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WORLD BEAT Playlist 03/04/95
Host/Producer: Mark Thomas

Artist                  'Title and Songs'                   Record Label
Clannad                       'Anam'                            Atlantic
                          Ri Na Cruinne
                         The Poison Glen

Tannahill Weavers            'Cullen Bay'                   Green Linnet
             The Fiddler/ The Fiddlers Jig &Jenney Dang the Weaver 
                          The Reel of Tulloch 
                           Joy of My Heart
Tannahill Weavers             'Capernaum'                   Green Linnet
                         The Plooboy Laddies

The Chieftains            'The Long Black Veil'                      BMG
       Sting                 Mo Ghile Mear
       Mark Knopfler     The Lily of the West

The Young Dubliners       'Rocky Road to Dublin'             Scotti Bros
                              Title Track
                         Last House on the Street

The House Band               'Another Setting'              Green Linnet
                        The Rocky Road to Dublin

R. Carlos Nakai &           'Ancestral Voices'           Canyon Records
William Eaton                In the Silver Glow

Peter Kater       'How the West Was Lost' Vol II             Silver Wave
                                Title Track
                               Dakota Justice

Robbie Robertson &     'Music for the Native Americans'
The Red Road Ensemble           Ghost Dance                      Capitol

Obo and Jorge                  'Sol y Luna'                     DA Music
                               Flying Fish

Gino D'Auri                 'Flamenco Mystico'           Hearts of Space
                          Recuerdos de la Alhambra           World Class

Ketama, Toumani Diabate         'Songhai 2'             Hannibal Records
and Jose Soto                 Pozo del Deseo
                                Mali Sajio

Los Van Van                      'Azucar'                   Green Linnet
                                Disco Azucar                   Xenophile

Beausoleil                  'La Danse de la Vie'            Green Linnet
                             Chanson pour Ezra
                            Je Tombe aux Genoux

Various Artists        'Rockin Zydeco Party'      Maison de Soul Records
Boozoo Chavis           Boozoo's Trail Ride Breakdown
Keith Frank                  Went Out Last Night
Rosie Ledet                     Shame on You

Baka Beyond               'Spirit of the Forest'        Hannibal Records
                                Title Track

Thomas Mapfumo and            'Vahuna Vatema'                 Zimbob Inc
The Blacks Unlimited             Hanzavadzi

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Mankato State University
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