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World Beat

Playlist Feb.97

Mark R. Thomas

Øystein Sevag

Global House
Song From The Planet

  The Tannahill Weavers

  Leaving St. Kilda

Good Drying Set
Hieland Harry

The Athol Gathering

 Green Linnet
 Wolfstone  The Half Tail
No Tie Ups
 Green Linnet
 Bonnie Rideout

Kindred Spirits
"A Musical Portrait of Scotland's Women"

Mrs Gunn's / Sweet Molly /Wise Maid

Maggie's Music
 The Pogues  Pogue Mahone
Living in a World Without Her
When the Ship Comes In
Four O'Clock In The Morning
 WEA Warner Music UK Mesa/Bluemoon

Johnny's Gone For A Soldier

Dougie MacDonald's / Maire Breathnach / The Antrim Rose / Atlantic Wave / Toss the Feather

 Roberto Perera  Harp and Soul
Place in the Sun
 Neville Brothers  Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin "All My Relations"
The Sound
Holy Spirit
 A & M Records
 Adventures in Afropea

 Telling Stories to the Sea

 Bonga   Mona Ki Xica
 Cesaria Evora    Sodade
 Dany Silva    Mama Africa
 Jacinta Sanches   Vizinha Ka Bale

 Luka Bop / Warner Bros
 Rachid Taha  Ole Ole
Mango / Island Records
 Krishna Das  One Track Heart
 Triloka Records Worldly Music
 Little Buddha  The Secret Score of Tibetan Chant
Chenresie, Flame of Peace & CompassionHeart Sutra / Chant
 Ravi Shankar Genesis
Genesis Theme
 Heart Beat/Poli-Rhythm Ltd.
 Bob Marley & the Wailers  Kaya
Misty Morning
Running Away
 Island Records

Maverick Radio Network
Southern Minnesota's true alternative

 Begin my World Beat theme "Song From the Planet" from Global House by Norwegein musician, Oystein Sevag.

Music from many times and places. From Scottish, traditional tunes by the Tannahill Weavers followed by the amplified sound of Wolfstone and then the award winning fiddler Bonnie Rideout. Modern Irish music by the Pogues singing the Dylan classic When The Ship Comes In. Seamus Eagan with vocals and a medley with his band Solas.

The chief exponent of the Electro-Acoustic Paraguayan harp, Roberto Perera from his latest CD Harp and Soul.

The Neville Brothers followed by Adventures in Afropea, the sound of African Portuguese fusion. Modern Mediterranean techno/trance music sung in Arabic by Rachid Taha.

Music of India from the Triloka Record Label Krishna Das followed by soundtracks from Little Buddha and Genesis by Ravi Shankar.

We finish the evening and segue to Georges Collinet's Afro Pop Worldwide with the Marley classics Misty Morning and Running Away.