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playlist for April 5, 2008
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Aine Minogue
Celtic Pilgramage


Sounds True
The practice of pilgrimage has never gone out of fashion in Ireland. Irish faithful still retrace the steps of their three patron saints, St Patrick, St Brigid, and St. Colmcille. Hiking to drink the waters of ancient Brigid wells and performing the traditional barefoot climb of mountain Croagh Patrick.

Tudur Morgan
O Langefni

MySpace: Mojo
Traditional Welsh music from Tudur Morgan.

Angel Y Wawr

MySpace: Mojo
Welsh Rock: The five man band from Anglesey, North Wales established themselves in the 80’s as ‘Mojo’, and in 1990 were the first Welsh band to release a rock CD, sung in Welsh. It was titled,‘Awn ymlaen fel hyn.’

Lynda Cole
Where Our Waters Meet

Almost There

Wholeheart Music
Lynda Cole is a healing arts practicioner who incorporates Harp music into her practice and lifes journey. On her album she is accompanied by electric cello, guitar, Native American flute and world percussion.
Artist website:

Fil Campbell
Beneath the Calm

Hold My Heart

Spring Records
Next we will be hearing an original song and the lovely vocals of Irish singer/songwriter, Fil Campbell, of Belleek, in Co. Fermanagh.
Artist website:


Pregón da Lanterna Máxica

Sons Galiza
Xúa! are based in Santiago de Compostela and Coruña, located in autonomous region of Galicia in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
Artist website:

Rupa & The April Fishes
eXtraOrdinary rendition
c'est pas d'lamour
Artist website:
Singer/songwriter, Rupa had a nomadic upbringing, living in the south of France and now based in the San Fancisco Bay Area. Her sell-out concerts with the April Fishes have a circus like flavour which comes out through the music.

Mi Niña Lola
Artist website:
Concha Buika is a flamenco-pop singer/songwriter, from Spain, with a voice full of force yet has jazz soul.

Euro Groove

Fiamma Fumana: Check In

Putumayo Grooves
Fiamma Fumana blend their native Italian music with contemporary pop and electronica to bring a new dimension to traditions of Italy.

Dodo Reale
Les Nations Unies
Te Quero
Brasil Pra Amar
Dodo Reale is an afroindiepop duo composed of Dodo aka FABRIZIO DAL BORGO, songwriter, voice and guitar player and PATRIZIA FERRARINI on surdo drums, berimbau, djembe, udu and colors. music recorded in Angola an Italy.

Six Degrees Records
Pacifika features the lovely vocals of Peruvian born singer/songwriter, Silvana Kane. Her emotive vocals are full of light and love floating in a lush bed of acoustic and electronica .

Chicha Libre
¡Sonido Amazonico!
Indian Summer
Barbes Records
A blast from the past with some of the psychedelic-meets-the-Amazon music once popular in Peru.

3 Na Massa
3 Na Massa
Lagrimas Pretas
Nublu Records
MySpace: 3 Na Massa
New music from Brasil featuring the vocals of Brazilian divas.

Lawrence Blatt
Fabonaci's Dream
Una Vida (one life)
Artist website:
MySpace: LawrenceBlatt
Original guitar compositions by Lawrence Blatt. At the end of this tune you will hear the sounds of the charango.

Lucia Di Lammermoor
Gemini Sun Records
Russian Supertar, Vitas has a truly amazing range of voice. The companion Audio-Visual DVD from Gemini Sun Record features unique music videos of his passionate songs.

Emar - world music EP
MySpace: Emarmusic

EMAR is the alter-ego of independent singer-songwriter Melissa Rebronja.
EMAR (emm-ahr) is an emerging international World Music Artist. Born in the Balkans, raised in Canada, EMAR has traveled through Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific to tap into multicultural influences that inspire her music, uniquely record in languages including Serbian, Hindi, Persian, Arabic, and more.

Sarah Ingraham
In This World Together
Sarah Ingraham
New music from world traveller and gazal singer, Sarah Ingraham

Paul McAuliffe - Flutes
Rhythm of the Seasons
Bright Star
MySpace: Paul McAuliffe
Paul McAuliffe plays many different types of flutes including the Native American drone flute, Bamboo traverse flute, Shakuhachi, a 5 foot long PVC pipe flute, Bulgarian Dvoyanka flute, Scandanavian Overtione flute and on "Bright Star" he plays the recently rediscovered, Anasazi flute.

Claudio Da Matta
Claudio Da Matta
Artist website: Claudio Da Matta
London-based singer/songwriter, Claudio Da Matta blends bossa nova with a contemporary sensibility. He has a string of hits recorded by some of Brazil’s biggest artists.

Think of One
Camping Shaâbi
The Antwerp-based band, Think Of One, blend vocals in Arabic, in French and Antwerp's Flemish dialect. Their music is performed in the
Moroccan shaâbi style which derived from traditional Berber music. Shaâbi songs have become popular with the young listerners from Belgium to Casablanca.

The Darbuki Kings
Lawrence of Surburbia
Nine Time
The Darbuki Kings make their home in the Twin Cities but have travelled the world and recount the saga of their journey (with a sense of humor) through a collection of songs with influences from India to Morocco.

Toumani Diabaté
The Mande Variations
Kaounding Cissoko
Malian musician, Toumani Diabaté, recorded the first ever solo kora album in 1988 and is recognized as the world's leading Kora player. The Mande Variations is his long-awaited second solo kora recording.
Artist website:

Jamshied Sharifi

Jamshied Sharifi fuses musical styles from Middle Eastern, African and western to the far reaches of Tibet all bathed in a rich sonic textures.

Featured this month on the cover of: Global Rhythm - world music, culture & lifestyle magazine
The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. They originally settled on St Vincents, but were scattered along the mainland coast after being driven out by the Spanish. Today they live in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and various places in South America yet always in the minority. Wátina was the first Garifuna record that I'd played on the World Beat. I was very excited about the music of Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective, back in April 07 when I first heard their cd Watina and selected the recording as my World Beat Pick of the Month. I'm sorry to say that Andy Palacio passed away last month.

The Garifuna Women's Project
MySpace: Stonetree Records
Artist Website :
Umalali is an album of indescribable emotion, strength and beauty. It is an entrancing journey into the heart and soul of a unique and inspiring Garifuna culture.
World Beat Pick of the Month
Read the feature article on Garifuna:
Global Rhythm - world music, culture & lifestyle magazine

Victor Démé
Victor Démé
MySpace: Victor Démé
Blues roots music of Victor Dém
é, recorded at Jungle Studio in Burkina Faso and mastered in Paris.

Essential Moodafaruka
La Luna Lounge

Megawave Records

MySpace: Moodafaruka

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