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playlist for May 9, 2009
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

A Hed Ar Ster
Artist website:
Dremmwel means horizon, in the Breton language. For the past twenty years Dremmwel have been playing local events that call for traditional dancing at festivals and venues in every corner of their native Britanny.
World Beat Pick of the Month

Les Filles - various chantuse
Le Pop (5) - le chansons de la nouvelle scène français
Maud Lübeck: Le Parapluie
Poney Express: Paris De Loin
Artist website:

Music from Les Filles - Le Pop... each song on this album deserve air-play... wonderful music from a group of lovely chantuses.

The Love Album
Je Voudrais Partir En Week-end
Music from French chantuse, Anaïs Croz

Françoiz Breut
Á L'aveugiette
title track

New music from singer/songwriter and pioneer of the Nouvelle Scène Française, Françoiz Breut.

Nadia Birkenstock
Strange New Land
Wind, Sun and Stars
Artist website :
Some beautiful new music from singer/songwriter and Celtic harper, Nadia Birkenstock.

Neil Jacobs
American Gypsy
Sukar Rom
Artist website :
American Gypsy features Neil Jacobs on 12 string guitar, Arkadiy Gips on violin and John Douglas on bass.

Warsaw Village Band
Skip Funk
Is Anybody In There

Barbes Records
Artist website :
The music of the Warsaw Village Band is deeply rooted in music of Polish villages but the tune we are about to hear exudes funky soul. In explanation ... their Carpathian singers claim James Brown as a major musical influence.

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
Two Worlds One
Morning Star
New Earth Records
Harper Lisa Lynne and Nyckelharpa player Aryeh Frankfurter.

Federico Aubele
Te quero a ti
Del Ayer (featuring Natalia Clavier)
ESL Music

next-up, romantic music from Buenos Aires, inspired by bolero and tango and vocals imbued a nostalgia for gentler times...

Miguel Afonso
De Vuelta Al Baile
El Candil
Camino Viejo Producciones
Artist website :
Miguel Afonso is a master accordianist playing with his group in Gran Canaria, Espana... more familiarly known as The Canary Islands.

Fusión Flamenca - la isla
La Creída (tanguillos)

Artist website :
Next-up flamenco fusion music from the Barcelona band Koskilleo, featuring music by Joaquín Murillo and songstress Leo Cantante

Cecilia Noël
A Gozár! (to enjoy)
El Cumbanchero
Everybody's Mambo
Compass Records

Artist Website :
Cecilia Noël sings with a group called the Wild Clams. She combines elements of salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and afro-cuban music. She's know by her fans an the Latin Tina Turner.

Oreka Tx
nömadak tx
World Village / Harmonia Mundi
The txalaparta is a percussion instrument closely tied to the Basque culture. It consists of planks of wood suspended by two stands covered with insulating material., It takes two players, each one holding a thick wooden sticks in a vertical position.
But the track we are about to hear was recorded in an igloo with 40 below temps outside using a txalparta carved from ice by Sami musician (iceman) Terje Isunset.

Rocker-T featuring Joan Baez
LUV is the foundation
The Way Life Should Be (radio edit)

Epiphyte Records
Dejavu, strike a chord as Joan Baez once again puts her voice in the service of love and peace.

Alice Gomez
The Healing Flute
Title Track
Talking Taco Music
Native American flutist, Alice Gomez performs healing ceremonies based-upon music of the wooden flute. We will be hearing a healing song caled "Renweal."

Inbar Bakal
Song of Song
Song of Songs

Electrophone Records
Artist website:
Inbar Bakal was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and grew-up in a home with distinct Yemenite and Iraqi roots. The Jewish Yemenite culture is known for its musical traditions and devotion to the Torah. Inbar sings in Hebrew accompanied by traditional instrumentation fused with electronica.

The Idan Raichel Project
Within My Walls
Mai Nahar (River Waters - vocals-Anat Ben Hamo)

Israeli musician, Idan Raichel joins forces with musicians from Cape Verde, Columbia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Morrocco to create an entrancing fusion celebrating peace through music.

Lawrence Blatt
The Color of Sunshine

Infrared: The Abyss

San Francisco based guitarist, Lawrence Blat released his third album. It's a gem produced by William Ackerman.

Ancient Sky

The Lion Kingdom

Sedona-based musician Thunderbeat looks to Egypt for new inspiration.

Putumayo Presents

Satish Vyas: Homeward Journey
Putumayo World Music
Music from the newest Putumayo Collection; we'll be hearing a master of the Santoor, Satish Vyas.

Al Gromer Khan
Sitar Secrets
I Got Vilayat Khan's Blessing
New Earth Records
Al Gromer Khan has studied sitar since 1968 and was initiated into the elite Khan I-Gharana lineage in 1975.

Various artists - New Earth Records
Spirit Lounge

Aethera: Into Blue
New Earth Records
Meditative music from a new collection by New Earth Records

Midival Punditz
Hello Hello

Electric Universe
Six Degrees Records
Electronic music from the Indian subcontinent by the Midival Puntitz.

Various artists - Hear Music
Playing for Change- Songs Around the World
Talkin' Bout a Revolution
An effort uniting musicians from around the world to "Play for Change"

Buju Banton
Rasta Got Soul
Lend A Hand
Gargamel Music
New music from reggae great Buju Banton

Putumayo Presents
African Reggae

Bingui Jaa Jammy: Congo Natty
(Burkina Faso musicians)
Putumayo World Music
From a new collection from Putumayo; Bingui Jaa Jmmy has absorbed musical influences and inspiration from across Africa and Jamaica.

Amadou & Mariam
Welcome to Mali
Music from the new cd by Malian musicians Amadou and Mariam.

Staff Benda Bilili
Trés Trés Fort
Moto Moindo
Benda Bilili means "look beyond appearances" is a group of parapalegic street musicians who live in and around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, Congo. Four singer/guitarists on makeshift tricycle-weelchairs are supported by a young all-acoustic rhythm section and a 17 year old performing infectious guitar-like solos on one-string electric lute that he built himself, out of a tin-can.

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