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Good evening and welcome to the
The World Beat

...I'm Mark Thomas and during the next two hours we will be hearing an eclectic World Music soundscape featuring:

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

We begin with music from Norwegian Musician Øystein Sevåg
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

The Hut on Staffin Island / Sandy MacLeod of Garafad / The Soft Horse Reel
Green Linnet

Classic 1984 recording of Relativity, the seminal group, whose members included: Phil Cunningham, Triona Ni Dhomnaill, Johnny Cunningham , and
Micheal O Domhnaill

Kim Robertson
Treasures of the Celtic Harp


Dargason Music
Celtic melodies on solo harp.
Patrick Street
Irish Times

Doorus Mill / The Rooling Reel / The Ballygow Reel / Dennis Murphy's Reel
Green Linnet
as fadas de estrano nome
(fairies with strange names)
O Voo Da Pomba
Green Linnet / Xenophile Records
Intricate and trancendent rhythm and melody from Galicia, the Celtic Region of Spain.
Andy M. Stewart
Songs of Robert Burns
Ae Fond Kiss
lyrics dedicated to those lasses, first and fairest:

The great Scottish singer, Andy M. Stewart, singing the heartfelt songs of Robert Burns. Audio sampled from my autographed copy of the CD.
Wunder Tute

- Addio Monti
Voices is a compilation of vocal music with a vision to reach back to songs from times long forgotten and ahead to unique contemporary modes like the song by The group from Italy called Trinovox.
Alula Records

Pablo Carcamo
Sympathie for one Guitar
& Level 4
Fly Away Home
My Inspiration
ARC Music

Willy and Lobo
Fandango Nights
Bahia de Banderas
Rockin' Gypsies
Mesa Records

Ando Drom
Gypsy Life on the Road
original Hungarian release "Kaj Phirel o Del"
Sleepy is this Song
Ahaj Devla (Oh My God)
Kanak szomasz (When I was a little child)
North Pacific Music
free catalog 800-757-7384

Gerardo Nunez
(something good)
Title Track (buleria)
Alula Records
Intricately woven Flamenco guitar melodies

Cafe Accordian Orchestra
Dancing on the Moon
Amor Del Bajo Corrales

self produced by:
Dan Newton's Cafe Accordian Orchestra
P.O Box #50622; Mpls., MN 55405

Ozzie Kotani
Kani Ki Ho'Alu
(The Sound of Slack Key)
Title Track
Dancing Cat Records

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Series
Keali'i Reichel
Title Track
He Mele Inoa No Kawaipunahele

Punahele Records
Palomita (Flying Dove)
Massi Disc
Purchased from the Ecuadorian group as they played outdoors at "A Taste Of Minnesota" on the grounds of the State Capital.
Shoukichi Kina
Asia Classics 2:
Peppermint Tea House

Flowers for your Heart
Luaka Bop / Warner Bros
Pol Brennan member of the Irish group, Clannad collaborates with Japanese percussionist, Joji Hirota, and Chinese flute virtuoso, Guo Yue.

Sheila Chandra
Weaving My Ancestors Voices
Ever So Lonely/ Eyes/ Ocean

Of Indian and English heritage, Sheila Chandra weaves an original fusion of melody and verse, rhythm and harmony.
Daniel Paul
Rhythms of Paradise
Tales of the Golden Age
Soundings World Music
Fulbright Award winning tabla drummer, Daniel Paul, student of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain; playing the rare,Tabla Tarong , a set of 16 tuned tablas. (guest artists on this track: Steve Kindler, violin and Jai Utal, dotar, harmonium, & gub gubi)

Paban Das Baul & Sam Mills
Real Sugar
Boshondharar Buke
Contemporary arrangements of Bengali village and festival songs.

Adventures in Afropea 3:
Telling Stories to the Sea
Bonga -
Mona Ki Ngi Xica - Angola
Luaka Bop / Warner Bro
Third volume in the Afropea series; compiled by David Byrne. The music of Afropea was born of colonization and slavery. The Portuguese were among the first to colonize and the last to leave Africa and its surrounding island naions. Afro-Portugese music is full
Toumani Diabate
Hannibal Records
Music from Mali on three classical instruments, the 21 string Kora, the wooden xylophone known from the 12th century as the Balaphon, and also dating from the 12th century the Ngoni, a single stringed instrument with a flexible dowel neck.

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Live Broadcast of August 02, 1997
Host, Producer & Web: Mark R. Thomas
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