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Good evening and welcome to the
The World Beat

...I'm Mark Thomas and during the next two hours we will be hearing an eclectic World Music soundscape featuring:

Bill Whelan & The Riverdance Irish Dance Troop

Reel Around The Sun
The Heart's Cry ( Anuna Irish Choral Group )
The Countess Cathleen / Women of the Sidhe
Caoineadh Cú Chulainn (Lament) Davy Spillane

Celtic Heartbeat / ATLANTIC

We begin with music from Bill Whelan's "Riverdance" featuring The Riverdance Irish Dance Troop, the Irish Choral group, Anuna, and a wonderful Irish Lament by Davey Spillane on his hand crafted Uillean pipes

The Makem Brothers & Cathie Ryan
On the Rocks

Straw into Gold

Red Biddy Records

A story song I associate with some of the fine older gentlemen I've known who helped to make this country great and inspire positive outlook in my own life.

Áine Minogue
Were you at the Rock

King of the Faeries

Beacon Records

"King of the Faeries" is an ancient, magical, Irish harp set called depicting the march of the faeries, as they pass by and fade away into the distance.

Tommy Makem
Ancient Pulsing: Poetry with Music


Red Biddy Records

Tommy Makem accompanied by Aíne Minogue on Irish Harp, Ireland is a salute to the small green island that has sent its disproportionate cultural contributions reverberating around the world

Eileen Ivers
Wild Blue

Maudabawm Chapel

Green Linnet

A soulful melody by Irish fiddler , named Maudabaum Chapel, after a church in Ireland's Cavan parish.

Battlefield Band [ homepage ]
Across The Borders
My Home Town
Simon Thoumire's Jig
Shake A Leg
Ríl Gan Ainm " The reel with no name"
Temple Records / U.S. distributor Rounder Records
Recorded live at three concerts in Queen's Hall during the 1996 Edinburg International Festival

Castellum Bonesti
" Celtic music from Spain"
Green Linnet
Music from the Celtic Region of Spain known as Galicia. A contemporary classic in this musical tradition, in my book. I just keep returning to this CD to enjoy it's intricate musical fusion.
Paul Berliner
Africa: Shona Mbira Music
Recorded in Mondoro & Highlands Rhodesia by Paul Berliner

The Cutting of Branches for a Temporary Shelter

An 1970's Nonesuch Explorer Series published by

The complete performance of "The cutting of Branches for a Temporary Shelter" recorded in 1972 at Highfields Salisbury.

Dr. Paul Berliner,
Resident Scholar MSU / Q-7 "Worlds of Thought"
May 12-16, 1997

Keola Beamer
Moe'uhane Kíká : "Tales from the Dream Guitar"

E Ku'u : Morning Dew

Dancing Cat Record

The evocative music of Hawaiian slack key guitar, played from the heart and soul through the fingers, flowing with warm tropical images. The slack key guitar is truly one of the great acoustic guitar traditions in the world.

The music of the Hawaiian slack key masters series is produced by George Winston on the Dancing Cat Record label.

Songs of Sanctuary


Caroline Records

A worldwide world music hit based in a modified Rondo form and using an phonetic text in an invented language with the words viewed as instrumental sounds

Jean Philippe Audin & Diego Modena
Song of Ocarina

Private Music

1992 #1 Hit single in France; The Ocarina is a small native wind instrument has ancient origins. Terra cotta ocarinas the size of figs have been found in Italy dating from 1,500 B.C.

Pangaea World Orchestra

A Musical Feast

Amazon Babies

Dancing Bear Records

Gino D'Auri

Flamenco Mystico

Recuerdos de la Alhambra

World Class / Hearts of Space

Gino's version of the famous classical piece


Tuulilta Tuleva

Nonesuch Records

Wonderful female vocals from Finland. Jacket contains complete Finnish lyrics with English translation.

R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton with the Black Lodge Singers
Ancestral Voices

In the Silver Glow

Canyon Records

Music for the native american flute, eagle bone whistle, voice and acoustic guitar

Baka Beyond
The Meeting Pool

Ndaweh's Dream

Hannibal Records

Music of the Baka Pigmies of Cameroon playing the ngombi (forest harp) "Begin segue to Georges Collinet & AfroPop Worldwide"

Lucky Dube

Different Colors / One People


A modern classic by South African reggae musician, Lucky Dube

Bob Marley
Iron Lion Zion

Iron Lion Zion (12" mix)

Tuff Gong Records

Reggae Icon Bob Marley in a 7 minute remix

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Live Broadcast of May 03, 1997
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