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June, 07 1998

Øystein Sevåg
Global House

Song From the Planet
Windham Hill Records
We began with music from Norwegian musician, Øystein Sevåg.
* My World Beat intro theme song since it's release in 1995

A Mhuirnín Ó

An all-new lush CD from the Legends of modern Celtic Music, Clannad; featuring the lovely vioice of Maire Brennan.

Battlefield Band
Rain, Hail or Shine
Bodachan A Gharaidh/General MacDonald/Craig An Fhithich
Heave Ya Ho
The basis of this song was sung to Davy of The Battlefield Band by an old oyster fisherman from Prestonpans, a small town on the Firth of Forth. The oystermen fished in two rowing boats, heading parallel to each other and the shore with a weighted net dragging (or dreggin) between them. Songs like "Heave Ya Ho" would help them keep rowers and therefore the boats in time with each other.
Temple Records

Reels in the Bodachan A Gharaidh set date from 1820's and come from the library of piper and scholar Allan MacDonald.

Niamh Parsons & the Loose Connections
The Briar and the Rose
(lyrics by Tom Waits)
Green Linnet

Susan McKeown
Bushes & Briars

Bushes and Briars

Alula Records

Cherish the Ladies
Threads of Time

The Ballad of the Foxhunter
(lyrics by William Butler Yeats)

Green Linnet
Led by the flute and whistle virtuoso Joanie Madden, Cherish the Ladies have grown from a one-time concert concept to an Irish Traditional music sensation, performing literally hundreds of concerts a year.

Olov Johansson

Drone Music Sweden
Music from Sweden, Olov Johansson plays the 3-row nyckelharpa

Hoglorfen (lorf; a bridal dance)
Dolkare (An ancient marching tune from Sedestal Valley of Norway)

The Finnish group Hedningarna (aka the Heathens) Draw the connection between medieval Scandinavian dance music and today's techno rave scene.

Instruments: Keyed Fiddles, Violins, Jews Harp, Wooden Flutes, Swedish Bagpipes, Souna, Jinghu, Gong, Mandora, Maraoud, Accordian, Swedish Dulcimer, Tamborine, Drone Stringdrum

Endless Story
Beyond the Rocky Mountain
If I Know Where

Gadfly Records
Russian Bluegrass from Moscow
Lead vocals: Irina Surina

Petru Guelfucci
Zitelluccian Di Rumenia
Canta Incu Me

Tinder Records

Passionate and emotive music from the Mediterranean Island nation of Corsica; sung in their traditional style by Petru Guelfucci. In the early 1970's Guelfucci and a number of his compatriots rejuvenated traditional Corsican music and infused it with a contemporary energy and political significance in the face of French rule.

Sensual Sensual
La Guapa


A deep ambient mix of hip attitude with Flamenco passion; from the
Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters

Jorge Pardo
In A Minute
Law Years
Abalorios y Avatares

Jorge Pardo plays flute, tenor and soprano saxophones, flamenco-jazz fusion


Tema de la Quebrada de Humahuaca

Green Linnet
Andean music

Enchanted Land

Terra Nova Records
Andean music

Sounds True
(Anthology of Sacred World Music, Vol 1)
Nawang Kechog -
The Flight of a Shepard Boy
(Tibetan "bamboo" Flute)
Keur Moussa
- Psalms 148-149
(Benedictine chants from Senegal accompanied by kora,balaphon,

Sounds True
(800) 333-9185

Te Vaka
Pacific Music
Papa e

Terra Nova Record

Henri Dikongue
C'est La Vie
C'est La Vie

Tinder Records

Afropop World Wide hosted by George Collinet

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