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playlist for July 5, 2008
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Aine Minogue
Celtic Pilgrimage


Sounds True
The practice of pilgrimage has never gone out of fashion in Ireland. Irish faithful still retrace the steps of their three patron saints, St Patrick, St Brigid, and St. Colmcille. Hiking to drink the waters of ancient Brigid wells and performing the traditional barefoot climb of mountain Croagh Patrick.

Various Artists
Sound Neighbors
Contemporary Music from Northern Ireland

Briege Murphy: The Verdant Braes of Screen

Smithsonian Folkways
Produced in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Program at the 2007 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Amy Kortuem
The Month of January
Nine Waves
Next up, an original composition from southern Minnesota based harpist, singer, and composer, Amy Kortuem. We will be hearing "Nine Waves" from her self-produced cd, "The Month of January."

Kate Rusby
Awkward Annie
Awkward Annie

Pure Records
Artist website :
Contemporary and traditional Scotch and English songs.


Martin Léon:
Je m'demande
Annie Villeneuve : Un Homme
Putumayo World Music
French Canadian, singers celebrate Québec City's 400th Anniversary.

Antonio Carmona
Vengo Venenoso
Universal Music Latina

Artist website:
New music from Spain,
produced by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Six Degrees Records
Peruvian born singer Silvia Kane of Pacifika entrancing sweet voice lives-up to many repeated listenings.

Es Tiempo
Golpes Del Sol
Chicago-based Allá, creates Spanish language songs with personal significance to the members, covering theie Mexican-American/Chicano immigrant experience with inner city social pressures, tempered by the universal themes of love and spiritual and cultural awakening.

Café Cubano

Ignacio "Mazacote" Carillo: Lágrimas Negras

Sit back and relax to the
acoustic sounds of Cuban Cafe music extraordinare...

Natalia Clavier
El Arbol
Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

MySpace: Natalia Clavier
Native Argentinean Natalia Clavier has lived a lifetime of music from music, from Buenos Aires to Barcelona.

Sergio Mendez & Carlinhos Brown


Artist website:
featured artist
Global Rhythm - world music, culture & lifestyle magazine

Ya no duele
Decca Records
Originally appearing under the name Bajofondo Tango Club, This project was concieved by Gustavo Santaolalla, along with Juan Campodónico, with the idea of bringing together a collective of Argentine and Uruguayan artists dedicated to creating “contemporary music of the Rio de la Plata".

Quillombo Te Espera
Six Degrees Records
Sonantes is a Sao Paulo based musical collective featuring the vocal talents of CéU in collaboration with Pupillo and Dengue, members of the Brazilian group Nação Zumbi, as well as Rica Amabis from Instituto and Gui Amabis. Their unique debut release is a collection of atmospheric songs written for imaginary films and features guest stars including Siba, Lúcio Maia, Beto Villares, Apollo 9 and others.

Dean Evenson
Chakra Healing
Chakra Balancing
Soundings of the Planet
A deeply meditative and scholarly musical experience from award-winning composer, Dean Evenson.

Forro in the Dark
Dia De Roda
Dia De Roda
Nublu Records
MySpace: Forro in the Dark
Artist website:
New music from four Brasilian musicians living in NYC.

Cecilia Villar Eljuri
En Paz
El Aire
Mannovill Publishing
Singer/songwriter, Cecilia Villar Eljuri (Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter) was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and raised in the cultural melting-pot of New York City, NY.

Brent Lewis
Journey of Souls

Harmonic Village
Artist website:
Brent Lewis playing Ikauma drums and percussion.

Jef Stott
Medina Stepper
Six Degrees Records

Jef Stott is a musical anthropologist, who has studied with master musicians from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iran and Turkey. He's an accomplished musician on several traditional Middle Eastern stringed and percussion instruments.
Artist website:

William Susman
Fate of Lhapa
Meeting with the Dalai Lama

Artist website:
Award- winning soundtrack: From the movie, "Fate of the Lhapa" a feature-length documentary about the last three Tibetan shamans (lhapas) living in a Tibetan refugee camp in Nepal.

The Moondance International Film Festival: Best film score
The Park City Film Music Festival: Best film score

Scott August
New Fire
Mockingbird Canyon

Artist website:
Cedar Mesa Music
Native American Music Award winner, Scott August plays the Anasazi flute. Its an instrument that was lost for over a thousand years but newly rediscovered and its mellow sound once again echos through the sacred canyons of the American Southwest.

Lis Addison
The Song of the Tree

The Eternities
Lis Addison, is an award-winning composer, and vocalist, dancer and yogini. Her ancient wisdom-based music and dance movements support transformation through sound vibrations. We will be hearing "Tree Crown" a composition designed opening ones mind to recieve the divine energy of the universe.

African Party

Sekouba Bambino: Famoiu (remix danse) (Guinea)

Putumayo World Music
Sekouba Bambino Diabate was born into a traditional griot family of singers. He was a former member of the Afro-Latin band, Africando and has earned the title, "The National Treasure of Guinea."

Orchestra Baobab
Made in Dakar
Beni Baraale
One of the very first traditional griot songs to be updated sand played by a modern band. This piece shocked and seduced Dakar audiences in 1968. The lyrics pay homage to an old benevolent king of Senegal called Papa Ndaiye Ndene.

Victor Démé
Victor Démé
MySpace: Victor Deme
World Beat Pick of the Month
Blues roots music of Victor Dém
é, recorded at Jungle Studio in Burkina Faso and mastered in Paris.

Emmanuel Jal
Songs of redemption from singer/songwriter Emmanuel Jal who, at age 6, was forced into servitude as a war-child, fighting for the Sudan People's Liberation Army, during Sudan's civil war.

The Garifuna Women's Project
MySpace: Stonetree Records
Artist Website :
Umalali is an album of indescribable emotion, strength and beauty. It is an entrancing journey into the heart and soul of a unique and inspiring Garifuna culture.


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