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playlist for November 01, 2008
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
King Raven - compiled vols. 1-3
Down by the Glenside
Celtic music inspired by the first volume of Stephen R. Lawhead's "Hood" - Book One of the King Raven Trilogy.

Blackmore's Night
Secret Voyage

Prince Waldeck's Galliard

Artist website:
Rennaissance rock music from former Deep Purple guitarist, Richie Blackmore, and his partner, vocalist, Candice Night.

Peter Sterling
The Sands of Time
The Mystic and the Master
Harp Magic Music

A beautiful tune from the new cd by Sedona-based harpist Peter Sterling.

Celtic Mantras
May the Circle be Open
Celtic Prayer

Oreade Music

An album of Celtic Mantras and musical blessings invoking peace, protection and understanding, music to warm your heart and bless your soul.

Sean Dockery

Iceland (featuring the vocals of Kristen Hertzenberg)

Artist website:
Sit back and drift in your mind on a sojourn to the rugged Highlands of Scotland.

MOUSSU T e lei jovents
Home Sweet Home
Lo chaple

Le Chant du Monde
Artist website :

Moussu T e lei Jovents consists of the founder of Massilia Sound System together with its guitarist and a famous Brazilian percussionist. The group takes its inspiration from Marseille in the thirties, with songs, of the sea, harbours and shanties that reek of the briny air, shipyard cranes and rocky inlets.

Mayte Martin, Katia & Marielle Labèque
De Fuego et De Agua
Acaricame Por Dentro

KML Recordings
Harmonia Mundi Records
Music of fire and water, of emotion, passion and duende.

Lila Mayi
Gypsy Woman
Como Siento Yo
Paradise Music
An authentic tribute to the Gypsy people featuring the outstanding voice of Lila Mayi.

Beata Soderberg
Quiere Terrere
World Village / Harmonia Mundi

Artist website:
Cellist, Beata Soderberg writes tango music featuring the cello as the leading voice. In the summer of 2004 she traveled to Buenos Aires to record her first album, Beatitudes (The album was nominated for an Argentinian grammy - Los Premios Carlos Garde) We will hear a tune from her new cd, Bailata.

Nosso Lar (The Astral City)
Campo Das Lembranças
Azul Music

Brazilian keyboardist and composer, Corciolli, is the founder of Azul Music. We will hear a track from his new cd, The Astral City, based on the spiritualist best-selling book "Nosso Lar."

Artist website :

Paris-based musician, Phileas, composes "electronic music celebrating human speech and language."

Juaneco y su Combo
Masters of Chicha 1
Un Shipibo En Espana
Barbes Records
Surf-rock guitar accompaniment to rhythm of cumbia and other South American dance standards with one foot in indigenous folklore and the other on a wah-wah pedal from the edge the Peruvian Amazon. Some of the tracks remind me of Grateful Dead jam sessions.

Bill Leslie
Blue Ridge Reunion
South Mountains
A beautiful tune from Bill Leslie's new cd, Blue Ridge Reunion. I'm sending it out this evening with kindest regards, great respect, and a 21 gun salute to my recently deceased friend and long-time co-worker, John Simms. God bless you.

Sacred Space
Douglas Blue Feather
Shores of Atlantis

Artist website:
Spirit Hawk Records
Heartfelt melodies on the Native American flute by multi-award winner, Douglas Blue Feather.

the 10,000 steps

Kosmic Music
Artist website :

The ethereal voice of Lisbeth Scott accompanied by Greg Ellis on middle eastern percussion.

Putumayo Presents
Acoustic Arabia

Tiris Nibreeha (Tiris, the region on the Atlantic coast between Morocco and Mauritania )
Putumayo World Music
A beautiful song from Tiris, a region in the Western Sahara.

Natacha Atlas and the Mazeeka Ensemble
Ana Hina
Ana Hina

World Village / Harmonia Mundi
World Beat Pick of the Month
Anglo-Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas has spent more than a decade fusing electronic beats with Arabic and North African music. We will hear music from her newest cd, "Ana Hina."

Al Conti
Seven Veils to Midnight
Shadowside Music

Artist website :
Al Conti is from Buenos Aires and has been surrounded by an eclectic blend of musicians and performers all his life. His third release, tells the story of Sheherazade, in music with guitar, piano, dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, sitar, tribal drums and exotic percussion.

New Earth Records

Another serene and blissful masterpiece from New-Mexico based musician, Deuter.

Various Artists
Buddha Cafe 2
Masala: Light India

A new East-meets-West collection of chill-out tunes from around the world.

Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider
Silent City
Harmonia Mundi World Village
An extrordinary recording bringing together Kayhan Kalhor, one of Iran's most creative artists, and the multi-faceted string quartet, Brooklyn Rider.

Love Holding Love
Sacred Patterns
Artist website:
Wha! draws on the music of India, including Indian classical achant and kirtan. Her music is also infused with pop, reggae, and folk influences.

Zuco 103
After the Carnaval

Six Degrees Records

Grammy Award Winning, Jim Wilson celebrates his native roots and passion for the first peoples on his new cd, "Prayer to the Mystery."

Taj Majal
Heads Up
Artist website:
Taj Majal's new cd is titled, Maestro for a good reason. For the past fourty years Taj Majal has honed an awesome collection of musical styles into sparkling gems. On "Zanzibar" Taj collaborates with singer Angilique Kidjo and kora player Toumani Diabate.

Lucky Dube
Different Colors

Artist website :

South African reggae singer Lucky Dube was one of the great reggae artists recognized for singing about social issues. He was one of the aparthied regiem's most outspoken critics. Lucky Dube was recently killed when car thiefs attacked him in Johanesburg. "Retrospect" is a two disc set contains a CD with 13 numbers and a DVD featuring five music videos and a 16 song live concert.

Rebel Woman
Listen to the Breeze
Artist Website :
Zimbabwean rich-voiced singer, Chiwoniso is on tour this summer in support of her new cd on Cumbancha, titled, "Rebel Woman." Her songs feature the sound of the mbira.

akh issudar
Amindinine Wa Dagh Nohar Timtarg
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
The title of Malian group Terakaft' second album,"Akh Issudar" refers to an old Toureg proverb -"Aman imam, akh issudar" meaning "Water is life, milk is survival." Their Saharan music incorporates talking blues, call-and-response, the buzzing drone of electric guitar, punctuated by wailing cries and ululations.

Mamadou Diabate
Douga Mansa (the King's Vulture)
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
Music from the Malian kora virtuoso, Mamadou Diabate. The 21 stringed West African harp-lute.

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