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playlist for April 10, 2010
host/producer Mark R. Thomas

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Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

Bridget McMahon
Celtic Woman
Hold Me Now

Paradise Music
Bridget McMahon lives in County Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland. She is part of a duo performing trad folk, rock, and Americana.

Sweeter than Burbon

Seneca is a youthful new band out of Limerick City, Ireland. They have already toured the US, with over 90 shows in 25 states. Although I have to admit that this is the first I've heard of them. I found myself mesmerized by the tone and lyrics of their song titled "Marks." All songs written by Seneca vocalist, Rob Hope.

Face a Face

Tinder Records
A song from the 1994 recording of French singer/songwriter known as Saga.

Sara Thomsen
By Breath
Freedom Song
Sara Thomsen
We will be hearing a couple of tracks from Sara Thomsen. A singer/song writer from the Duluth Area. I first heard her, back in 2002, on a rainy evening in Duluth, when I ducked into a coffee house/bakery on Canal Park. Sara's songs made a lasting impression. I stayed till the music ended. It was just recently that I heard her song "Is It For Freedom" on a Democracy Now video that I contacted her to play her music on The World Beat.

Márta Sebestyén
I Can See The Gates of Heaven
(Hungarian religious and secular songs)
World Village

Music from Hungarian folk singer, Marta Sebstyen sings songs that preserve archaic European traditions.

Music from

Songs Unrecantible

These six Berlin-based musicians, of ErsatzMusika spent their formative years in the USSR and emigrated to Berlin in the early 90's. They are lead by singer/songwriter, Irina Doubrovskja who describes her music, on MySpace, as "post-soviet urban folk from Berlin."
Lyrics to: Songs Unrecantible (8.3 MB)

Voice Letter

These six Berlin-based musicians, of ErsatzMusika spent their formative years in the USSR and emigrated to Berlin in the early 90's. They are lead by singer/songwriter, Irina Doubrovskja who describes her music, on MySpace, as "post-soviet urban folk from Berlin."

Balkan Beat Box
Blue Eyed Black Boy
Dancing With the Moon

Music from a new recording of globalized urban mashups, from Balkan Beat Box, recorded in Belgrade and Tel Aviv. This time BBB are on the NatGeo Label.

the hereness and nowness of things
Eastern Dance
Esthema is a Boston-based world fusion ensemble. We will be hearing the Greek flavored track, "A Place to Rest."

Ilhan Ersahin
Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz
NYC East Village-based saxophonist and composer, Ilhan Ersahin has travelled to Istanbul many times for jam-sessions and to absorb the blossoming music scene. This is the result of those sessions.

Josh Rouse
El Turista
Duerme, Mobila
Yep Roc

Josh Rouse is based in Valencia Spain, El Turista is a globe-trotting musical journey with Spain the point of origin, and that touches down in Africa, Cuba, Brazil and Nashville where the bulk of the tracks were recorded.

Marachi Los Comperos de Nati Cano
Amor, Dolor Y Lágrimas
Música Ranchera
Gloomy Nights
Smithsonian Folkways

The Grammy-Award- winning group, Marachi Los Comperos de Nati Cano breath new life into to Musica Ranchera, Mexico's "county music" that blossomed from the 30's to the 50's.

The Heart of Columbia's Música Vallenata

Sin Ti (Without You)
Smithsonian Folkways

Since the late 1920's the music of the vallenatos-people of a small valley region on the Carribean coast of Columbia has best exemplified the heart and feeling of the Columbian people.

Very Be Careful
Escape Room
El Viajero Del Tiempo
Barbès Records
VBC is a Caribbean sould band based in LA. They specialize in a Colombian coastal beat style called the vallanato.

Artist website :

Paris-based musician, Phileas, composes "electronic music celebrating human speech and language."

Michel Banabila
Traces - music for films & documentaries

Tapu Records
Artist website:
Dutch musician Michel Banabila creates eerily atmospheric music for films and documentaires. We will be hearing "Speech," featuring lyrics taken directly from Genesis 11.

Zen Mama
Mahakala Chant
New Earth Records

Geoffrey "Gurrumul" Yunupingu
Skinnyfish Music
Next up (my World Beat Pick of the Month) Gurrumul, an Australian Aboriginal man who was born blind and learned to play a right-handed guitar upside-down with his left hand. He still plays all his songs in that fashion. We will be hearing Gurrumul singing a song addressed to the Aboriginal creator, Baywara.

Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind):
I was born blind, and I don't know why
God knows why, because he love me so
as I grew up, my spirit knew
then I learnt to read the world of destruction
united we stand, divided we fall
together we'll stand, in solidarity
World Beat Pick of the Month

No Prisoners
Brainwashed Again
Six Degrees Records
Next-up music from a brand new cd from Six Degrees Records that just arrived in today's mail. Gaudi is a London-based producer famous for rocking dance-floors the world over. His music synthesizes elements of dub, electronica, and world music into extended down-tempo mixes.

Taj Weekes & Adowa

Hollow Display
Taj Weekes & Adowa

Lonesome in Babylon
Artist Charity Foundation website:
They Often Cry Outreach
Artist website:
Music from the Carribean Island of St. Lucia by roots reggae musicians, Taj Weekes and Adowa.
Singer/songwriter Taj Weekes speaks to the life, love, poverty, faith and the people's spirit of his island country.

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective
Amuyengü (In Times to Come)
Stonetree Records

The Garifuna people are a people and a language without a country. They originally settled on St Vincents, but were scattered along the mainland coast after being driven out by the Spanish. Today they live in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and various places in South America yet always in the minority.

David Kirton
Thanks and Praise
Birds Eye Music
Artist website:
MySpace: David Kirton music
David Kirton, from Barbados sings in a unique blend of roots-rock-reggae, with soul and pop. We will be hearing "Stand Up."

Zebu Nation
Ny Alantsika
Cumbancha Discovery
Artist website:
Singer and songwriter Razia Said is a native of Madagascar where she returns after years of living s nomadic life from Africa to Europe and the US. On Zebu Natio she reaches back to her roots in Madagascar to find her artistic voice.

Angelique Kidjo
Artist website:
A new release from Angelique Kidjo. We will hear a song called "Move On Up" featuring Bono & John Legend.

Victor Démé
Victor Démé
MySpace: Victor Deme
Blues roots music of Victor Dém
é, recorded at Jungle Studio in Burkina Faso and mastered in Paris.

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté
Ali and Toumani
World Circuit/ Nonesuch
A posthumous recording of Ali Farka Touré on guitar and vocals. His mani collaborator is Toumani Diabaté on Kora but he is also accompanied by his son, Vieux Farka Touré, on congas; and Cuban great, Orlando Cachaito Lopez on bass.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
Rise & Shine
Jah Mercy
Artist website:
The Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars formed their group in a West African refugee camp. Their first album was titled "Living Like a Refugee." As their motto they write: "We always to intend to write songs about peace and love because we always remember our past. We came from a war-torn country. That's why we never cease to remind people in our music to always remain in peace. We will be hearing "Living Stone."

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba
I Speak Fula
Saro (feat: Vieux Farka Toure)
SubPop Records
Basse Kouyate plays the ngoni, a string instrument originating in West Africa; it's body is made of wood or calabash covered with goatskin over it like a drum. This instrument is an ancestor of the banjo. Basse Kouyate and Ngoni ba are on US tour and will play a concert on April 10th, in Minneapolis, at The Cedar.

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