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Good evening and welcome to the The World Beat .
...I'm Mark Thomas and I'll be your host for the next two hours. We will be hearing an eclectic World music soundscape featuring.

Øystein Sevåg
Global House
Song from the Planet

Windham Hill Records

* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Noírín Ní Riain
Celtic Soul
Port Na bPúcaí
Suantraithe "Lullabies"

Living Music

Noírín Ní Riain this music as singing out of her truests space a Celtic "pure drop" in the sean nos (old style) tradition .

Alison Kinnaird
Crann Nan Teud "The Harp Key"
"Music of the Scottish Harp"
Fliuch An Oidhche/Heman Dubh
Port Atholl

Temple Records "The Scottish Label"

This music was originally released in 1978 and is considered to be a landmark recording of the music for the Scottish harp. It was the first time since the traditional Scottish harper tradition died that Scottish Harp was presented as a solo instrument with its own repertoire.

Castellum Bonesti
" Celtic music from Spain"
Maneo Da Ulla Foliada De Padrenda
Muiñeira De Vilanova
Alalá Das Mariñas
Pasacorredoiras Do Condado
Green Linnet
Music from the Celtic Region of Spain known as Galicia. A contemporary classic in this musical tradition, in my book. I just keep returning to this CD to enjoy it's intricate musical fusion.

Voix Du Soleil ..."Voices From The Sun"
Elena Ledda - Sardinian, collects and sings songs of the Mediterranean basin
Silvia Malagugini - Italian, but Parisian by adoption
Carmen Linares - one of the finest present-day flamenco singers, Andulusian
Las Morillas De Jaén
Angelique Ionatos - Born in Athens Greece, living in France, sings the works of contemporary Greek poets.
Ateron Panton
Pali Pali
Houria Aichi - Collects and sings the sung poetry of her people, the Berber peasants of the Aurès mountains of north east Algeria
Vie Novelle

Auvidis Tempo
Female vocalists from that sun drenched cradle of humanity, the Mediterranean basin.

* Purchased with Funds from a Minnesota Q-7 Cultural Diversity Grant. One of Ross's selections.

* Dedicated to KMSU World Beat Collegue Ross Gersten, now a professional in the field of World Music, working with the collection at the Library of Congress.

Huun-Huur-Tu "If I'd Been Born An Eagle"
Orai-La Boldu-La


Other-worldly yet deeply spiritual music from the remote windswept steppe of Mongolia performed by Tuvan throat singers.

Olga Kharitidi & Jim Wilson

Music inspired by the Siberian trance journey with the rare recorded shamanic chanting of an aged mountain shaman from Altai.

Trance Planet: Volume III
Rachid Taha
Iki Levy
Stephen Micus
To the Evening Child (meditative music sung in archaic Persian)

Worldly Music Triloka Records

"an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness, or a dream like state.

Adventures in Afropea "Telling Stories to the Sea"

Cesaria Evora
Jacinta Sanches
Vinzinha Ka Bale
Dany Silva
Mama Africa

Luka Bop / Warner Bros

African Portuguese fusion music seques to Georges Collinet's AfroPop Worldwide

Live Broadcast of April 05, 1997
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