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Good evening and welcome to the
The World Beat

...I'm Mark Thomas and during the next two hours we will be hearing an eclectic World Music soundscape featuring:

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

We begin with music from Norwegian Musician Øystein Sevåg
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Pick of the Litter
(Best of Wolfstone 1991-96)
Cleveland Park
The £10 Float
Green Linnet
High energy Celtic Rockers who have earned their noteriety as being
"the thistle up the kilt of Celtic Music"

A Putamayo Blend:
Music From The Coffee Lands

Julian Avalos - Guitara Bonita - [Peru]
Claudia Gomez - Soltarlo - [Columbia]
Samite - Wasuze Otya - [Uganda]
Susana Baca - Maria Lando - [Peru]
Cafe Tacuba - Esa noche - [Mexico]
Thomas Mapfumo - Hanzvadzi - [Zimbabwe]
James 'Bla' Pahinui - Gabby Kai - [Hawaii]
Putamayo World Music
Like many of you listening, Coffee plays an important role in my life. Coffee, for me, is the great mixer, the dark aromatic liquid warms me each morning and perfumes the air throughout the day with the scent of distant exotic lands. I prefer to drink coffees bearing the names of countries. I like Sumatra, Kenya AA, Columbian, Ivory Coast, Hawaiian Kona, Zimbabwe, and, of course, Java the country name synonomous with coffee.

This evening it's a special pleasure for me to share a CD called "Music From The Coffee Lands" with you. courtesy of the Starbuck Cafe at Mankato's Barnes & Nobles; where you can pick up a free coffee beverage of your choice with the purchase of the "Music From The Coffee Lands" CD.

World Flutes
Joanie Madden
The Coolin - [Irish Tin Whistle]
Nawang Khechog - Gentle Tibetan Angel Dance - [Tibetan Bamboo Flute]
EarthSea Records

La Musgana
La Seis Tentaciones
El Mirlo
Mudanza Del Rio

A celebratory musial fusion of Spanish, Celtic, Gyspy & Moorish influences.

Barney Isaacs and George Kuo
Hawaiian Touch
(Hawaiian Acoustic and Slack Key Duets)
Moana Chimes
Goodnight Mapuana
Dancing Cat Records

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Series
Kirile Loo
Vana kannel / The Ancient Psaltery
Hoikumised / Holla
Oh minu elu igava (oh, My Life!)
Saare tants (Island Dance)
Alula Records
Vibrant and magical arrangements of traditional Estonian music in the ancient runic song the style. Music in the Kalavala Balto-Finnic runic-verse song-form is presumed to date from before the 1st millenium B.C. Kirile Loo was born in a northern Estonian village called Varinurme and spent most of her childhood at her grandmother's home, without electricity or telephone, in a place covered by the primeval forest of Estonia . Kirile Loo learned this music from her grandmother. Her pure and soulful voice is accompanied here by a wide variety of traditional Estonian instruments.

If I'd Been Born an Eagle
Dangyna [Princess]

Music from Tuva, a mountainous region between Mongolia and Siberia. The Tuvan throat singers evoke a deeply spiritual music dating from the 12th century and beyond. Rustic and expressive music, rooted in the sounds of nature, an other-worldly yet accessible sound deeply spiritual yet at the same time singing of love, horses, and the life of shepherds on the Mongolian steppe.

Dangyna [Princess] Lyric of 1st verse:
Princess, Princess, Princess
In you is gathered all the beauty of mountainous Tuva.
From olden times, accompanying the men of Tuva.
My dear one, star of my desire,
In the taiga, on the road, in the steppe,
I constantly think about you,
My much valued talisman.

Burning Spear
Appointment with His Majesty
Reggae Physician

Reggae's Next Generation
Strictly Underground
Jah Send Me Come - Big Scorpion & Delroy Williams
Don't Wanna Be - Frankie Paul
Mesa / Bluemoon Recordings

Ismael Lo
Jammu Africa
Dibi Dibi Rek
Worldly/Triloka Records

New music from Senegal.
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Live Broadcast of October 04, 1997
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