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Good evening and welcome to the
The World Beat

...I'm Mark Thomas and I'll be your host for the next two hours. We will be hearing an eclectic World Music soundscape featuring music from around the world:

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records

We begin with music from Norwegian Musician Øystein Sevåg
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

Andy M. Stewart
Donegal Rain
Ramblin' Irishman
Donegal Rain
Green Linnet
Tannahill Weavers
choice cuts 1987-1997
The Braes O' Balquhidder, musical precursor of Wild Mountain Time
The Plooboy Laddies
Green Linnet

Tannahill Weavers Webpage

Eileen Ivers
SoFar '
The Eileen IversCollection 1979-1995 '
The Orphan/Paul Montague's
The Harvest
(Eileen on her blue fiddle, from her featured role in Bill Whelan's "Riverdance")
Green Linnet

Eileen Ivers is among the foremost fiddlers of her generation, she has played with Green Fields of America, Cherish the Ladies, and had a featured role in Riverdance.

Te Vaka - [ The Canoe ]
Pacific Music

Te Namo
Pate Mo Tou Vae - Log Drum for Your Feet
Papa e - A Song for my Father
Tautai e
ARC Music e-mail
All music written by Te Vaka group leader Opetaia Foa'i and sung in the Tokelau language. Tokelau is a group of islands on the coral outriders of Polynesia - three far flung atolls, with a total land mass of only four square miles. Opetaia Foa'i was born in a Tokelauan community in Samoa, a community deeply and spiritually involved with music. Guitars were introduced to Pacific Islanders by whalers in the last century and are played in an open string tuning peculiar to Pacific Islanders.

A Putamayo Blend:
Music From The Coffee Lands
Samite -
Wasuze Otya - [Uganda]
Thomas Mapfumo - Hanzvadzi - [Zimbabwe]
James 'Bla' Pahinui - Gabby Kai - [Hawaii]
Putamayo World Music
Like many of you listening, Coffee plays an important role in my life, the dark aromatic liquid that warms me each morning and perfumes the air throughout the day with the scent of exotic lands. I prefer to drink coffee bearing the names of countries like Sumatra, Kenya AA, Colombian, Ivory Coast, Hawaiian Kona, Zimbabw and Java, of course, the country name whos name is synonymous with coffee. Drink the coffee and listen to the music

This evening it's a pleasure for me to share, once again, "Music From The Coffee Lands" courtesy of the Starbuck Cafe at Mankato's Barnes & Nobles; where you can pick up a free coffee beverage of your choice with the purchase of the "Music From The Coffee Lands."

Keola Beamer
Moeuhane Kika: Tales from the Dream Guitar

E Ku'u Morning Dew
Thanks to George Winston, the man behind the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Series on:
Dancing Cat Records

Enchanted Land
Wings on the Wind
Andean Reeds
Terra Nova Records
An airy studio sound using the following instruments

woodwinds: Quena, Pan Flute, Quenachos, Toyos, Zamponas,
strings: guitar, charango, ronroco

Josefins Dopvals

An acoustic trio featuring a nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) viola and guitar playing music based on Swedish tradition with a contemporary flavor and energy.

Kirile Loo
Hoikumised / Holla
Igatsus / Longing
Oh minu elu igava (oh, My Life!)
Saare tants (Island Dance)
Alula Records
Vibrant and magical arrangements of traditional Estonian music in the ancient runic song the style. Music in the Kalavala Balto-Finnic runic-verse song-form is presumed to date from before the 1st millennium B.C. Kirile Loo was born in a northern Estonian village called Varinurme and spent most of her childhood at her grandmother's home, without electricity or telephone, in a place covered by the primeval forests of Estonia . Kirile Loo learned this timeless music from her grandmother. Her pure and soulful voice is accompanied here by a wide variety of traditional Estonian instruments.

Instrumentation includes:

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band
Agada: Tales From Our Ancestors
Yam Lid/ Sea Song
Dorian Discovery

Gypsy Kings
Recuerdo Apasionado
La Fiesta Comenza
Salsa De Noche (Tonino Baliardo, Compas Guitar)

Nonesuch Records

Gypsy Kings

Dedicated by the Gypsy Kings to the communities of Arles and Montpellier and to all Gipsies in the world

Ismael Lo
Jammu Africa
Dibi Dibi Rek
Worldly/Triloka Records

New music from Senegal
Jimi Mbaye
Dakar Heart
Youssou Madjiguene
Noone Yi (Bear With Patience What They Say)
Jantu Jamm (This Sun of Peace)

Singer-songwriter Jimi Mbaye, along with Youssou N'dour, for whom he is lead guitarist, are propelling Senegalese roots music onto the global music scene. 'Dakar Heart' is Jimi Mbaye's debut solo album. We look forward to his next effort.

Jamshied Sharifi
A Prayer for the Soul of Layla
One Who Plants a Tree
Ammeh Kimia
Bid-e Majnun
Alula Records

Jamshied Sharifi weaves an exotic sound tapestry of Middle Eastern music and West Afrian Rhythms spiced with ecstatic vocals and resonating chant

exotic instrumentation includes: sintir, talking drum, qarqaba, sabar, zarb, daf, udu

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Live Broadcast of November 01, 1997
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