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Good evening and welcome to the
The World Beat

...I'm Mark Thomas and during the next two hours we will be hearing an eclectic World Music soundscape featuring:

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

We begin with music from Norwegian Musician Øystein Sevåg

Milladoiro" Celtic music from Spain"
as fadas de estrano nome " fairies with strange names"
Recorded Live In Concert in Buenos Aires Argentina
Polca dos Campaneiros
O Noso Tempo
O Voo Da Pomba
Green Linnet
Music from the Celtic Region of Spain known as Galicia. Milladoiro creates an intricate and trancendent rhythms featuring the oboe, and clarinet, bouzouki and mandolin, pandereta and castanolas, the uilleann pipes, bodhran, celtic harp, and tin whistle, the darbouka, trompa, ocarina, tamboril, and telclados, the accordian and violin
Celtic Mouth Music
ellipsis arts

Mrs Arthur MacArthur "just a song you can dance to" 1952 Outer Hebrides Scotland

Audrey Saint-Couer "Diddlage", 1976 New Brunswick

John MacDonald "Strathspey"/"The Reel of Tulloch", 1919 Scotland diddling champion

Doleres Keane and John Faulkner "Mouth Music" , 1980

Bridget Fittzgerald "Lilting"

Colm O'Donnel "Molly Brannigan", 1993 former Irish Lilting champion, in addition to fir st-class lilting Colm employes some very jazy syllables in his refrains

Eilidh Mackenzie "Puirt-a-beul"' 1992 accompanied by world champion Scottish pipe-band drummer, Jim Kilpatrick

Yann-Fanch Kemener Marie Louise (call and response singing)

Talitha MacKenzie "Uamh an Oir", The Cave of Gold

As firmly rooted in Celtic consciousness as the blues are in America's South, mouth music is vocal music made for dancing when there aren't instruments or trained musicians around. A rhythmic, music unlike any other. We will be listening to a number of pieces of mouth music from a new definitive collection that includes over 60 pages of photos and information describing the 37 historical mouth music recordings.

Scottish mouth music greatest period of growth came during the late nineteenth-century religious revivals when Calvinist ministers forbade indegenous music. Church hostility to traditional music saw violins, pipes and harps thrown onto bonfires even into this century.


The Makem Brothers & Cathie Ryan
On the Rocks

Straw into Gold

Red Biddy Records

A story song I dedicate to my father in-law, a man who fit those shoes.

Moses Kahumoku

Ho'okupu: "The Gift"


Dancing Cat Records

Hawaiian Slack Key Masters Series, produced by George Winston

Moses Kahumoku is a fisherman and a farmer and he say's that his music is closely related to the land and sea.

George Kuo
Aloha No Na Kapuna: "Love for the Elders"
Waikiki Hula Medley
Manu Kapalulu
Dancing Cat Records

George Kuo describes his slack key as having a 1940's feeling.

Reverend Dennis Kamakahi
PUA'ENA : "Glow Brightly"

Ipo Lei Manu
Lei Kupukupu

Dancing Cat Records

Dennis Kamakahi is an evocative singer and gifted slack key guitarist, he's known as one of modern Hawai'is most prolific and popular songwriters. Dennis writes in a poetic style; flowing with warm tropical images, about villages and people, and love and beauty of Hawai'i .

Keola Beamer & George Winston
Mauna Kea : "White Mountain Journal"

Pua Tubarose

Dancing Cat Record

The evocative music of Hawaiian slack key guitar, played from the heart and soul through the fingers, flowing with warm tropical images. The slack key guitar is truly one of the great acoustic guitar traditions in the world.

The Tahitian Choir
Rapa Iti

Oparo E Oparo E


Recorded on the island of Rapa Iti, located a thousand miles southeast of Tahiti, the last piece of land before Antarctica. Before its discovery by the British Navigator Vancouver in 1791. At that time the population was in the thousands. Decimated by epidemic and slave trade in 1863 by Peruvians the populatin has now stabilized at around 300.This is the first professional recording of Rapa's unique quarter-tonal vocal choir.

Deep in the Heart of Tuva

Cowboy Music from the Wild East

Oleg Kuular "Collection of Hoomei Styles"
Oorzhak Kunashtaar-ool

ellipsis arts

Geoffrey Oryema
Night to Night

Careless World
Passage at Dusk


Fusion Music from Ugandan refugee Geoffrey Oryema

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