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playlist for March 7, 2009
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Ancient Future
Planet Passion
I Mett Her in the Medowe
Artist website :
New music from the California-based group, Ancient Future.

Cecile Corbel
Song Book vol. 2
la fille damnée (c.corbel)
Keltia Musique
Artist website: Cecile Corbel
MySpace: Cecile Corbel
Cécile Corbel is from Bretagne, the Celtic region in the north-west of France. As a child, she traveled all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers. She plays the guitar but discovered and fell in love with the Celtic harp in her teens. We will be hearing music from "songbook 1," her self-produced album now on the label, Keltia Musique.

Miguel Afonso
De Vuelta Al Baile
Aires de Lima
Camino Viejo Producciones
Artist website :
Some beautiful music from Gran Canaria, Espana. The Canary Islands. Miguel Afonso is a master accordianist playing with his group in Gran Canaria.
World Beat Pick of the Month

Kalio Gayo
mei ti sera foun

Artist website :
Kalio gayo: a different kind of folk music.
The Utrecht, Netherlands-based group, Kalio Gayo, is mainly influenced by eastern Europe. Their beautiful harmonies, and adventurous banjo rhythms accompanied by accordion are played with a Balkan touch.

Oreka Tx
nömadak tx
martxa baten lehen notak
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
The txalaparta is a percussion instrument closely tied to the Basque culture. It consists of planks of wood suspended by two stands covered with insulating material., It takes two players, each one holding a thick wooden sticks in a vertical position.

Les Filles - various chantuse
Le Pop - le chansons de la nouvelle scène français
Doris Park: Je Ne Te Quitterais Jamais
Melanie Pain: Celle De Mes 20 Ans
Artist website:

Melanie Pain is called a Nouvelle vague singer... interesting... even more vague when one has little understanding of Francais, but these are all wonderful songs from an excellent gathering of chantuses.

Kristo Numpuby Chante
Brassens en Afrique
Corne D'Aurochs
Brave Margot

Artist Website :
Kristo Numpuby was born in Paris but grew-up in Eséka (the tropical forest of Cameroon. Kristo's album, "Chante" celebrates the life and song of French poet, singer/songwriter Georges Brassens.

The Stimulators
Pirate Music
Since their inception in 1998, the Berlin-based band known as "The Stimulators" have been wowing audiences all over Europe with their infectious mix of Caribbean and African styles, grafted onto a solid Jazz and Blues-based foundation.

Tarik & Julia Banzi - Al-Andalus

Casida De La Muchacha Dorada (Casida of the Golden Girl)
Al Andalus Productions
Artist website:

Music from Morocco on Oud and Flamenco guitar: Tarik (oud, ney, darbuka) & Julia Banzi (flamenco guitar, viola)

The Idan Raichel Project
Within My Walls
Bein Kirot Beiti (Within My Walls) - title track
Mai Nahar (River Waters)
Idan Raichel joins forces with musicians from Cape Verde, Columbia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Morrocco to create an entrancing fusion celebrating peace through music...

Master Musicians of Jujuka with Bachir Attar
Live Volume 1
If the Moon Loves You
Jajouka Records
Artist Website :
Recorded live in Lisbon. Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jujuka have been performing in Morroco and around the world since 1989. But the band under Attar's father dates back to the 1960s.

Deeyah was born and raised in Oslo, Norway to Muslim immigrant parents (her mother is Pashtun of Afghan ancestry and her father is Pakistani). Deeyah trained within the North Indian/Pakistani classical vocal tradition for more than fourteen years and had the rare privilege of being the only female ever to be trained by Ustad Fateh Ali Khan and one of very few females to be trained by Ustad Sultan Khan

AO Music
A world music group creating music for a new eon...

Coyote Poets of the Universe
Callin' You Home
Russian Percussion
Square Shaped Records
New music and poetry from Denver-based, Coyote Poets of the Universe

Neil Jacobs
12 String Guitar
Artist website :

Listening to Neil Jacobs 12 String Guitar reminds me of Leo Kottke, and that's my highest compliment in homegrown American 12 String.

Mike Serna
Warriors Last Breath
The Journey Home
Artist website :

Native American flute from Mike Serna of Chattanooga, TN.

Fiona Joy Hawkins
Blue Dream
Feeling Sunshine
Austrailian pianist Fiona Joy Hawkins on chilled-piano accompanied by didgeribone* on her composition, "Feeling Sunshine." A project produced by Will Ackerman. Recorded as a 70 minute single piece of music on a Steinway B, Blue Dream goes from quiet contemplative piano to full orchestral, to world sounds, rhythms, jazz influcneces and back again to the perfect "Bach' moment

The Bodhi Brothers & Jack Lee
Organically Grown
Return of the Dirt
New music, organically grown, in North San Jaun CA.

Cadence Spalding
Save The World
Trust in Love
The vocals of Cadence Spalding and brilliant infinite soundspaces of Mars Lasar.

Jaime Vega
Sky Riders

Puro Runas
New music from Talking Taco Music. Jaime Vega is a native of Ecuador and a contemporary leader in the resurgence of traditional Ecuadoran/ Andean music.

Coba Coba
Artist Website :
Afro-Peruvian music from one of Novalima was founded by four friends in Lima Peru in 2001. Their roots of thir music is found in songs dating back to Spanish colonial rule and the era of African slavery in Peru. Their music also steeped in contemporary influences including hip-hop and DJ culture. Novalima has become one the best-selling groups in Peruvian history. The cd includes a 28 page booklet.

Matthew Montfort
Seven Serenades for Scalloped Guitar
The scalloped guitar has the wood between the frets carved awato reduce fristion and produce a sound similar to the sitar..

Paul Adams
Flute Meditations for Dreaming Clouds
The Moon and the Stars
Artist: www.Paul
Native American Flute songs focused on "the need to be gentle on ourselves."

Putumayo Presents
African Reggae

Ismael Isaac : Magno Mako (Côte d'Ivoire)
Mo'Kalamity & The Wizards: Vision (Cape Verde)
Putumayo World Music
A new collection of African Reggae from Putumayo World Music.

Rokia Traore
Malian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rokia Traore, composed allthe songs on her new album with the exception of the Billy Holiday classic, "The Man I Love."

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