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playlist for January 02, 2010
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Amy Kortuem
The Month of January
title track

We begin this the music evening with a Irish tune celebrating "The Month of January" performed by Southern Minnesota harper, Amy Kortuem.

Tudur Morgan
Mae 'Nghariad I'n Fenws

Tudur Morgan solo here but a member of the five man band from Anglesey, North Wales established themselves in the 80's as Mojo, and in 1990 were the first Welsh band to ever release a rock CD, in Welsh. It was titled'Awn ymlaen fel hyn'

Connemara Stone Company LIVE
Bonny Ship The Diamond
Artist website:
A Celtic band based in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany

Connemara Stone Company
Birds & Beasts
Just Another Love Song
Joy of My Life
Artist website:
A Celtic band based in Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany

The Love Token
Caisleán a' tSléibhe
MacDara Music
Artist website: MacDara Ó Conaola
MacDara Ó Conaola is a native of the Aran Island of Inisheer who is steeped in the local sean-nos style although accompanied by a fine band he takes a contemporary approach to what is traditionally a solo song form. MacDara sings in both Gaelic and English. The album was co-produced by Máire Breatnach and recorded in Conamara.

Knickers down bottoms up
Hornpipe Retreat & Polka
The Drummer
Celtboy Records
Andy Redmond is a Celtic musician based in the Philadelphia area and who has had a lifetime facination with military "field music." He is the co-founder of the Mifflin Guard Field Music and 28th PA Regimental Brass Band.

Bruce Mitchell
Celtic Compilation
Stone of Destiny
An anthology of songs from Bruce Mitchell's albums, Celtic Destiny, Celtic Sanctity, and The Gathering.

Jethro Tull
The Jethro Tull Christmas Album
Fuel 2000 Records
A version of Greensleeves from the Jethro Tull Christmas Album, a 2003 release.

Kate Rusby
Awkward Annie
The Planets

Pure Records
Artist website :
Music from Kate Rusby's 2007 cd, Awkward Annie. Contemporary and traditional Scotch and English songs.

Ciro Hurtado
Tales from Home
ROM Records
Ciro Hurtado comes from a family of story tellers living in the jungles of Peru. "Tales from Home" is a collection of pieces inspired by their stories, portraits, and Peruvian landscapes.

Marta Topferova
Mar Y Cielo
World Village Music
Marta Topferova was born in the Czech Republic but her music is rooted in the sounds and styles of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ya Foy! (no problem)
Ya Foy! Sarazino is based in Quito Ecuador and blends elements of Latin, pop, reggae, funk, African and Arabic music creating an infectious sound... "make Love your religion... Irie man, Irie man..." One of my favorite songs from 2009.

Rupa and the April Fishes
Este Mundo
C'est Moi
A San Francisco-based group that crosses musical borders and language barriers by fusing Gypsy, French, Spanish and plenty of attitude and emotion and sound-bytes in "global agit-pop" soundspace.

The Stimulators
This Guitar is Loaded
"The Stimulators" are a Munich Germany based band featuring former Ike Turner sideman, Peter Schneider on lead guitar, and German ska pioneer, Oliver Stephan on lead vocals/ rhythm guitar, have been thrilled audiences all over Europe, with their infectious mix of Caribbean and African styles, grafted onto a solid Jazz and Blues-based foundation. Their brand-new cd, "Loaded" keeps up their tradition with a collection contemporary themed songs percolating with lively insight into today's social environment.

Eddie Benitez
Visions of Angels
Visions of Angels
New Groove
As a teenager guitarist, Eddie Benitez was fortunate to have private lessons with Andres Segovia, for a year. We will be hearing the title track, "Visions of Angels."

Brent Lewis
Dripping Wet (Ode to the Whale)
Brent Lewis is a master of the melodic drums. He plays a set of 22 drums tuned to the notes of the piano.

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Lookin' for a Little Strange
The Biscuit Breakdown

New Folk Records
Some jazzy music from the Twin Cities-based Galactic Cowboy Orchestra on New Folk Records.


To the Shore

Sounds True
Pathaan is one of the few UK-based DJs to have truly crossed the dance/world divide. Pathaan has had numerous performances across Europe, in Brazil, and New York.

Chinmaya Dunster
Land of the Buddhas
Chance Finding
New Earth
Land of the Buddhas is collection of Chinmaya Dunster's personal favorites on New Earth Records. On the song, "Chance Finding" Chinmaya Dunster is accompanied by The Celtic Ragas Band.

Te Vaka
Te Mavaega
Tui Moana
Na ko koe
Warm Earth Records
Some beautiful music by the group, Te Vaka, which means "canoe" in the Tokelau language. Opetatia Foa'i is the founder and songwriter for the group. Their original album is titled, Te Vaka. Back in November of 1997 I first played music by Te Vaka, on the World Beat. Their brand-new release of South Pacific Fusion music is titled, "Haoloto."

Artists Website: Te Vaka.
World Beat Pick of the Month

The Black Seeds
Solid Ground
Love is a Radiation
Easy Star Records
Artist website: The Black Seeds
Reggae music sending a message to the world from Wellington, New Zealand.

Baka Beyond
Martin Cradick and the Baka at Gbiné
Beyond the Forest
White Swan Records
Martin Cradick and his wife, Su Hart have been working with the Baka people for over 20 years. Their new cd, "Beyond the Forest" was recorded in the Cameroonian rainforest in the Baka Music House that was built with funds from Baka Beyond's earlier recordings. The chant music of the Baka people is an ancient tradition.

Amadou & Mariam
Welcome to Mali
Ce n'est pas bon

"Sabali" by Amadou and Mariam is one of my favorite tracks of 2009.

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