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playlist for November 29, 2008
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

eterno navegar
as nosas cores
eterno navegar
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
New music from Pontevedra in the Galician region of Spain., although this particular tune has a Cape Verdean feel.
World Beat Pick of the Month

Peter Sterling
The Sands of Time
Harp Magic Music

A beautiful tune from the new cd by Sedona-based harpist Peter Sterling.

Sarah McQuaid
I won't go home 'til
Uncloudy Day


Sarah McQuaid's new album focuses on the music of Southern Appalachian music. Some of these songs she learned, in youth, from her mother.

Kevin Wood

New Vision Music
On "Kindred" composer/producer Kevin Wood draws ontraditions from around the world including Celtic, Gaelic, Native American, Gregorian, and Indian chants and vocal samples.

MOUSSU T e lei jovents
Home Sweet Home
Desamarra !

Le Chant du Monde
Artist website :

Moussu T e lei Jovents consists of the founder of Massilia Sound System together with its guitarist and a famous Brazilian percussionist. The group takes its inspiration from Marseille in the thirties, with songs, of the sea, harbours and shanties that reek of the briny air, shipyard cranes and rocky inlets.

Diego Amador
rio de los canasteros
Miel y sal
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Artist website :

Diego Amador sings and plays almost every flamenco instrument , from guitars to percussion, including mastery of flamenco piano.

Lila Mayi
Gypsy Woman
De Mais Ninguem
Paradise Music
An authentic tribute to the Gypsy people featuring the outstanding voice of Lila Mayi.

De donde eres
La Yegua
Bloodshot Records
Artist website :
Indie-rock veteran Ani Cordero writes and sing songs ranging from atmoshperic Southewestern ballads to Spanish rock.

Nosso Lar (The Astral City)
Campo Das Lembranças
Azul Music

Brazilian keyboardist and composer, Corciolli, is the founder of Azul Music. We will hear a track from his new cd, The Astral City, based on the spiritualist best-selling book "Nosso Lar."

Artist website :

Paris-based musician, Phileas, composes "electronic music celebrating human speech and language."

Emma Shipplin
Carmine Meo

Spente Le Stelle

Emma Shapplin started her music career in classical music but moved to hard rock and then decided to create her own style, a combination of archaic opera and modern trance and/or pop music.

Omara Portuondo

Ámame Como Soy
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Artist website :

Cuban songstress, Omara Portuando made her first noteriety in America as a vocalist with the Buena Vista Social Club. On her new album, "Gracias" she celebrates by recording the favorite songs defining her 60 year professional singing career.

Conjunto de Arpa Grande Arpex
¡Tierra Caliente! music from the hotlands

La Gordornia
Paseando por Michoácan
Smithsonian Folkways
Traditional music of the ranches of rural Michoácan. The conjunto consists of two guitars, two violins, and the Mexican Big Harp, which doubles as a drum. This Smithsonaian Folkways cd includes a 36-page booklet on the tradition.

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto from Columbia
Un Fuego De Sangre Pura

La Corniz - The Cornish Hen (Gaita Corrida)
Smithsonian Folkways
Un Fuego De Sangre Pura (a fire of pure blood) Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto are senior statesmen for Columbias favorite dance rhythms. This Smithsonaian Folkways cd includes a 32-page booklet of photos and introductions in English and Spanish.

el Mareo
Decca Records

Bajofondo is comprised of multi-Grammy Award recipient, Gustavo Santaolalla on guitar, percussion, and vocals; Juan Campodónico on programming, beats, samples and guitar; Luciano Supervielle on piano, keyboards and scratch; Javier Casalla on violin; Martín Ferrés on bandoneon; Gabriel Casacuberta on upright bass and electric bass; Adrián Sosa on drums; and Verónica Loza as VJ and on vocals.

Natacha Atlas and the Mazeeka Ensemble
Ana Hina
Ya Laure Hoboki

World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Anglo-Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas has spent more than a decade fusing electronic beats with Arabic and North African music. We will hear music from her newest cd, "Ana Hina."

Jamshied Sharifi
Jamshied Sharifi fuses musical styles from Middle Eastern, African and western to the far reaches of Tibet all bathed in a rich sonic textures.

Al Conti
Seven Veils to Midnight
Shadowside Music

Artist website :
Al Conti is from Buenos Aires and has been surrounded by an eclectic blend of musicians and performers all his life. His third release, tells the story of Sheherazade, in music with guitar, piano, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, sitar, tribal drums and exotic percussion.

Various Artists
Chinmaya Dunster: New Moon
New Earth Records

Shambhala is a Sanskrit term meaning "place of peace, tranquility and happiness."

Whale Meditation
For Absent Friends
New Earth Records

"To human ears it is the song of the Humpback Whale singing that is the grandest, the most complex, the most powerful song sung by any non human." Dr. Roger Payne, Whale Biologist, Ocean Alliance

Bombay Dub Orchestra
3 Cities

Six Degrees Records
Artist website:

Bombay Dub Orchestra consists of composer/producers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay. Their second release, "3 Cities" is an East-West fusion project. The title refers to the sonic crossroad where Mumbai, Chennai, and London musically meet. "3 Cities" features Indian Classical and electronica instrumentaions with a cast of over 75 musicians.

Dub Gabriel
Anarchy & Alchemy
Judith Julieratt: La Vie Senvole
Destroy A/C
Featuring the vocals of French chantuse, Judith Julieratt.

Shiva boom
Behind the mask

White Swan Records
Artist website:

Rising from the underground of Toronto’s multicultural music melting pot, Eccodek’s music is a blend of downtempo grooves, tribal electronica and world dub.

Burning Spear
Jah Is Real
Step It
From the November edition of the Relix Sampler
From Burning Spear's new cd, "Jah Is Real"

John Brown's Body
So Aware
Artist website:
US new roots/progressive Reggae band, John Brown’s Body, recently released their new album, "Amplify."

Lucky Dube
Different Colors

Artist website :

South African reggae singer Lucky Dube was one of the great reggae artists recognized for singing about social issues. He was one of the aparthied regiem's most outspoken critics. Lucky Dube was recently killed when car thiefs attacked him in Johanesburg. "Retrospect" is a two disc set contains a CD with 13 numbers and a DVD featuring five music videos and a 16 song live concert.

akh issudar
Ewor Imdane
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
The title of Malian group Terakaft' second album,"Akh Issudar" refers to an old Toureg proverb -"Aman imam, akh issudar" meaning "Water is life, milk is survival." Their Saharan music incorporates talking blues, call-and-response, the buzzing drone of electric guitar, punctuated by wailing cries and ululations.

Mamadou Diabate
Douga Mansa (the King's Vulture)
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Music from the Malian kora virtuoso, Mamadou Diabate. The 21 stringed West African harp-lute.

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