearing an original song and the lovely vocals of Irish singer/songwriter, Fil Campbell, of Belleek, in Co. Fermanagh.
Artist website: `1


Dalle Xua!

Sons Galiza
Xúa! are based in Santiago de Compostela and Coruña, located in autonomous region of Galicia in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
Artist website:

World Beat Pick of the Month

Rise Above

Bright Morning Star

Omnium Recordings
Oysterband have forged a style that owes much to the traditional music of Britain, yet rarely draws directly from it.
Oysterband artist website

Ken Bonfield
American Baroque - Steel String Surprise
Loud Dust Recordings
Artist website:

Dodo Reale
Les Nations Unies
Les Nations Unies
Dodo Reale is an afroindiepop duo composed of Dodo aka FABRIZIO DAL BORGO, songwriter, voice and guitar player and PATRIZIA FERRARINI on surdo drums, berimbau, djembe, udu and colors. music recorded in Angola an Italy.

Emar - world music EP
MySpace: Emarmusic

EMAR is the alter-ego of independent singer-songwriter Melissa Rebronja.
EMAR (emm-ahr) is an emerging international World Music Artist. Born in the Balkans, raised in Canada, EMAR has traveled through Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific to tap into multicultural influences that inspire her music, uniquely record in languages including Serbian, Hindi, Persian, Arabic, and more.

Putumayo - various artists
Melingo y Florencia Bonadeo: Leonel el Feo (Argentina)
Putumayo World Music
A new collection from tango music from around the World.

Roland Ruby
Todavia Nos Queremos
Eres Mi Cancione
Roland Ruby
Roland Ruby is a lifetime member of the International Society of Bassists (ISB) who travels back and forth between the NYC area and South America.

Fiona Joy Hawkins
Ice - piano slightly chilled
Frosted View

Fiona Joy Hawkins on chilled piano piano accompanied by didgeridoo

Dreams & Visions
Incense of Praise

Artist website:

Mary-Kathryn's fourth album, "Dreams & Visions," blends elements of soft pop, rock and folk with world music.

Cheb i Sabbah
Jai Bhavani

Six Degrees Records
Artist website:
Cheb i Sabbah is a musical adventurer, global spiritualist and producer extraordinaire who's returned to the Indian subcontinent for Devotion, his seventh album on Six Degrees Records

Michel Banabila
Traces - music for films & documentaries

Tapu Records
Artist website:
Dutch musician Michel Banabila creates eerily atmospheric music for films and documentaires. We will be hearing "Speech," featuring lyrics taken directly from Genesis 11.

The Darbuki Kings
Lawrence of Surburbia
No Habibi No
The Darbuki Kings make their home in the Twin Cities but have travelled the world and recount the saga of their journey (with a sense of humor) through a collection of songs with influences from India to Morocco.

Omar Akram
Secret Journey
Nomadic Rhapsody

Real Music
Artist website: Omar Akram
MySpace: Omar Akram
Omar Akram grew up traveling around the world as the son of a United Nations diplomat living in such diverse locales as France, Cuba, Afghanistan and the Czech Republic. His melodies are presented within tapestry-like arrangements interweaving his acoustic grand piano with acoustic guitar, violin, duduk, flute and ethnic percussion.

Anna Bizeeh
A spicy song by Greek pop musician, Anna Bizeeh to warm your evening.

Lawrence Blatt
Fabonaci's Dream
Song for Chava
La Selva (The Rainforest)
Artist website:
Original guitar compositions by Lawrence Blatt. At the end of this tune you will hear the sounds of the charango.

Pedro Alfonso
Strings to Your Heart
The Next One
Deep Breath
Although Cuban musican Pedro Alfonso has recorded on over 80 major-label cds, since coming to the US in 1998, this is his debut album as a solo artist.
Artist website:

Adam Rafferty
Adam Rafferty
A song by Greek pop musician, A

Bachata Roja
Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era
Juan Bautista: Estoy aqui pero no say yo
Artist website: Puerto Plata

Music from the Dominican Republic, an historic collection of acoustic from the Caberet Era.

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective
Baba (Father)
Stonetree Records

Featured this month on the cover of: Global Rhythm - world music, culture & lifestyle magazine
The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. They originally settled on St Vincents, but were scattered along the mainland coast after being driven out by the Spanish. Today they live in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and various places in South America yet always in the minority. Wátina was the first Garifuna record that I'd played on the World Beat. I was very excited about the music of Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective, back in April 07 when I first heard their cd Watina and selected the recording as my World Beat Pick of the Month. I'm sorry to say that Andy Palacio passed away last month.

David Kirton
Time for Change
Green Camoflage
Birds Eye Music
MySpace: David Kirton music
David Kirton, from Barbados sings in a unique blend of roots-rock-reggae, with soul and pop. "Time for Change" is his third album.

Winston McAnuff
Paris Rockin'
Paris Rockin'
New Reggae music from Paris.

Global Rhythm - world music, culture & lifestyle magazine

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Ilembe: Honoring the Shaka Zulu
Umon' Usuk' Esweni

MySpace: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo have married the intricate rhythms and harmonies of their native South African musical traditions to the sounds and sentiments of Christian gospel music for over 30 years.

Youssou N'Dour
Rokku Mi Rokka
Wake up (Its Africa Calling)

Artist Website : Youssou N'Dour from a new record by Senegalese Superstar, Youssou N'Dour

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