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WORLD BEAT Playlist 04/06/96 Host/Producer: Mark Thomas
The World Beat
Artist 'Title' and Songs Record Label  
Øystein Sevåg "Global House "
Song From The Planet
Title Track
Windham Hill Records  
The Makem Brothers "On the Rocks"
Straw Into Gold
Red Biddy Records  
Altan " Altan The First Ten Years "
Pretty Peg
Green Linnet  
Martin Hayes " Under The Moon"
Pat Canny's / Come West Along the Road
Green Linnet  
Heidi Berry "Invocation"
Little Fox
Phil Cunningham " The Palamino Waltz"
Ceilidh Funk
Ciara Mc Carthy's Lullaby
Green Linnet  
Nóírin Ní Riain " Celtic Soul"
Cucúín (The Cuckoo)
Ode to Bridget
Summer Summer
Living Music  
Night Noise " The Parting Tide"
Island of Hope and Tears
Windham Hill Records  
Keola Beamer "Tales From the Dream Guitar"
E Kuú
Dancing Cat Records  
Sharon Burch "Touch The Sweet Earth"
Welcome Home
Corn Song
Canyon Records  
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble "Music for The Native Americans"
It's a Good Day to Die
Twisted Hair
Capitol Records  
Deep Forest "Deep Forest"
Judy Mowatt "The First Ten Years 1986/1995"
I Shall Be Released
One Love
Earth Beat Records  
Maestro Ali Akbar Khan " Journey"
Title Track
Triloka Records  
Sheila Chandra "Nada Brahma"
The Awakening
Caroline Indi Pop  
Little Buddha "The Secret Score of Tibetan Chant"
Chenresie Flame of Peace and Compassion
Heart Sutra
Ragam and Tanam
Foday Musa Suso "African Dub Off One World"
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