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April, 04 1998

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

This Strange Place
The Harlequin / Pipe Major Stevie Saint

Green Linnet

A Mhuirnín Ó
Court to Love

An all-new lush CD from the Legends of modern Celtic Music, Clannad.

Battlefield Band
Rain, Hail or Shine

Heave Ya Ho
Wee Michael's March / Oot B'est Da Vong
The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat to Detroit / Twenty Pounds of Gin / Break your Bass Drone

Temple Records

Niamh Parsons & the Loose Connections
Clohinne Winds
The Briar and the Rose

Green Linnet

Cherish the Ladies
Threads of Time

The Ballad of the Foxhunter
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
The Bergen

Green Linnet

Led by the flute and whistle virtuoso Joanie Madden, Cherish the Ladies have grown from a one-time concert concept to an Irish Traditional music sensation, performing literally hundreds of concerts a year.

I'm Mark Thomas
You're listening to
The World Beat

Things of Beauty
Kultaansa ikävöivä - There is my lover
Levan Polkka / Leva's Polka

Music from the Kalevala, the Finnish National Epic and a humorous story about a young man who woos his neighbor with a polka while he r mother disapproves. told in Savo, the dialect of Eastern Finland

Ottman Liebert
Montana Walking


Willie & Lobo
El Anclote
Puerto Vallarta Squeeze


Songs of the Spirit
(various artists)
Son of the Sun - Kastin ( Kastin are of the INNU tribe of Northern Quebec)
Red Cloud -
Douglas Spotted Eagle & Briane Keane
(Native American Flute)


Native American Voices rising and coming full circle, as in the prophetic promise of the old Cheyenne Ghost Song " We Shall Live Again"

Robert Mirabal
Medicine Man
The Deam
Cyberspace Warrior

Warner Western
The Alter-native Album From Robert Mirabal of the Taos Pueblo

I'm Mark Thomas, and you're listening to
The World Beat
The Maveric Radio Network

Deep Forest III
Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez

Ekue Ekue
La Lune se bat avec les étoiles

Sony 550 Music
Deep Forest website

¡ Fiesta Fatal !
You Won't See Me Cry (Vangelis)
te quiero - interlude
reprise: ¡ Fiesta Fatal !


Enigma/DeepForest/Vangelis-inspired flamenco-based space music; filled with Andalusian-passion, shouts, hand-clapping, and deep-breathing; an eroticly-charged ambient-mix
segue to Afropop World Wide hosted by George

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